Name : Lubensky
Industry Type : Real Estate Developers
City & State : Long Beach, CA
Job Title Director of Projects
Relocation Preferences : Worldwide
Civil Engineer and Construction Project Manager by trade I am dedicated to the profession and ready to join a Firm which that will capitalize on my vast, over 30 years, international construction project management experience and where I will be able to build up my skills to yet higher level.
Resume :  

Construction Project Manager; Projects Director; Director of Construction
58 years old, 34 years international experience

Citizenship: USA

Residence: Long Beach, California

Civil Engineer and Construction Project Manager by trade I am dedicated to the profession and ready to join a Firm which that will capitalize on my vast, over 30 years, international construction project management experience and where I will be able to build up my skills to yet higher level.


Over thirty four years of construction project management and leadership experience within USA and international Construction Management and Project Development fields to include Hotels/Resorts, Commercial, Multi-use, Light Industry and Retail, Wind Power, Civil Works, Environmental, Office, All-type Residential, Educational, etc .
Extensive experience in providing consulting services and reporting to the international financial institutions and to various government agencies to include USAID, DTRA, Scholl Boards.
Assertively deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Accomplished and decisive team leader, adept at developing and guiding diverse multinational teams to deliver top performance. Well experienced in a few concurrently running projects, and much more.


1968 - 1973 Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture, Ukraine, USSR
MS Civil Engineering. Construction Science
Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction
1980 - 1982 Chicago Technical College, Chicago, USA Building Construction, Scheduling, Estimating

Contracts: FIDIC, all-types; AIA, all-types; Cost-plus with NGMP; Fixed-sum; Design-build; etc.
Dual-language Contracts writing and modifications; PM/CM procedures and manuals - development and implementations

Project Types: EPCM: EPC; LSTK; Progressive LSTK, variation of the above, and more

Computer: MS Project; Primavera, Timeline; all MS Office Products

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian - all fluent; fair comprehension of other Slavic-root languages


EURASIA, Investment & Industrial Group 03/2008 to Present (on retainer from August 2009)
Director of Projects

High Rise Office and Multi-use:

Primary responsibility:
Lead Project Development activity to include land acquisition, competitive bidding and appointing of A/E firms, design management, approvals and construction permits, budgets and schedules, preselecting GC and Engineering contractors for the development of two large-scale multi-use projects (office, residential and retail shopping malls) in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia. Estimated cost of both projects $ 900.3 million.

Secondary responsibility:
Directing and advising project management teams on on-going projects:

1. Eurasia Tower: 70 stories, 208,000 m2 gross area, h=310m, 1000-cars underground parking structure. Architect Swanke Hyden Connel Architects.
2. Underground Retail Shopping Center with Entertainment Facilities: 117,000 m2 gross area, 4 underground floors, 1000-car underground car parking, 7-screens Movie Theater.
3. Multi-use office building: 32-stories,100,000 m2 gross area, h=145m, both surface and underground parking areas
4. Largest in Europe Aquarium with gross area over 180,000m2, aquarium depth 12.6 m. Design by Kay Elliot Architects and AAT. Supporting amenities - 220-room hotel, 10-screen movie theater, offices, apartments, shopping center and entertainments facilities, etc.
5. Sport and Recreation Park - $240-million US-designed by Design Studio West, Inc

EURASIA LOGISTICS, LLC 03/2006 03/2008
Deputy CEO Development & Construction.
Director of Construction

Industrial and Logistic Parks:

Single handedly organized a Project Management Department for the development and construction of over 7,000,000 m2 of industrial and warehouse facilities throughout Russia, in Turkey and in Ukraine. Developed and implemented 2-volume Project Management Manual utilizing best Western practices.
Played decisive key role in transforming a 3-man strong company into almost $3-billion worth corporation with over 500 employers and with 5 specialized affiliated with the main company firms General Contracting, Project Management / Construction Management, Property and Facility Management, Electrical Distribution and off-site Utilities Management. Separately an urban development company has been created for the development of a housing project with the investment well over $2-billion.

Completed to date Projects:
$ 630-million, 800,000 m2 - Moscow
$ 330-million, 600,000 m2 - St. Petersburg
$ 140-million, 275,000 m2 - Yekaterinburg
$ 165-million, 300,000 m2 - Kazan , and others

Urban Development - $2.0 billion 24,000-units housing, schools, car racing track, civic service facilities, power plants, treatment plants, etc US-designed
Eurasia-City Co. plans to develop 3 087 hectares of land near Domodedovo, a town in Moscow Region. Konstantinovo, a new
satellite town is to be built here by 2015. There are plans to build 6,5 mln. sq. m of residential and 2,6 mln. sq. m of commercial property.

Key responsibilities: Projects Organization - structure and teams building; Budgets & Schedules; Project Manuals and Procedures for Project and Construction Management; Monitoring all projects activities from sites due diligence, engineering survey, concept development, etc.

NERL, Closed Stock Company 03/2005 - 03/2006
Director of Real Estate Development
Commercial Real Estate Development:

$ 100-million, 61,000 m2 - Class A office building with 2-level underground parking, Moscow
317,000 m2 - multi-functional development with 3,700-car parking, Moscow,
Organizational Structure; Budget & Projects Development; Design Management; Project management; Approvals and Permits; Construction Management

HANSCOMB, Ltd., then its successor in Eastern Europe - SAVANT, LLC (currently AECOM) 2002 - 2005

Sr. Project Director:
$ 18.5-million, Headquarters and Technical Center in Kiev, Ukraine
$ 17.0-million, 19,000 m2 Class A office building The Wave
$ 6.8-million, 6,000 m2 Class A office building, Moscow
$ 59.5-million, design-build expansion of SAB/Miller beer plant - Kaluga, Russia Organizational Structure; Projects Team building; Design Management; Budgets & Project Management; Approvals and Permits; Construction management

Sr. Construction Project Manager:
JV ExxonMobil - Neftegaz:
$ 10-billion, SAKHALIN-1, Houston Texas
Provided critical text and language input in the Russian-English contract body to eliminate hidden permitting, cost, and time impediments. Developed unit rate structures for civil works to include roads, utilities, excavation and backfill, concrete and steel works to transform and match American and Russian comprehension of these works and to eliminate hidden costs for extra works built-in in Russian versions of quantity take-offs and surveying.

CMLCO Group 2000 - 2002
Self-employed; independent consultant with the Project Director's and Senior Management authority and responsibilities

Marriott Corporation - Shadow Ridge Resort 313 acres, 950 units, two 18-hole golf course, 20,000 sq. ft. pool, 6 man-made lakes, spa, etc. Palm Desert, Ca USA

Performed both PM & CM tasks while Marriott site staff was in the transitional period undergoing the complete site management changeover. Developed and implemented design management matrix. Provided advice as to the site staffing and designated clear-cut responsibilities for each member of the team. Scheduled and monitored the progress of the construction activities to ensure timely completion of all, at a time, critical areas to include 18-hole golf course. Advised the Owner during GMP bid negotiations for the construction of a few hundred villas and a clubhouse.

Los Angeles Unified School District: USA
$ 65-million, new school construction
$ 18-million, existing schools modernization
Run Bovis allotment of Los Angeles Unified School Districts new schools construction and modernization programs to include design management, permits and approvals, bid/awards, construction management, commissioning and final turnover.

HINES Interests. Partnership 1997 - 1999
Sr. Construction Manager

$110-million, 257-units two & 3-story US-designed housing development, Pokrovsky Hills, Moscow

Responsibilities for the development and construction of the Pokrovsky Hills Village included, but were not limited to the following:
-coordinating the effort of multinational design team for all phases of the design process (feasibility, conceptual, schematic, design development, construction documents, construction phase);
-implemented and monitored Construction Document Review process (CDR);
-ensured receiving of favorable technical requirements or "connection burdens" from the city utility authorities
-established format and procedures for contractors pre-qualification; preparing of all bid packages, conducting tenders, selecting the contractors through the competitive bidding and writing the dual language contracts for off-site utilities to include water, sewer, HV electrical cabling, HV electrical distribution center, four HV electrical substations, two water pump stations, sewer pump station, rain and storm sewer, rain water treatment plant, telecommunications, data and TV services, etc.;
-established and implemented Western project management and construction management systems to include budgeting and cash flow projections; material and shop drawings submittals procedure; correspondence flow procedure; payment requisition procedure; scope change procedures; drawings and revisions log; change orders, back charges and claims; in-house take-off and estimating; field directives and daily work tickets; CPM scheduling; quality control procedures; RFI's, Bulletins and Clarifications; daily work reports; monthly reporting: Construction Cost Forecast Report (CCFR); Project Contractor Status Report and Project Forecast; weekly schedule updates and monthly cost forecasts procedures; work lists and punch lists; established and implemented Western construction safety program; turnover and project close-out procedures, etc.;
-development and monthly update of CPM schedules;
-monitoring work-in-progress for off-site and on-site works; conducting project progress meetings; payment requisition approvals and change order negotiations and approvals; contract interpretation and contractors' compliance with the Owner's requirements and directives; compliance with all applicable codes and regulations;
-coordinated work of Hines site superintendents, contract administrator and a supporting staff, and was responsible for their professional growth;
-taught Western project management and construction management skills and techniques to Turkish General Contractor, to Western and Russian subcontractors and designers, to native and expatriate colleagues and subordinates alike;
-ensured compliance of the US Embassy units to all American building codes and regulations (UBC, UFC, NEC, UPC, UMC), including handicap requirements;

$65-million, 1,200-seat Anglo-American School of Moscow, US-designed
In large part controlled project development matters for the design and construction of the school. Coordinated pre-development approvals, run initial design management, environmental agencies approval, site engineering analysis, etc. - all up to the commencement of the construction. Was responsible for the design and construction of all engineering services for the Anglo-American School, to include the HV electrical supply network (26 km in total); electrical distribution center; two HV electrical substations; sewer pump station; water pump station; rain water network and rain water treatment plant, water (17 km) and pressurized and gravity sanitary sewer (9 km) Combined off-site utilities design and construction costs for both Hines housing project and the AAS were in access of $7.1 million.

The SAWATZKY Group, Canada 1995 - 1997
Sr. Project Manager

$12-million, 7,000 m2 "Ulansky Center" - complete ground-up reconstruction and historical facade restoration of two buildings, including underground parking structure, Moscow Russia
Organizational Structure; Project Team building; Design management; Budget & Project Management; Approvals and Permits; Construction Management and final commissioning.


1994 - 1995
Okhotny Ryad - viability study for first-ever major retail mall development, Moscow, Russia. Client - Moscow Government
Heinz Baby Food Plant -troubleshooting, development and implementation of project recovery matrix and an action plan, Georgievsk, Russia
Usadba Center, $ 15-million, - design & construction of a 4-story top-down underground parking structure. Client - Moscow Government
Project Management; Construction Management; Troubleshooting; Project recovery planning and implementation

1993 - 1994
USAID Project:
The Russian Officers Resettlement Initiative
$15-million, pilot project - 560 housing units in 5 regions of Russia.
$100-million, 4,000 units throughout Russia.
Sites due diligence; Bidding and Awards; Project Management; Approvals and Permits; Construction Management
1992 - 1993
SEAWEST CORPORATION, San Diego, California
Project 1: Wind Power Station, Crimea, Ukraine. Initiated contacts, wrote proposal, selected site, performed due diligence, and then single-handedly had negotiated a deal with the Ukrainian Ministry of Power and Electricity for the development of first in all of the former USSR Wind Power Station in the Ukraine.
Project 2: Wind Power Station, Wales, UK. Performed Design Management and Construction Management duties for development of largest in Europe Wing Power Station in Wales, UK.

02/1991 09/1991
AMERICOM, Ca USA - development of a first-ever American Business Center in Moscow, Russia. Attempted government coup in August 1991 has halted the process.

MARRIOTT Corporation, USA 1984 - 1991
General Superintendent

$247-million, San Francisco, 42-story, 1,500 rooms, 110 suits;

$160-million, Palm Desert, 8-story, 900 room and 65 suits, with 51,400 sq. feet of ballrooms, exhibit halls and meeting rooms; 118,000 sq. feet of pre-function area; 18-hole golf course; ten restaurants; 12,000 sq. feet swimming beach; 36,000 sq. feet health spa, and in-lobby lake with the boat landing.

$62-million, Los Angeles, 17-story, 375 rooms and suits

$28-million, Newport Beach, 17-story, total of 220 rooms and suites, solar heated swimming pool;

$36-million, Torrance, 17-story, 425 rooms and suits;

$38-million, Sherman Oaks, 17-story, 473 rooms and suits, helicopter landing, underground parking structures, swimming pool, spa and tennis courts;

$37-million, three Marriot Courtyards with total of 459 rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, fitness facilities and tennis courts.

Construction Project Management responsibilities during pre-construction, permits, construction, turn over and occupancy phases for Marriott's hotel construction operations throughout California. Active participating in bidding, negotiating, and selection of the subcontractors on Construction Management jobs, and the General Contractors for GC projects. Conducted on-going value engineering and constructability reviews and studies. Responsibilities further included daily coordinating and managing the activities of all consultants, suppliers and, for each project, over 100 construction subcontractors; liaison with Building Departments, Fire Department, Health Department, EPA, etc.; direct contact with Marriott Operations; providing contract documents interpretation; problem prevention and solving; cost and schedule control; material submittals and shop drawings; monthly requisition approval; preparing project status reports, cost and schedule forecasts and monitoring of the quality control guidelines; change orders, claims and back-charges; occupancy permits, scheduling and controlling the deliveries of Owner related items; turnover to Marriott Operations; construction safety and risk management, etc. At timest on a few simultaneously running projects


Budget and Cost Management:
development of a project budget based on design task and MEP specification to include preliminaries and costs of off-site utilities, fees and charges; preparation of a construction budget and initial construction cost forecast based on master schedule; monthly updates and cost optimization measures; cash flow projection and monitoring; development of a risk management matrix and weekly updates; claims prevention, claims management and counter claims; contractors progress payment validations; change orders and back charges; final payment and project close-out; warranties and guaranties.

Scheduling and Programming:
development of a project master schedule to include milestones for design, bidding and awards, approvals and permits, materials and equipment procurement, construction and commissioning.
Development and monthly updates of a construction schedule on in-house run projects (CM projects). Giving guidance and participate in a development and monthly updates of a construction schedule by the general contractor or by the professional PM/CM consultant (PM projects);

Design Management:
preparation of a design task and MEP specifications for the A and E designers (both DD and CD phases); prequalification, tender and selection of an Architect and MEP design firms; design management for timely development and proper compliance of all design documents to the Owner requirements and project budget, ensuring among other criteria inclusion into design documents specific provisions of an operator and co-developers when applicable; constructability review and design changes, approval of bid packages.

Approvals and Permits:
conduct negotiations and obtain all proper approvals and permits issuing in the Owners name, main construction permit; when required assist in negotiations with local authorities together with contractors; if necessarily organize for and manage public outreach activities; maintain conscious working, but not very personal relationship with the authorities; organize for preliminary and final approvals, active role in obtaining provisional and final occupancy permits.

prequalification, organization of a tender and appointment of a general contractor or a professional construction management consultant on PM projects, or a number of different contractors on in-house run projects (CM project), or a combination of all three options; contracts writing and negotiations; organization of a construction management team, providing it with the construction management tools (including cost, schedule and quality control as well as construction safety procedures), staff training and guidance; taking part in weekly construction progress meetings, running monthly or bi-weekly meetings with the GC and PM/CM consultant; witnessing final testing and commissioning of MEP systems and equipment; participation in final inspections and acceptance.

development of a format and monthly reporting to the Owner on the following but not limited to subject areas: brief project status, design development and approvals, budget, project and construction cost forecast, works progress and schedule updates, Owner-related procurement, concerns and remedial actions, and short but decisive, all-inclusive summary.
Keeping track on all issued by the government decrees, rules and regulations related to project development and construction; maintaining and continuously updating cost and contractors data; participating in industry-related trade shows and conferences; ability to learn and implement where applicable newly acquired skills and techniques

Special Skills:
Projects Organization, multinational team building; Budget development / validation / updates; Tender & Appointment of A/E; Design Management; Constructability Review and Value Engineering; Engineering Due Diligence, Approvals and Permits; Bid packages and Invitations to Bid; Contractors pre-qualification, Bidding & Award; Contract negotiations & multilingual contracts writing to include Exhibits, General & Supplementary Conditions, Bonding requirements, warranties and guaranties;
Troubleshooting & Project Recovery Planning & Implementation; Control of Material Submittals & Shop Drawings; Quality Control and Safety Management; Schedule & Cost Control; Progress Reports;
RFIs, RFCs, RFPs; Construction Cost Forecast Reports (CCFR) and Cash Flow Projections;
Payment Requisitions; Variations & Change Orders; Work Lists and Punch Listing;
Project Turnover and Final Payments & Project Close-out; Liaison with Building Dept Authorities;
Claims Prevention, Preparation and Claims Analysis; Control of retention spending;
Staff training and guidance, Western work ethics.

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