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What is Construction Director of Risk Management Job Description ?


As Director of Risk Management, exercise responsibility for developing, directing and administering the safety and overall risk management programs for the Company within the broad framework of policies issued by the Executives of the Company.

II.Duties and Responsibilities

A.Constantly seek and implement improvements to processes and teamwork to exceed the requirements of customers.

B.Plan, develop and direct the Company's safety and risk management program embracing occupational safety and health, sanitation, protection of property and equipment, and fire prevention and protection based on and in keeping with the following documents:

1.The Construction Safety Act of August 9, l970, and the rules and regulations pertaining thereto, wherever and whenever this law is applicable,
2.The Williams-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of December 29, 1970, and the rules and regulations pertaining thereto,
3.The laws, rules and regulations, covering safety and health in construction, of each state and political subdivision thereof in which the Company performs work,
4.Other applicable laws, rules and regulations - federal, state and local - that are in effect, or will become effective in the future, that affect the safety and risk management program, and
5."The AGC Manual of Accident Prevention in Construction" and Safety Manuals of other nationally recognized organizations.

C. Oversee the company's safety program and Risk Manager-Safety Compliance including;

1.Establish and supervise at each Company establishment the recordkeeping, recording and reporting requirements of the Department of Labor under the applicable laws, rules and regulations.

2.Keep all supervisory personnel informed and current on revisions and changes in safety and health laws, rules, regulations and requirements, including new requirements as published, affecting the Company safety and risk management program and operations.

3.Work with project managers and project superintendents to advise and assist them, when requested or required, on safety and risk management requirements and assist in determining and evaluating how such requirements affect the planning and operations of their work.

4.Work with Company subcontractors to keep them informed of their obligations, in much the same manner as for our own personnel, where they express an interest and concern and so request. Oversee subcontractor compliance with insurance and bonding requirements.

5.Establish and maintain liaison and contact with federal and state safety and health officials and their personnel at every level.

6.Maintain accident and injury records for the Company, investigate and analyze reports received to determine accident trends and initiate remedial measures to eliminate or mitigate such accidents and injuries.

7.Conduct safety and risk management surveys of projects and prepare reports on same and recommend appropriate action to correct deficiencies found during surveys.

8. Attend meetings concerned with health and safety in construction, attend insurance and risk management seminars, and participate in conferences and activities of common goal councils and groups as a representative of the Company.

9. Administer the Company's Substance Abuse Program, including:

a. Administering testing program,
b. Educating employees on dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, and
c. Educating supervisors on the administration of the program.

10. Handle all insurance claims for personal injury (worker's compensation or otherwise), property damage, Company vehicle accidents, builder's risk losses, construction equipment or computer damage, theft or vandalism claims and pollution claims, at job sites or in the Home or Branch Offices including:

a. Coordinating loss minimization services with insurance carrier, agent or adjuster,
b. Coordinating depositions, meetings and settlement discussion with Company employees, attorneys, claimants, etc.,
c. Approving settlement losses less than $25,000 after considering all ramifications for the Company and defenses available to it, and
d. Obtaining permission of project executive to settle losses more than $10,000 after considering and advising him or her of all ramifications for the Company and defenses available to it.

D. Administer the Company's insurance programs, including:

1.Planning coverage,
2.Performing risk management duties,
3.Auditing loss reports,
4.Assisting in determining most cost effective risk financing techniques,
5. Assisting in allocating cost of insurance to respective cost centers or jobs and determining annual cost to be charged for various coverages,
6. Providing support for insurance allocations as required by audit, etc., and
7. Developing programs that increase/maximize the Company's risk management profits, including;
a. Contractor Controlled Insurance Program,
b. Owner Controlled Insurance Program,
c. Subguard, and
d. Other Programs

E.Assist in coordinating labor relations effort with hourly employees including:

1.Staying current on union organizing and salting activities,
2.Advising field supervision and project management on how to deal with union activities, and
3.Working with counsel as necessary.

F. Perform other duties as assigned by management.

III. Reporting Relationships

A.Reports to Senior Vice President - Finance.

B. Supervises the Risk Management Department including;

1.Risk Manager - Bonds & Insurance,
2.Risk Manager - Safety Compliance,
3.Risk Management Administrative Assistant

C.Has internal contact with:

1.Project Executives,
2.Superintendents and other field staff,
3.Project Managers, and
4.Other administrative personnel.

D.Has external contact with:

1.Company Insurance Carriers and Agents,
2.Subcontractors and subcontractors' insurance agents,
3. Company attorneys and other outside legal counsel, and
4.Governmental officials.

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