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Air pollution control technicians may begin their careers as field technicians who install, operate, and repair equipment designed to gather samples of air. Air sampling equipment usually consists of small pumps, filters, timers, batteries, and bottles of chemical solutions. Sometimes it is connected to large tanks that hold gases. Field technicians must set up this equipment where it will be safe from harm and where it can gather air properly. When they install it they may use small hand tools to build cases or holders for it. From readings of air sampling equipment, field technicians make records of wind speed, humidity, or temperature. They often work from small vans or trucks that carry them to their job sites.

Some air pollution control technicians work in laboratories where they study samples of air gathered by field technicians. Laboratory technicians may use complex electronic instruments to find out whether samples of air contain dangerous substances or gases. These samples come from inside plants or near smokestacks. Samples may also come from locations along highways or in wilderness areas. When laboratory technicians find evidence of pollution, they try to estimate how much of it is in the air they have sampled and tested. These estimates usually require mathematical calculations. Technicians may also test air for dust or pollen. Laboratory technicians must be able to use precision instruments such as atomic absorption spectrophotometers and gas chromatographs. They also use standard laboratory equipment such as test tubes, beakers, balances, and scales. Results of their tests may be used as evidence in court cases or public hearings or as a basis for pollution control legislation. For this reason, laboratory technicians must keep accurate records of their work and the results of their tests.

After they gain some experience as field technicians or laboratory technicians, air pollution control technicians may become inspectors. Inspectors are technicians who study the results of laboratory tests. They also visit industrial plants and examine equipment used to reduce air pollution. Inspectors sometimes help plant owners or managers find ways to reduce air pollution. In some communities inspectors have the power to close down a factory that causes too much pollution. Inspectors may spend much of their time writing reports and meeting with lawmakers and industry representatives. These technicians must be aware of changes in laws that deal with air pollution and new findings about the amounts and types of pollution that are present or are likely to occur in the atmosphere. They must also keep up with developments in equipment and methods used to control air pollution.

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