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What Are Some Executive Recruitment Solutions that Work?

There are many ways to recruit top construction talent, everything from word of mouth to high priced executive search. Below are seven proven strategies that work in today’s construction recruitment market, including internal referral programs, external networking, direct recruiting, web based solutions, print advertising, executive search, and executive temps.

Internal referral programs
Internal referrals are still the most effective means to attracting new hires. Many employers have established incentive bonus programs to reward employees who refer people they know or meet to job openings inside the company. Some construction employers even reward employees who refer outstanding talent even if there are no positions available. Supervisors should talk to their employees and remind them of the incentive program and the benefits of creating a work force they design while earning a few extra dollars for their efforts. Star producers usually know other star producers, and employers may need to ask the right questions of employees to remind them of a good candidate they may know.

External networking
Locating candidates for hire by “word of mouth” can be an excellent source of talent. Employers should utilize HR and recruitment departments to help educate supervisors on how to recruit new talent, and develop external networks. Star candidates are sometimes more likely to respond favorably to a job invitation from an operations manager who knows the nuts and bolts of the business and understands how to recognize talent. Managers should stay involved with associations and trade events that bring together the industries best and brightest, and develop a skill for recruiting.

Direct recruiting
Recruiting candidates directly is sometimes a bold move on an employer’s part. Competitors may react badly at the direct recruiting of their people, however sometimes it’s the best way to get whom you want. If you know of someone who is right for a job need, go to the candidate directly and let them know of your interest. Typically candidates appreciate the interest, and will respect your discretion.

Web based solutions
There are dozens of online solutions available to employers today, everything from resume finder software, to e-cruiters, to online resume databases and job boards that specialize in the construction industry. However one of the best recruitment solutions a company can have is the company web site. The Internet has become the place to be for professional job seekers, and it’s hard to deny the success the Internet has had on reaching talent. Corporate web sites are one of the least expensive and most effective means of attracting talent. Job seekers today want to look at the company web site, its current job needs and company benefits before making any employment decisions. If the company web site is outdated and unprofessional, the candidate may be lost for good.

Print advertising
Print advertising is a traditional means of attracting talent to specific job opportunities. Running a focused ad in a technical journal or magazine that delivers the right readership can often produce good results. Today most trade magazines and newsletters offer online classifieds in addition to their print version, which can give an employer an expanded reach to the online job seekers.

Executive search
The most sophisticated and usually most productive solution for finding talent is the use of executive search through third party recruiters. Executive search takes on the form of either contingency fee (referral based) services or retainer fee (consultative process) services. Typically contingency search works best for professional and managerial level positions where multiple search firms are engaged to compete with one another resulting in immediate delivery of candidates. Retainer services are often utilized for managerial and executive level positions where there is an exclusive relationship, involving a thorough process that takes more time but digs more deeply into the talent pool.

Executive temps
As baby boomers continue to retire in droves, the employment market is turning more toward employing experienced, retired executives who are available to work on part-time or limited engagements. These executive temps offer immediate solutions to short term hiring needs that require experienced talent.

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