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Are Exit Interviews essential and productive?

Executives leave or are terminated from construction employers as often as other employees, however an executive departure usually has a more substantial impact on the firm. Too often construction employers overlook the valuable benefits from conducting an effective Exit Interview with the departing executive.

By conducting an effective Exit Interview, construction employers can gather information that can help improve employee retention and productivity, address policy improvements, management conflicts and organizational problems that the construction employer may not be aware of. Exit Interviews can help identify potential illegalities developing in the workplace, and improve the firm's image as a professionally managed construction employer.

Exit Interviews can also find out what information the exiting employee needs to hand off, enabling a smooth transition for those having to take over the workload. Whether it is customer relations, marketing plans, design notes, or current projects, employees need a smooth process for passing their knowledge to their coworkers before they leave and a well conducted Exit Interview can accomplish this while avoiding unnecessary conflict.

Employers should keep in mind the following tips when conducting Exit Interviews:

Make Exit Interviews standard requirements for all departing employees.

Make sure the CEO reviews the Exit Interview questions and the results of the Exit Interview for all employees.

Make sure the person conducting the interview is as far removed from the departing employee as possible-sometimes an outside agency or written questionnaire is best to obtain accurate, objective feedback.

Don't allow an immediate supervisor to interview the departing employee. Outside consultants or HR professionals offer the most impartiality.

Oral interviews are effective but written interviews given by a third party agency that can be conducted from the privacy of the departing executive's home can also be effective since the executive is less threatened and has more time to be objective and candid.

Questions should be open-ended questions that allow a departing executive to get as detailed as possible.

Decide beforehand what employee satisfaction goals should be met with the Exit Interviews.

If the departing executive mentions incidents of harassment or discrimination, resist the temptation to respond openly until after seeking legal counsel.

One of the most effective ways of conducting an Exit Interview is to utilize an Online Exit Interview program that can be conducted from the privacy of a departing executive's home computer. Results are immediate, and can be easily analyzed with other construction employer data due to the digital nature of the feedback collected.

Online Exit Interviews can streamline an construction employer's exit interview process and automatically capture, track and statistically analyze an employee's satisfaction and turnover, generating comprehensive reports that pinpoint the trouble areas within the construction employer. For more information about online interviews, visit http://www.constructionexecutive.com/aboutus/Detailed/177.shtml

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