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Name : gjb1
Industry Type : General Manager
City & State : St. Louis, MO
Job Title MO
Relocation Preferences : Related Professions
Objective : Midwest / Colorado
Resume :  

Determined self-starter with broad-based management experience of over 25 years. Capable of operating independently and effecting change across multiple fronts simultaneously. Balanced background in sales, operations and administration in diverse markets including technical services, manufacturing and construction. Proven ability to work with and through others in businesses comprising 250 individuals spread throughout a network of locations and business units.

Motivated by Leading the Charge and Growing / Improving the Business.

- Strategic Planning
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Financial Analysis
- Cash Flow Management
- Banking Relationships
- Customer Development
- Product Line Management
- Business Systems Development
- Estimating Systems
- Pricing Development
- Operational Turnarounds
- Project Management
- Union Negotiations
- Organizational Restructuring
- Contract Negotiations

General Manager for Over 15 Years
- Managed organizations with $30M in annual revenues, up to 5 business units and 250 employees including all functions within both construction and manufacturing companies.
- Developed strategy and subsequently executed acquisition of employer-company via stock redemption utilizing a leveraged buyout solution financed by the simultaneous sale of a product line.
- Restructured organizations to facilitate more effective performance on large volume of standardized projects in one case, and customized scope-of-work projects in another.
- Performed financial and operational analyses of struggling business units.
- Turned around poorly performing business units.
- Implemented cash flow management system for $30M company via creation of contract backlog, production scheduling, revenue forecasting, accounts payable scheduling and weekly planning components.
- Negotiated union contracts for five-year terms by creating numerous wage divisions and offsetting wage increases with a freeze on company-defined health care contributions.

Sales, Marketing & Planning
- Adapted to market place dynamics by entering/exiting product lines, managing service or distribution geographies, adjusting pricing to maximize profits or sustain minimum operating activities during downturns.
- Established pricing systems and rate structures including transitioning from cost-plus to market-based practices, when possible, and creating both task- and product-based cost estimating programs.
- Developed geographic market for proprietary licensed product via a complex sales process.
- Developed companys largest account by offering multiple products and services as well as sustaining a high performance level.
- Prepared five-year manufacturing plans addressing future plant capacities for varying product mixes along with the associated manpower needs, capital requirements, raw material and finished product logistical impacts, and profitability analyses.

Operations & Project Management
- Managed the design and construction of a new $15M processing plant next to the original, which was subsequently renovated, via a design-build process in 9 months.
- Accomplished operational turnaround of a wayward business unit by redefining job responsibilities; developing a new key group after terminating those responsible for gross mismanagement; and working through significant business issues such as poor payroll practices, major warranty work, underbid contracts and uncollected accounts receivables.

- Implemented replacement of across-the-board weak infrastructure within a two-year period encompassing: (1) a new accounting system; (2) contract and quote tracking systems; (3) plant schedules and backlogs; (4) dispatch schedules; (5) revenue forecasting and cash flow management systems; (6) estimating programs; (7) plant facility clean-up and organization; (8) replacement of batching systems at two plants; (9) installation of a wide-area-network; (10) an organizational restructuring; and (11) development of wage scale system for plant personnel. This intensive activity followed the leveraged buyout of the company. The scope and pace of the changes, the current tight credit market and the debt level, most of it pre-existing, of the business required a recapitalization of the company.

- Developed underperforming business segment for proprietary licensed-product with a long sales cycle via an indirect process requiring consultative selling to and negotiations with government agencies, private property developers, engineering consultants and contractors. In first year, personally matched companys 10-year annual sales record for this product line. At end of the third year, doubled first years results while absorbing additional duties of production planning and project management. In the sixth year, revenue approached $5 million - - almost four times the first years sales. Consistently outperformed the national average sales contract value by 50% emanating from product enhancements, which also differentiated and protected the company from competitors.

- Reversed declining profitability trend for the combined services of 4 business units in the Chicago area during a consolidating market. Accomplished this using multiple strategies: (1) transforming the organization from being operations-focused to customer-driven to improve customer relations; and (2) changing/adding service lines to enhance profitability and growth; and (3) consolidating operations from two locations into one to reduce overhead costs. Increased revenues from the low to high $20M range while generating operating profits of 13%.

- Improved financial performance of start-up division by increasing operating profit 100%, which was above budget expectations, while increasing revenue 22% in the first year. Maintained operating profit for this $5M to $10M division while increasing revenue 75% over 4 years. Sales backlog increased to a peak of 70% from a low of 20%. The average collection period dropped from 90 days to less than 45 days.

- Developed major customer (the company's largest) into a multimillion dollar account as part of turnaround strategy. This provided the resources, time and profit needed to reorganize. Subsequently, developed additional customers to ensure stable income base.


2000 2009 Egyptian Concrete Company
President / CEO
Business Development Manager

1990 2000 Heritage Environmental Services, Inc.
VP / General Manager
Director of Remedial Operations
Division Manager

1988 1990 Western Waterproofing Co., Inc.
Branch Manager

1985 1988 Iams Company
Regional Engineer

1981 1985 Ralston Purina Co.
Plant Engineer
Project Engineer
Environmental Engineer

Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering
University of Missouri Rolla
3.2 / 4.0 GPA
Missouri EIT - 1981

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