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How important are Employee Reviews?

Employee Reviews are critical to the development and success of any enterprise. Not only are they beneficial to construction employers by helping them keep employees on track, strengthen employee weaknesses and improve job performance and goal achievement, but most employees want to be reviewed so they know where they stand.

Employee Reviews should be handled by the immediate supervisor to help build a foundational and open relationship with the employee. Managers should listen as well as talk. The review should be focused on job performance and goal achievement, and measured against the standards and goals written in the job description which defines an employee's position and responsibilities. Reviews should also have a general rating for attendance, teamwork, attitude, and compliance with construction employer policies.

Many construction employers believe that Employee Reviews should allow an open forum for employee feedback that address issues which inhibit employee performance and offer ideas for improving the construction employer and its management. Discussions should also address what the future of the employee can be in regards to advancement and promotion.

Finally, formal Employee Reviews should be conducted more than once a year, with regular weekly or bi-monthly reviews that take place as informal meetings.