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What is Construction Project Superintendent Job Description ?

Job Description

It is through the Superintendent's efforts of effectively working crews, organizing work, and scheduling subcontractors activities to work in unity with each other, that maximum profits are attained.
The Project Superintendent is appointed by the President and must have the following qualifications:
1. An ability to thoroughly understand and follow plans and specifications in the construction of project.
2. Leadership ability
3. Thorough knowledge of construction techniques and the imagination to derive the most efficient method of completing a task.
4. Foresight to predict problems before they develop.
5. A conscientious attitude towards controlling job costs and adhering to progress schedules.
6. Ability to use a transit and level and oversee all aspects of job layout and surveying.
7. Ability to communicate our plan and sequence of activities to all subcontractors and material suppliers to effectively implement our goals.
The purpose of this standard procedure is to define the job description of the Project Superintendent through the outline of his duties, authorities, and responsibilities.
The Project Superintendent reports to the President and is granted full authority to hire, terminate, and recommend for promotions all personnel under his jurisdiction.
The Project Superintendent is directly responsible to the President for the proper discharge of his duties. He may delegate portions of his authority to other qualified personnel, but does not relinquish total responsibility.
The Project Superintendent's principal duty is to properly schedule the work of the crews, equipment and subcontractors to achieve maximum production in the most efficient manner.
In order to carry out this overall duty, the following duties must be properly fulfilled:
1. Ascertain that foreman are well qualified and are efficiently carrying out duties assigned.
2. Properly layout a project, making certain that the proper grades are followed and the structure is accurately located.
3. Review the job schedule and cost breakdown, resolving all differences of opinion with Project Manager at the beginning of the job.
4. Set up the job office and equipment trailers and see that permits, labor notices, safety rules and regulations, and E.E.O.C. material are posted in a conspicuous place. Set up sanitary stations and water coolers in strategic areas.
5. See that company and E.E.O.C. policies in employing minorities are complied with.
6. See that the safety regulations are followed by company and subcontractor crews. Safety meetings must be adequately attended.
7. See that a complete first aid kit and folding cot, if required, are available in case of emergencies.
8. Have a thorough knowledge of the plans and specifications for each project assigned.
9. Maintain a high standard of quality control at all times.
10. See that good housekeeping practices are observed and maintained by both Myers' crews and subcontractors.
11. Ascertain that safety barricades are in proper place and safety lights properly operating.
12. Maintain a good relationship with the Project Manager, seeking his/her assistance in the scheduling of materials, equipment and subcontractors.
13. Keep the progress schedule current, review schedule status and job costs at least once each month.
14. Maintain inventory control over tools and equipment, ascertaining that movable tools are returned to the tool room and all other equipment adequately secured.
15. Ascertain that the project is secured each night.
16. Assist the foremen with any problems.
17. Make out the Superintendent's daily report each day, mailing it to the office each night, or sending it to the office the following day.
18. Insure that all change orders are properly executed and indicated on as-built plans.
19. Review attendance each morning and afternoon.
20. Forward all receipts, mail, reports and shipping "drays" to the office each day.
21. Attend pre-construction and construction meetings, taking notes on areas that may present a future problem and present to the Project Manager for consultation.
22. Assist inspectors on their project reviews.
23. Maintain good relationships with inspectors, architects, subcontractors and other key people connected with the project.
24. Complete equipment use reports each day.
25. Coordinate maintenance of heavy equipment on the project and supervise effective utilization.
26. Attend, on request, all technical meetings for the purpose of discussing job progress and problem areas.
27. Maintain close communication with Project Manager on any unforseen problems which may develop.
28. Assist Project Manager in estimating percent completion of each item for monthly invoicing and of labor for each job cost report.

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