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What is Construction Computer Operator Job Description ?

Job Description

Computer operators oversee the operation of computer hardware systems, ensuring that these machines are used as efficiently and securely as possible. They may work with mainframes, minicomputers, or networks of personal computers. Computer operators must anticipate problems and take preventive action, as well as solve problems that occur during operations.

The duties of computer operators vary with the size of the installation, the type of equipment used, and the policies of the employer. Generally, operators control the console of either a mainframe digital computer or a group of minicomputers. Working from operating instructions prepared by programmers, users, or operations managers, computer operators set controls on the computer and on peripheral devices required to run a particular job.

Computer operators load equipment with tapes, disks, and paper, as needed. While the computer is runningwhich may be 24 hours a daycomputer operators monitor the control console and respond to operating and computer messages. Messages indicate the individual specifications of each job being run. If an error message occurs, operators must locate and solve the problem or terminate the program. Operators also maintain logbooks or operating records that list each job run and events that occur during their shift, such as machine malfunctions. Other computer operators perform and monitor routine tasks, such as tape backup, virus checking, software upgrading, and basic maintenance. In addition, computer operators may help programmers and systems analysts test and debug new programs.

A greater number of computer operators are working on personal computers (PCs) and minicomputers, as the number and complexity of computer networks continues to grow. In many offices, factories, and other work settings, PCs and minicomputers are connected in networks, often referred to as local area networks (LANs) or multi-user systems. While users in the area operate some of these computers, many require the services of full-time operators. The tasks they perform on PCs and minicomputers are very similar to those performed on large computers and include trying to keep the computer networks secure.

As organizations continue to look for opportunities to increase productivity, many tasks formerly performed by computer operators are now being automated. New software enables computers to perform many routine tasks, formerly done by computer operators, without human interaction. Scheduling, loading, and downloading programs, mounting tapes, rerouting messages, and running periodic reports can be done without the intervention of an operator. As technology advances, the responsibilities of many computer operators are shifting to areas such as network operations, user support, and database maintenance.

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