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What is Construction President Highway & Heavy Job Description ?

Given the general business skills required of this position, we will consider any candidate who has a successful track record with profit center or senior management experience. However the candidate could be a Vice President on the rise who shows leadership potential. Ideally the candidate will have a stable job history with a highway/paving contractor, and experience in construction operations, estimating and business development. He should also have demonstrated strong leadership, team building and people skills.

This is an exceptional career opportunity with an established, profitable firm who maintains a good, industry-wide reputation. Compensation for this position is excellent.

1. We seek an experienced manager who has knowledge of each of the
functions in a construction business including estimating and field
operation. However, we believe that the individuals skills and attention
are needed most in the areas of setting vision and direction for the business
in concert with the other vertically integrated divisions of firm. We
estimate that the individual will spend about 70% of his/her time performing
the role customarily performed by the president of a similarly sized
construction company ($100M) in setting direction for the organization with
the remaining 30% of available time spent on tactical industry matters. The
managers under the president are very capable people who can be relied upon
to perform the day-to-day role of running the business.

2. The individual needs to be able to evaluate market opportunities and
the competitive landscape, and decide on business goals for the firm. The
firm works best when it has clear, defined goals such as market share growth
in sectors of the construction business, and has established measurement
processes in place to gauge success.

3. The individual must have a people leadership style that fits with
the firms culture of support for individual goals, respect for people, and
positive encouragement for the career advancement of others. While the
individual would need to occasionally direct the organization, the
successful candidate would rely on goal setting and standing back and
supporting others (self-leadership) in achieving success. The individual
would be a fully mature, strongly human caring person. The firms culture
is centered on the concept of self-leadership in which each individual is
expected to not only perform his/her job but also improve it. Decisions are
made by the individual rather than by a single or several autocratic leader

4. Although the individual would need to know the construction business,
it would also be helpful if the individual had some experience in our
vertically integrated construction materials businesses (hot mix asphalt,
aggregates, ready-mix concrete, trucking, etc.). However this is not
mandatory. We want someone who can work with other senior executives to
build integrated synergies or advantages. This would bring all of the
Companys resources to bear on key business opportunities. Even without
materials industry experience, it is vitally important that this individual
form strong relationships with other senior executive peers in doing whats
best for the entire Company.

5. The individual needs to have strong leadership skills. The setting
of goals, tracking of results, etc. are key leadership activities. The
individual must be able to motivate and succeed with a range of people from
master degreed engineers to members of the field construction crew. It would
be very helpful if the individuals leadership activity was rooted in
quality improvement approaches, cost reduction through eliminating rework and
waste, and complete customer satisfaction. The individual must support and
drive continuous process improvement cycles in all functional areas of the
business, e.g., estimating, accounting, equipment, etc. Individual
understands process and knows how to push improvement efforts forward in a
large organization. The firm expects its leaders to educate others on the
importance of the Companys nine Corporate Objectives (see attached listing).

6. The president would be involved in developing relationships with
large private developers and building contractors. While others in the
organization are capable of handling the requests and needs of these
customers, it is not unusual in our industry for owners and presidents of
developers and building contractors to expect attention from the top. The
firm needs to develop the private market significantly to diversify the
business from a public construction focus.

7. At the present time, the firm does about 85% of its business in the
public marketplace such as performing highway work for government or airport
work for a city or county. It is important that the president have a
successful record in working with public agency senior managers and other
agency people. Because we expect government to adopt some of the changed
procurement approaches from other states over the next few years, it would be
helpful if the individual was familiar with the experience of other states
that have implemented QC/QA paving assessment on most paving, implemented 5-
/10-year warranties, value engineering cooperation between the public agency
and contractor to reduce project cost and speed project delivery, and
smoothness specifications.

8. Both from a job fit and personality fit with the firms People,
the individual must be both an entrepreneur and a skilled general manager.
We would like the individual to set his/her goal at growing the firm to $160
million within five years. This growth will require geographical expansion
as well as increased market share (concentration) in areas currently served.
We want not only a business thats $160 million in size, but also the
organization to gain additional maturity in capability and effectiveness.

9. Because much of firms work is done in the public sector, it would be
helpful if the individual was experienced in participating in community
service activities in which the individual would come in contact with elected
and other public officials. It is important that we not be perceived
as only wanting to do business with communities but sincerely wanting to be
a part of them.

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