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* Should I get an employment contract?

* Should I get my job offer in writing?

* What is the wage for a Chief Estimator in Michigan?

* How can I get the most pay out of my job?

* How to negotiate for stock options?

* What is the best time to ask for more money?

* Construction salary negotiations go better while working with a construction recruiter?

* What benefits should I ask for when discussing an offer?

* Do you have to pay overtime to a salaried employee?

* Should I re-negotiate my relocation costs during an interview?

* How do we disburse 401k funds to a divorced spouse of our employee?

* How should I ask for a pay increase?

* How to negotiate 401k retirement benefits?

* I recently received an offer via email from an construction employer. I would like to negotiate and was wondering if email would be appropriate.

* Should I submit my construction salary requirements before an interview?

* When to bring up the question of severance packages during an offer?

* When discussing construction salary, what does OTE it mean?

* Should I use increased pay as a performance reward?

* How can I boost performance by offering incentives?

* What to say when negotiating compensation?

* How to make the most of construction salary negotiations?

* What is the most important difference between average and outstanding performers?

* What is considered a typical bonus package?

* How to manage construction salary expectations that are too high for an construction employer?

* Be prepared to discuss compensation on every interview?

* What about construction salary surveys?

* What are some tips to use when asking for a raise?

* What is a bridge loan?

* How do I write an effective job posting to attract Top Talent?

* Describe tips for a successful construction salary negotiation?

* What do Board of Directors earn?

* How do I know when To Accept or Not To Accept?

* How can my job posting appeal to Top Performing Talent?

* I have an offer on the table, and I want to work for the construction employer. However, the relocation package (COLA) isn't good enough. How do I negotiate for more?

* At what time and whom should we ask about the construction salary benefit?

* In an earlier position, my construction employer helped me move by giving me a bridge loan. Should I ask for this as part of my Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)?

* Is coaching a bonus or incentive?

* What kind of construction salary would you require to accept this position?

* How can Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA)s help me?

* What is Disability Insurance?

* What about employment contracts?

* What about stock options in an offer?

* Where can I go for more information about Disability Coverage?

* The construction employer seems really bent on getting a construction salary number from me. What should I tell them?

* What are some hints on writing effective internet postings?

* What are some tips for maximizing my Disability Coverage?

* How should I handle the increased workload during downsizing?

* I love my job! However, I don’t like the pay. I currently hold A MA but am being paid entry-level monies. I took the job with this firm as part of my career advancement goals. How long should I wait until I ask for a raise or promotion

* What should I do when my construction employer does not counter offer when someone else offers me a better paying job?

* I recently have been offered a new position that includes some benefits that I am unclear on. Can you tell me what a 401K and a cafeteria plan are and how I can maximize the usage of these benefits. For fear of looking unintelligent, I didn’t want to ask the construction employer.

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