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What is a Construction Manager job description?

This position supervises several Site Managers and oversees the management of multiple jobsites in designated geographical regions. The Construction Manager is expected t o foster and maintain positive builder relationships with the goal to expand business opportunities and strengthen industry partnerships. The Construction Manager will fulfill these obligations in a manner that supports RSIs culture of continuous improvement and being BETTER EVERY DAY .
Primary Duties

The primary responsibilities of a Construction Manager are:
Drive performance and profitability in the field
Mentor the Team Model
Conduct New Project Orientations
Establish and uphold Company Installation Standards
Approve expense reports and timesheets
Evaluate field personnel for advancement
Execute disciplinary actions
Resolve team conflicts
Coach/ m entor Site Managers on appropriate professional conduct
Conduct Site Manager meetings
Assign Site Managers to new sites
Participate in all model w alks
Observe and audit personnel and field procedures
Conduct monthly regional m eetings
Report regional performance data
Resolve disputes between Site Managers and other parties as needed
Maintain regular and continuous communication with Site Managers
Maintain regular and continuous communication with senior management team
Maintain a safe and non-discriminatory work environment
Weekly budget analysis
And other duties as assigned
Education Level

A minimum of five years of construction management experience
Minimum of High School diploma or equivalent
C ollege or trade school degree preferred
Experience Required

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook required , as well as effective use of the internet
Proven experience in building credible relationships with team leaders and sub contractors , office personnel and municipal agencies
Ability to influence management in order to meet business objectives
Experience should include managing complex construction projects while adhering to demanding schedules in a fast pace d environment
Background in all aspects of residential construction and construction management
Primary Objectives

Site Manager Oversight:
Construction Managers are typically responsible for overseeing 3 to 10 Site Managers. Each Site Manager typically oversees 5 to 15 jobsites; therefore the responsibility of a Construction Manager may include top level oversight of as many as 150 active jobsites in regions that vary geographically.

Relationship Development and Communication :
Construction Managers are responsible for protecting and building customer relations with the intent of positioning RSI Development for future work. Construction Managers are expected to maintain regular and open communication with our subcontractors, city personnel, utilities personnel, etc.

Construction Managers are responsible for overseeing, mentoring and directing labor assets assigned to their region , which include Site Managers, Field Coordinators, and MEPS and Finish Team members.

Construction Managers are expected to maintain open and clear communication with all departments with whom they regularly interact. These groups include Executive Management, Human Resources, Training, Field Operations, Sales, Engineering, Logistics, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Product Management and Payroll.

Driving Profitability :
Construction Managers are responsible for overseeing and gauging the labor requirements for their region with specific attention given to the fiscal impact of the use of these assets to the organization. Using various reports , the Construction Manager is expected to evaluate the required labor demand on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to determine the efficient use of these assets. These reports include , but are not limited to , field playbooks , payroll reports, labor tracking sheets , and f ield roster s .

Construction Managers are responsible for resolving outstanding, time critical or escalating product problems that find their way to the field regardless of the cause. They must be able to detect these problems early and determine their root cause to prevent them from escalating. Construction Managers should delegate these issues that may result from discrepancies in shipping, design, product specification or quality to the appropriate manager for resolution. It is expected that Construction Managers research and determine appropriate costs for all billable extras and back charge items. They are expected to assign these issues to the appropriate departmental managers and to make them top priority for resolution.

Construction Managers are expected to contribute to business expansion by positioning RSI Development favorably with potential new clients , and additional referrals based on customer satisfaction.

Human Resources:
Construction Managers are responsible for ensuring the consistent and fair treatment of employees based on the requirements outlined in the RSI Employee Handbook. This includes , but is not limited to , standards of conduct, discrimination, harassment, and overall employee welfare. The Construction Manager is expected to fully understand and follow these standards in his daily management responsibilities.

Construction Managers are to interact effectively, professionally and diplomatically in all areas of employee relations, always projecting a prof essional image in keeping with c ompany goals and objectives while exercising the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism.

Construction Managers are responsible for compliance of all c ompany policies, procedures and programs, including safety rules, regulations and monthly safety meetings.

Construction Managers are responsible for the oversight of accurate and timely processing of Payroll Change Notices (PCNs) , Warnings, and Evaluations related to promotions, merit increases and disciplina ry actions of field employees.

Construction Managers are expected to be aware of brewing field labor or regional issues that have the potential to escalate into a business risk. They are expected to anticipate and recognize warning signs and take appropriate action prior to them developing into operational liabilities.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Reporting Requirements for Construction Managers:
Construction Managers are responsible for compiling, updating and evaluating a series of regular reports that are designed to maintain and improve business processes and profitab ility, including, but not limited to:
Site Manager report (weekly)
Field inventory status (weekly)
Field evaluations (weekly)
Site Manager a ssignments (weekly)
Overtime report (daily)
Payroll Change Notice s (weekly)
Status reports to Senior V ice P resident (weekly)
Project c oordination report (weekly)
Team roster (weekly)
Team roster/jobsite count (bi-weekly)
Personal Attributes Required

Proven ability to prioritize multiple tasks
Attention to detail and accuracy
High energy level, strong work ethic, able to be effective in an entrepreneurial, fast paced, ever-changing environment
Ability to effect change by influenc e and direct management; s trong consultative skills
Ability to remain flexible, open-minded, re-prioritize and respond to changing demands or focus areas
Professional and confidential in all interactions; project positive company image
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Ability to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines and goals
Ability to manage a team of various skills and abilities
Strong customer service skills
Ability to le ad in a team environment
Ability to work successfully with all levels inside and outside of the organization
Excellent time management skills
Aptitude to d ig into issues and find effective solutions

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