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What is the job description of a Nuclear Engineer?

The Nuclear Engineer will work in a power plant facility. He or she will design, develop, monitor, and operate nuclear plants to generate power.

The Nuclear Engineer should be creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail oriented. They should be able to work as part of a team and to communicate well, both orally and in writing. Communication abilities are becoming increasingly important as engineers frequently interact with specialists in a wide range of fields outside engineering.

Job Duties:
Examine accidents to obtain data that can be used to design preventive measures.
Monitor nuclear facility operations to identify any design, construction, or operation practices that violate safety regulations and laws or that could jeopardize the safety of operations.
Keep abreast of developments and changes in the nuclear field by reading technical journals and by independent study and research.
Perform experiments that will provide information about acceptable methods of nuclear material usage, nuclear fuel reclamation, and waste disposal.
Design and oversee construction and operation of nuclear reactors and power plants and nuclear fuels reprocessing and reclamation systems.
Design and develop nuclear equipment such as reactor cores, radiation shielding, and associated instrumentation and control mechanisms.
Initiate corrective actions or order plant shutdowns in emergency situations.
Recommend preventive measures to be taken in the handling of nuclear technology, based on data obtained from operations monitoring or from evaluation of test results.
Write operational instructions to be used in nuclear plant operation and nuclear fuel and waste handling and disposal.
Conduct tests of nuclear fuel behavior and cycles and performance of nuclear machinery and equipment, to optimize performance of existing plants.
Direct operating and maintenance activities of operational nuclear power plants to ensure efficiency and conformity to safety standards.
Synthesize analyses of test results, and use the results to prepare technical reports of findings and recommendations.
Prepare construction project proposals that include cost estimates, and discuss proposals with interested parties such as vendors, contractors, and nuclear facility review boards.
Analyze available data and consult with other scientists to determine parameters of experimentation and suitability of analytical models.
Design and direct nuclear research projects to discover facts, to test or modify theoretical models, or to develop new theoretical models or new uses for current models.

Education Requirements:
A bachelor's degree in a science, such as physics, or in engineering is required. There are some bachelor-level programs in nuclear engineering, but many study for a bachelor's degree in mechanical or chemical engineering instead.

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