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How should I handle an construction executive who resigns that I want to keep?

When an employee resigns that you want to keep, it is best to buy yourself time to prepare a counteroffer. A good approach is to say you’re not accepting their resignation, that they are too valuable to you and the firm and that you would like to meet again on this subject tomorrow (or in a few days) after you have had time think about things.

Let them know that they owe you this much and that they must promise you not to take any further action along this path until you meet again.

Find out everything you can about why he or she is leaving, where they are going and what the circumstances are that caused the decision.

Employees do not like resigning from their construction employer and it’s important to see this as an opportunity. Employers should obtain immediate advice from senior management and other industry peers who have experience in these matters so that the best plan is put into place for the next meeting with the employee.

The meeting should establish an atmosphere of trust and openness. The employee should be told how surprised everyone is and how negligent you are for not seeing this coming. You should ask what you could do to keep them, dig into the deep reasons why they are leaving and let them know how valuable they truly are to you.

Help them see you are doing everything possible to help them achieve their personal and business goals through your construction employer, Get the president and CEO involved, and everyone who cares about the employee to address the issues that are open.

If the employee feels neglected, let him or her know otherwise, it it’s money or position then help create a program that will obtain their goals (although thought must also be given to creating a program for the other employee’s who have not resigned).

Show the employee you are respectful of their opinions as a key component in the firm, and will make the necessary changes to make things more productive for them. Let the employee know that they have misjudged their opportunity in the firm and apologize for not showing your appreciation for them, or any neglect on your part.

Remind them of the risk associated with venturing into an unknown opportunity with promises, and that they have an investment with you that will pay off.

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