Project Manager Academy

" The best-known program in the industry for teaching project managers how to think like entrepreneurs"


When projects break down, project managers have to feel like they are bleeding their own money. When customers are dissatisfied, your managers and staff must take it personally. When jobs are running smoothly, your project managers have got to remain vigilant. We can help...

What is the FMI Project Manager Academy?

The FMI Project Manager Academy (PMA) is where talented builders become construction entrepreneurs. PMA is a tightly structured, four-day program in which project-delivery professionals examine themselves, their organizations and their processes in comparison with best-of-class performance through a variety of hands-on experiences.

This high-level, immersion experience is built around four core themes, each an essential building block in mastering the business of construction:

  1. Developing business and maintaining customer relationships
  2. Building and managing powerful, integrated teams
  3. Understanding and mastering financial control
  4. Project planning to achieve profits and customer satisfaction

Insight and true understanding of these themes are developed over the four-day program through intense, experience-based exercises, coaching from design and construction industry experts, and interactive guest lectures from highly successful contractors. Working in small teams under the guidance of a personal coach, each participant scales a steep learning curve and internalizes the lessons-learned in follow-up sessions and group discussions.

Participants will make use of various indoor and outdoor facilities to work through the learning exercises that build new understanding and insight and are provided with all equipment and resources needed for these exercises.

Personal Performance Enhancement

Woven throughout this high-learning-curve experience is an extremely personalized feedback process, in which each participant's strengths, weaknesses, behavioral preferences and communication styles are analyzed, discussed and interpreted. Each attendee will develop a personal action plan for capitalizing on their assets and compensating for the areas in which they are less strong.

Feedback begins weeks before attendees arrive with an in-depth 360 survey and a 250-question Human Patterns diagnostic. It continues throughout the program in both one-on-one sessions with a personal coach and in the small-group setting of the team.

The goal of this program is fundamental behavioral change. Attendees will evolve from seeing themselves as mere employees and "witnesses" to project outcomes, to virtual owners with a personal stake in project and corporate success and the tools to make it happen.

Who should attend?

Anyone within the design and construction industry who is interested in developing a "world-class" project delivery capability. Attendees include professionals from construction contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers, which include project executives, project managers, project engineers, superintendents, vice presidents and estimators.

Want more information?

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