Name : Steven CY Wang
Industry Type : Building Products - Equipment
City & State : Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
Job Title VP of (CEO) Head of AIDC/AUTO-ID/RFID Printer + Solutions BU
Relocation Preferences : Globally
Objective :

Dear Sirs,
As 3D Dynamic integration, allied government, university, industry, institute, PE&VC, M&A, strategic investment and industry dynamics, industry trends with perspective, insight and vision for business-win corporate development.
As a problem solver and new business creator, I am pleased to learn above opening and very interesting in above position as a long-term maximum contribution working-partner.
Attached you will please find my CV, 3D Dynamic integration - strategic planning for the strategic corporate development and M&A strategies, photo and six successful proven track records, please be advised that my technical career development being moved from General Manager, POS & Electric & Electronic Div, Global sourcing, IPO to VP of Sales & Marketing + PM + Customer Services + Global Branch management, Laptop/ Notebook PC to EVP/SVP, Head of US branch, Monitor/ Scanner/ DSC/ LCD, DLP Projector/ Peripherals/ Consumer electronics to VP of Sales, ASIC/ SOC/ FPGA/ Memory Fabless IDM, VP Head of the Electronic Materials Battery BU and VP, Head of the AIDC/AUTO-ID/RFID/ RTLS Printer & Smart Card & Scanner & Tag & Reader & Writer + Solutions, UPC& EPC & Customer Care & Medical Care SBU, Sr. technology consultant, top 5% experts, GLG Leader, Technology Media & Telecomm; Design-Win/ OEM/ ODM/ CEM/ EMS/ Brand Name; B2B distribution/ B2C Top 20 Retailers/ VAR, Specialist retail, Home Shopping Network, B2 Government/ GSA, e-Commerce business management, strategic advisory, investment services and integrated all markets & channels & products & professional services with customer value proposition; 50%+ for the US MNC groups. Please have it for your job match and recommendation.
Management, technology, strategy, principles, mission, vision, results-oriented, over achievement, P&L background and 20+ year global 3C, semiconductor management experience including notebook computer, computer peripherals, dynamic electronic displays, audio video consumer electronics, active + passive electronic/ electrical component, automation & control, POS/ AIDC/ RFID application-specific solutions, DRAM/SRAM/ Flash Memory, IC design IDM, advanced/ mainstream technology platforms, semiconductor and research & analysis, investment/ wealth/ financial/ M&A management, strategic advisory services, strategic principle consultancy business management experience, deeply involved not only strategic planning, business & technology alliance, brand management, channel management, retail management, strategic technology, killer application, semiconductor technologies, strategic planning, technology solutions but also global sales & marketing strategy management, R&D creation, product development & management, killed applications, product competitive advantage, application oriented, performance oriented, advanced engineering, production manufacturing management, quality control, processing management, procurement management, inventory control management, cost optimization, HRM management, financial management, M&A investment strategy, strategic business technology alliances, business goal management, result oriented, ISO/ RoHS certified lean manufacturing and service experience engineering, SEE/ user generate device , UGD; translating consumer insight into differentiated products + services with 6 Sigma/ 5S/ KPI/ ERP/ PLM/ BPM/ SCM/ CRM/ BI/ EA/ SOA innovation platform.
As result oriented, attached six successful proven track records, successfully operating & leading a company/ BU / Branch with the highest business growth and maximized profits/ ROI/ P&L with growth motivation, innovation platform, user contribution system, devils advocate, five competition forces. (30%-300% YoY Business Volume and Profit Margin Growths; Earned GP/NP/EPS/ EBITDA from 30% YoY Growth to 2-3 Capitals Annually).
As a qualified 100% matched candidate with integrity, honesty and the entrepreneurial spirit + skills, would be not only take full responsibilities, requirements but also 3D dynamics integration of the earliest segment; wafer/ foundry DFM WLP WLCSP, Fabless IC design IDM, 3D IC MEMS TSV packaging & testing, low power innovation platform, IP, OS, ecosystem to the last segment; 4C end product finished goods with product demand/ market driven. An interactive relationship of supply and demand rate in 4C and semiconductor industries with advanced mission, forward thinking, industry dynamics, industry trends, high vision and perspectives to significantly increase the business competitive advantage to over achieving the business goals and upgrading the company position to the highest statement.
With three reference, high personal qualities, team spirit, team-oriented, performance-oriented and results-oriented, I could bring this success to your esteemed company/ client. Co-working with all teams, top management and growing career development based on dynamic culture, hard power, soft power, smart power, business principal, advanced mission with the highest level of depth, width, vision. Working together to build the future, create the future with your esteemed company/ client.
Sincerely hope to receive a strong recommendation and interview notice from you soon.
It highly appreciated for turning my job interview into a job offer!
Thank you very much for your great assistance.

Thanks and regards
Steven Wang
Email: stevenwang100[at]
Phone: 886-2-2625-0926 Taipei, Taiwan.
1. I am Canadian/ Taiwan citizenship.
2. Fluency in English and Chinese Mandarin.
3. Current locations: Seattle, WA/ Vancouver, BC/ Taipei, Taiwan. Relocate anywhere for the maximum contribution.
4. Successfully completed the business technology alliances (Hardware IP/ Firmware IP/ Software IP) with Intel, Toshiba and ATI/AMD.
5. Last annual compensation package US$ 80,000 + car allowance + stock options, Taipei, Taiwan as VP, (CEO) Head of AIDC/ Auto-ID/ RFID Printer+ Application-Specific Solutions, SBU with one factory each in Taiwan and China.
6. Annual salary/ compensation expectation: Per your standards.
7. Availability: Two weeks after receipt of employment confirmation.

Resume :  
Steven CY Wang 2F, 83, Lane 32, Hsueh Fu Road, Danshui, Taipei, Taiwan stevenwang100[at] Phone: 886-2-2625-0926 Taipei, Taiwan/ 1-778-668-0170 Vancouver, BC/ 1-206-295-1474 Seattle, WA
Canadian/ Taiwan citizenship. Currently locations in Seattle/ Vancouver/ Taipei, relocate anywhere for the long-term maximum contribution.

Allied government, industry, institute, university, PE&VC and industry dynamics, industry trends with perspectives, insights, vision ; out-of-the-box thinking 3D dynamic integration and sequential innovation, creation, integration for business-win corporate development.

Senior Executive/ C-Level Global 4C, Semiconductor Business Management Experience with Advanced/ Mainstream Technologies; Product series including Active/ passive/ discrete electronic components, POS terminals, Laptop/Notebook PC, Wireless, Monitor, Scanner, LCD projector, DSC, DRAM/ SRAM/ SSD Memory, IC design IDM RISC/ ASIC/ SOC/ SIP/ FPGA, LCD/ OLED/ AMOLED Optoelectronic, Lithium Polymer/ Automobiles Battery, Advanced Cell Battery Solutions, AIDC/ AUTO-ID/ RFID Printer & Solutions; 20+ year global business strategy management experience and deeply involved in the Global Computer, Computer peripherals, Consumer electronics, Electronic components, RFID solutions, Semiconductor, Technology, Media & Telecomm, Strategic planning, Business & Technology & Strategic Alliances on OEM/ ODM/ EMS/ Design-in/ Design-win/ Brand name/ E-Commerce businesses for all B2B/ B2C/ B2 Government markets/ channels. M&A purchases & M&A transactions & technology transfer management with business & technology & strategy alliances.

Core competencies including sales management, technical marketing management, engineering management, customer care/ service experience engineering management, brand name management, market management, pricing strategy management, product marketing, market marketing, business development, product management, project management, manufacturing management, quality management, cost optimization, financial management, process and risk management, company positioning, industry positioning, alliance management, started up and building branches/ plants, branch/ plant management, business strategic management, valuable contribution in Director, VP, SVP, EVP, Sr. technology consultant, Top 5% experts, GLG Leader for Clevo computer group of companies, Modern computer co, Smile Intl Co. USA (KFC, USA branch), Mustek Inc, USA, Etron Technology Inc, Sea & Land Integrated Co, Taiwan Semiconductor Co (TSC) and Gerson Lehrman Group, TX. A senior executor equipped with full play energy and high level of enthusiasm/ passion. Growing ignites based on opened mind leadership skills. The strength of my wide personal business networks, good cited networking with large professional networks. Excellent functional & technical expertise as a competency-laden problem solver. Lower decision level with on job enhances training programs, possessed personal and interpersonal traits on peak confidence level.

Integrated market/ product/ technology/ applications/ trends/ Standards/ IP/ Platform and alliances/ M&A / JV with Creation/ Innovation/ Perspectives to create the out-of-box thinking best solution of the strategic development in 4C, Semiconductor, Consultancy industries on top of global sales & marketing & operation management to significantly increase the competitive advantage as tier one high-tech group of companies - IBM, Intel, TSMC and MediaTek. Accomplished and achieved the business goals with the highest business growth, maximize profits/ ROI/ P&L (YoY Business Volume and Profit Margin Growths from 30% to 300%).

As a long-term maximum contribution working partner and problem solver, would be not only take full responsibilities, duties but also significantly increase the competitive advantage to over achieving the business goals, leverage business platform based on business principle, dynamic culture, mission execution and 3D dynamic integration with deep perspective, advanced insight and high vision.

High visibility with fast track advancement, six successful proven track records, high personal qualities, team oriented, performance oriented and results oriented, I could bring this success to your esteemed group of companies.

Experience__________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________
Gerson Lehrman Group, TX, USA Oct 2005 to present
Sr. Technology Consultant, Strategic advisory, GLG Leader/ Technology, Media & Telecomm Part time/ contract, Taiwan
( Top 5% Experts, GLG Leader as Principal/ Business/ Management/ Technology/ Strategic/ Investment/ Wealth/ Financial/ alliances/ M&A management/ Research & analysis consultant based on CouncilRank, Total 200K council members, Clients including Morgan Stanley Principal Investment, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, McKinsey, Booz & Co; Bain & Co; Boston Consulting Group, Principal Capital Management, Sliver Point Capita, Alkon Capital Management, Artisan Partner, STG Capital, Empire Capital Partners, Stadia Capital etc, 70+ capital/ investment/ financial group of companies )

GLG is the largest consultancy services with 200K consultants in 19 industrial categories. Responsibilities for research & analysis, law court witness, show & workshop meeting, phone consultation, meeting consultation, strategy management consultation, strategic advisory, business & technology alliance, investment/ wealth/ financial/ M&A management for all high-tech industries. Successfully completed 100+ Semiconductor projects with advanced/ mainstream technologies platform 90/65/45/40/32/28/22/15 nm, interactive operations between market driven/ advanced technology, principal business & technology strategy alliance, M&A insight expert and analysis reports for the tier one Semiconductor, Foundry/ Wafer DFM advanced/ mainstream technology platforms, RISC/ ASIC/ SOC/ SIP/ FPGA Fabless IDM, DRAM/SRAM/NAND Flash/ NOR SSD Memory, WLP/ WLCSP 3D-IC CMOS MEMS TSV, HMI, EBEAM/ ECMP/ EUV/ SOI, backend seat packaging & testing, scaling lower power innovation platform, ESC/3D EDA tool, SEO/SEM, advanced/ mainstream nanotechnology; Embedded Stack Hardware/ Systems, Embedded Stack Software/ Tools, Instrumentation controls, LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED, flexible display, E-Book, Interactive 3D digital signage, PV/Solar cell, Server/ Storage, ISP, ZigBee, WiFi, WLAN, VoIP, NGN, UWB, WiMAX, LTE, Next generation broadband NGN, Hyper-connectivity, GPS/GSM/GPRS/WCDMA, 3G/3.5G/ 4G Smart phone, Wireless Mobile Networking, Mobile OS, AIDC/RFID Application-specific solutions, Automotive electronics/ Telematics, Smart grid, ITIL, IP, Standards, Platform, Development tools, SEE/ UGD ; 3C IT - Hardware and Software group of companies and the Private equity/ Capital holding/ financial investment management companies in the world.

PS: Also Advisor/ consultant/ contractor for 5 companies including Reuters Insight Expert, Thomson Reuters, Dematted Monness LLC, Evaluserve, PGR Primary Global Research and Guidepoint Global based on part time/ contract base.

Taiwan Semiconductor Co. (TSC) Taipei, Taiwan Aug 2003 - Mar 2005
Vice President, Head ( CEO ) of AIDC/ AUTO-ID/ RFID Printer & Solutions Business Unit, Real Time Data Control and Process Automation Industry, 1000 subordinates with one factory in China and Taiwan.
( Design-win OEM/ODM/Co-developed products and TSC brand name, Total annual business volume $ 100M to 130M, EBITA $ 20M, major customers including Zebra, Toshiba TEC, Pitney Bowes, Paxar, Check points, WASP, Culver, Sato, Cognitive, Blue Star, Panasonic, Sato, Fujitsu, Ricoh, SII, Hitachi, Citizen, Distributors and post office in US, China, Taiwan etc )

TSC is the largest manufacturer of rectifier and AIDC/ AUTO-ID Thermal/ RFID printer & Solutions in Taiwan with 3 branch offices in USA and China, 2500 employee. Responsible for the RFID smart label printer/ thermal bar code printer BU. 100% achieved the business goals with 30% growth on business volume and P&L.

Sea & Land Integrated Co. Taipei, Taiwan Jan 2002- Jan 2003
Vice President, (CEO) Head of the Electronic Materials, Battery Business Unit (Battery Circuit protection components, OEM/ODM, Business volume $ 10M to 15M, EBITA $ 1M, from above BU, major customers including Foxconn, Foxlink, SMP, Dynapack, BYD, Toshiba, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Matsushita, Hitachi, NEC, Sanyo, Mitsumi, Fujitsu, Little fuse, Tyco, GP, OEM/ODM battery suppliers and distributors etc, Technology alliances with Lithium-Ion Battery Development/ Polymer Battery development/ energy storage Materials & technology research/ ITRI, Taiwan university of science and technology, Saga University, Tokyo university, Kyoto university and NEDO/ Japan, KORBA/ Korea, Lithium Battery Asso/ China)

Sea & Land is the major container/ storage and heavy transportation service companies in Taiwan with two business units, 1000 employees. Successfully developed the OEM/ODM/design-win product/ projects with the major automobile EH/PHEV/ cell solutions/ battery pack system/ PCB assembly/ Mobile devices/ EMS manufacturers in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China and US as a major PPTC component supplier to achieve the business goals with 100% growth on business revenue and P&L.

Etron Technology Inc. Hsinchu, Taiwan Mar 2001 Nov 2001
Vice President of Sales. 20 subordinate ( Fabless IDM, DRAM/SRAM/ASIC/SOC/SIP IC Design, Design-win ODM/Co-developed and Etron brand name, Business volume increase from $ 100M to 130M, EBITA $ 10M, during price war, major customers including Intel, IBM, Samsung, Hynix, AMD/ATI, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Arrow, Samsung, LG, Telson, SK Teletech, Appeal, ASUS, Quanta, MSI, Gigabyte, Inventec, Cal-Comp etc and KGD quality shipments, weekly conference and quarterly TRM/GMR meetings with Intel )

Etron is a major Fabless semiconductor IC IDM solution provider; ASIC, SOC controller and DRAM/SRAM/PSRAM/MRAM memory solutions, US branch office and 300 employees. Responsible for global sales management, product marketing, business development and alliance strategy management, business & technology alliance with Intel (Hardware IP). Successfully grown the existing business and design-win new projects with top ten; tier one semiconductor suppliers in the world. Significantly increase the competitive advantage on power saving devices and achieved 30% YoY growth on business revenue and P&L.

Mustek, Inc. USA. Irvine, CA Aug 1997 Jun 1999
Senior Vice President, Mustek Inc, Irvine, USA, 100 subordinate (Top 3 OA suppliers, Mustek brand name, B2B/ B2C Top 10 Retailers/ TV shopping network/ Chain store/ VAR / Dist/ E-Commerce business, Total business volume $ 230M to 300M, EBITA $ 50M included $ 150M, EBITA $ 25M from US branch, major customers including CompUSA, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Micro Center, Frys Electronics, Target, OfficeMax, Costco, Sams Club, Sears, Staple, Office Depot, Damark, BJs, Laguna, QVC, HSN, Ritz Camera Center, Ingram Micro, Tech Data, DOD, DOJ, DOT etc).

Mustek is the largest provider of scanner in Taiwan who has 20% US market share with two branch offices and 6000 employees. Responsible for all aspects of US branch. Mustek is the largest scanner manufacturer in the world who leveraged product lines to digital camera and LCD projector in 1996. Successfully growing the existing business with Top 10 retailers and developed business with TV shopping network, special OA chain stores and internet online sales for scanner, DSC and LCD projectors. 100% business goals achievement with 30% YoY growth of business volume and P&L. ($ 150M in 1998)

PS: Global scanner price war in 1999/2000 after top 3 major manufacturers- Umax, Microtek and Mustek established the triple production capacity in China in 1998.

Madonna University, Michigan, USA MBA Business administration
Madonna University, Michigan, USA BS Business administration
Taipei College of Business BA Business administration
Navy Electronic Communication Academy EE Electronic Engineering Technology

EMBA Special training programs:
Tam-Kang University MBA Managerial Economics
(Graduate Institute of Management Science, two years, 30 credits course, non-degree program)

Professional high value-added programs:
Seminar/ Forum/ Conference/ Summit/ Symposium The best solution created by integrations of advanced/ mainstream leading edge technology/ standard/ IP/ ICT/ platform/ market/ product/ strategy/ alliance/ industry trends/ industry dynamics and M&A/ JV:
Yearly participated 30+ above programs for an updated clear picture. Sponsor and or co-organized by Semicon, FSA/ GSA, Sematech/ ISMI, Intel, Wind River, TSMC, UMC, PSC, Acer, HP, IBM, Renesas, NEC, Fujitsu, TI, NVIDIA, IEEE, ITRI, IEK, IT IS, ITRS, SIPO, TSIA, TCA, TPVIA, TEEMA, MOEA, 3D Consortium, KIST, ATTEST, WiMAX, Cisco, Oracle, Synopsys, Microsoft, ARM, MIPS, Cadence, Linux, Siemens, PTC, DS, Symantec, Trend Micro, SIA, IDC, IC insight, Gartner, iSuppli, WSTS, Display search, Display bank, ABI, VDC, RBI, Wireless Design & Development, EDN/ECN, Global sources, III, Digitimes, Nikkei Electronics NE, CRN, VAR business, BMT, IT Business Edge, FCW, Washington Technology, GOVAR, Retail vision, Prof. University, International innovation, TVCA (PE&VC) etc that not only on time market search, advanced & mainstream technology platforms, strategic technology, killer application, industrial analysis reports, industry dynamics, industry trends, product competitive advantage but also provide advance commercialization, strategic agreement, business alliance, technology alliance, M&A, JV, Reorg in 4C, semiconductor, market research, consultancy industries; strategic alliance, corporate strategy consulting after integrating all high value data information from government, industry, universities and research institute.

PS: 1. Six successful Proven Track Records and three references are available now.
2.A draft business proposal with out-of-box thinking and tacit knowledge would be well-prepared and allow me to present it at
the brainstorming interview meeting.

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