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Name : Kiernan Quinn
Industry Type : Senior Architect
City & State : walpole, ma
Job Title MA
Relocation Preferences : Architects
Objective : open to any
Resume :

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998, March, Prof. Architecture Degree (5.0)
University of Florida, 1995, BS, Architecture (4.0)
Boston College, 1991, MBA/MA of Philosophy (3.8)
College of the Holy Cross, 1986, Classics (3.0)

Experience: 1979 -- present. Trunkroot, Inc.; TRPress: ( I began publishing in highschool, at 14, as the Editor of the Literary Booklet, Letters, Bronx, N.Y..)
* Columbia University Pre-Press to Press extention school Program , Columbia School of Journalism: 1982.
* Bank Money Market Interface: Main Frame System. As college intern, I was asked to assist in developing Client interface forms that translated to punch cards. 1984-Bankers Trust, Wall Street Building: 1 Bankers Trust Plaza
* Elderly Care Program Analysis: City of Boston, 1987, Private Endeavor
* Homeless Care Program Analysis: City of Boston,1988, Private Endeavor
* Theoretical Model of Psychiatric Care: Boston College, Class presentation and term thesis, 1989, Private Endeavor
* User interface for tenant and owner perception of property for management care, 1989, Property Alternatives, Newton, MA
* Development program interface for investor submissions, 1990, Property Alternatives, Newton, MA
* Specification and pricing program for building construction estimation and fulfillment (scheduling), 1991, Kiernan Quinn Contracting, Newton, MA
* Critical Care Interface for Families with Children, 1991, Kiernan Quinn Consulting, Newton, MA and New Rochelle, NY
* Maseru, Africa City Design including system interface for national security, health care, power grid and all other utilities and life systems. Cambridge, MA. 1999, Kiernan Quinn, Architect
* MIT Health Care Center: design of a Health center that served East and West people with their respective care needs rather than force-feed drugging by western doctors. Cambridge, MA. 1999, Kiernan Quinn, Architect
* City of Cambridge Youth Center: Design for New Youth Center and New concept for involving youths in activities off the street. Cambridge, MA. 1999, Kiernan Quinn, Architect.
* Roslindale Health Care Center: Community Health care and hospital center that had preventative facilities developed around athletic fitness and wellness. Cambridge, MA. 2000, Kiernan Quinn, Architect
* Directorship: a book on the evolution and direction of care in the modern world and how it is and how it could be on a one-to-one care basis and a global basis by myself, Kiernan Quinn: see web site:; 1999, Kiernan Quinn, Author
* MA Elementary School Prototype Buildings and Interior Furniture: New furniture and building design proposal for expansion of Lowel, MA school system. Cambridge, MA. 2001, Kiernan Quinn, Architect
* Microsoft Project and Access interface for members and staff involved in the First Church of Christ Annual Meeting. Over 1 billion users. Both an intranet and internet interface system. 2003, First Church of Christ Boston, MA
* NEH Grant: Eve of Stella. Satellite to Kiosk internet design station for Democratic Design of Revere Beach, MA. The system involved kiosks world-wide in Pizza Parlors where people sat down and helped re-design the North Shore of MA.
It included forms. databases, design tools and reporting systems. Washington, DC. 2005, National Endowment for the Humanities
* Country of Afghanistan Hospital System: Included all services from buildings to power, to utilities, to equipment, to security, to the IT systems that managed it. Afghanistan. 2006, Tetra Tech/Afghanistan
* US Air Force Military Hospitals in war zone: Included all services from buildings to power, to utilities, to equipment, to security, to the IT systems that managed it. Iraq. 2006, Tetra Tech/US Air Force
* US Army Military Hospitals in war zone: Included all services from buildings to power, to utilities, to equipment, to security, to the IT systems that managed it. Iraq. 2006, Tetra Tech/US Army
* Afghanistan Veterinary Hospital and outreach system: Included all services from buildings to power, to utilities, to equipment, to security, to the IT systems that managed it. Afghanistan. 2006, Tetra Tech/Afghanistan
* All buildings listed on my resume required an interface system design for power, water, sewer, HVAC and IT to manage and secure the building. Worldwide: see resume: 1993- Present: List of Building Types Built by Kiernan Quinn, Architect
* Polysilicon Clean Semi-conductor Plant: Included all services from buildings to power, to utilities, to equipment, to security, to the IT systems that managed it. Pocatello, Idaho. 2008-9, Hoku Scientific/SSW
These are some highlights of Kiernan Quinn development ideas. The time I spend with publishing and development is all directional to date with no accountable profits due to changes in economy that do not connect excellence with money.
These developments, though, are real and have fallen into government officials hands and manifested themselves in some portion or in their entirety in the public realm. Often the respect and payment is issued to the current local favorite or
perceived qualified person. I have on occasion challenged the credits for my work and discovered it is an unworthy pursuit. In recent years I have been trying to write legislation to instantiate my design concepts and include payment in the
legislation: this is an idea in itself. If you view my web site, you will see the legislation and one of my long term budgets issued for a grant. In all of my work with other firms and people, I am called to provide pro-forma budgets and
manage the baseline and present the actuals reconciled against the pro-forma. This is a skill I find absent in almost every firm and office, but the harbinger of good hope for people who hire me in their final hours. Contract work is generally
found in a start-up or a failing concern. I have augmented both with my finance and accounting and management methods to their benefit. I would not say I am a panacea that saves people, but it helps and I leave it up to them to institute the programs.
In some offices, Tetra-Tech, I instituted wide sweeping alterations to bring them closer to understanding budgets and payments and accountable engineering design and implementation with methods, programs, budgets, image documents, and checks and balances to see the future.
So, business management has broad reaching implications for me and the clients I have been engaged by in the field.

1998. Staples: Business Floor Salesperson
1997. Gulf Gas Mart: Grampys Corner Store:
Manager: Managed all sales and accounting, hiring, ordering, and inventory of goods, services and gas. Ran store alone 4am to 7am.
1991-1992. Houlihan and OMalley:
Residential Real Estate Appraiser: Appraised high-end condominium and cooperative apartments in New York City. Managed data in LOTUS 123 and Symphony and used DOS for report writing.
1987-1988. Hearst Corporation: Hearst Magazines:
Circulation and Promotion Manager: Design and tracking of promotional materials for several national magazines. Managed name lists. I used a DOS database and built several search engines and used LOTUS-123 for budgeting. I made several graphic design mailings by hand for circulation renewal and new business.
1986-1991. Property Alternatives, Inc. and Kiernan Quinn General Contracting:
Building Superintendent: Live-in superintendent of 25 unit luxury residential apartment building in Newton. Handled every-day repairs and facility management from building cleaning to arranging for rent-up and rental accounting.
Property Manager: Managed several residential and commercial properties. This involved critical management of facilities, leasing, and facility upkeep and management. Real Estate managed value ranged from $130,000 to $50,000,000 properties.
Construction Supervisor: Supervised design and construction of several commercial office space renovations and residential home renovations. Led construction teams of 10-100 workers. Wrote estimates and budgets for all projects and made reconciliations.

Skills: MS Office; MS Project; Photoshop; Director; Form-Z; Auto-Cad; Illustrator, Frontpage, DOS, Unix. Acoustician. Musiciam. Writer. Painter. Renderer. Proposal writer.

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