chief engineer jobs

1. Chief Engineer for oceanfront hotel.
2. Hiring, training and staffing of all maintenance employees.
3. Must adhere to budget allowances by tracking and accounting of all expenses including payroll.
4. Ensure proper processing of maintenance paperwork in accordance with hotel procedures.
5. Maintain all areas of general building upkeep.
6. Ensure all levels of hotel building are in accordance with franchise and Management Company standards.
7. Ensure all air conditioning are up to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.
8. Maintain equipment repair and/or replacement for all areas of the hotel.
9. Maintain all records pertaining to maintenance including inspections.
10. Ensure uniform fitting and compliance with hotel standards.
11. Continual training of employee by departmental meetings.
12. Coordinate construction and renovation issues.
13. Ordering, coding and tracking of departmental expenses.
14. Responsible for the grounds and parking lot upkeep.
15. Must ensure proper delivery and receipt of ordered items.
16. Maintain a clean and neat work area.
17. Attend weekly staff meetings.
18. Must be aware and practice all emergency and safety procedures.
19. Responsible to carry all manager keys and company cell phone at all times. All calls must be returned within 15 minutes from time of receipt.
20. Scheduling of staff, forecasting of labor and stats forwarded weekly to the general manager by 2 pm Wednesday.
21. Perform all duties of the Manager on Duty when scheduled. MOD checklists should be completed and distributed as necessary.
22. Detail follow-up and reporting of status to general manager.
23. Completes any additional duties as designated by the general manager.

Job Requirements:
1. 1 or more years of experience. 2. High school graduate, some college. 3. Must have good understanding of the English language. 4. Good written and verbal communication skills. 5. Provide excellent customer service and maintain a professional demeanor. 6. Compute mathematical calculations. 7. Ability to: * perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy. * prioritize and organize. * be a clear thinker, remaining calm and resolving problems using good judgment. * follow directions thoroughly. * understand guest's service needs. * work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team. * work with minimal supervision. * maintain confidentiality of guest information and pertinent hotel data. * ascertain departmental training needs and provide such training. * direct performance of staff and follow up with corrections when needed. Desirable: 1. High school graduate. 2. Supervisory experience. 3. Previous guest relations training. 4. Ability to input and access information in the property management system/computers.

1. Exert physical effort in lifting/transporting at least 50 pounds. 2. Endure various physical movements throughout the work areas. 3. Must be able to reach above head and shoulder height to perform job duties. 4. Must be able to stand and exert well paced mobility or up to 8-hours in length. 5. Satisfactorily communicate with guests, management and co-workers to their understanding. 6. Work environment - Guest Rooms, Guest and Service Corridors, Maintenance Office. Job involves working under variable temperature conditions and noise levels, in indoor settings, and around fumes and/or odor hazards, dust and/or mite hazards, biohazards and chemicals.

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