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Name : D. J.
Industry Type : Project Management Engineer
City & State : Minneapolis, MN
Job Title
Relocation Preferences : Building Owners
Objective : MN based
Resume :  

POSITION DESIRED: Construction Project Management Facilities Operations

CAREER STATEMENT: I love building facilities and construction operations.
Nothing makes me happier than to see a place working its heart out and the resulting
project energized and inspired. It takes motivated people working with one purpose.

Motto: Be organized. Fix problems once, in the most efficient manner.


(1984 to present) (Construction Management Contractor). Continuous NWA contractor employment for the last 12 years.

Project Management Engineer. Customers: Delta/Northwest Airlines, Unity Hospital, St. Therese Eldercare, Disney/Disney Animal Kingdom, Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Mall of America, Eden Prairie Schools, and more.


(2005-2008) Key figure in creating contingency plan for Northwest Airlines
for pending AMFA strike. Coordinated and planned for almost one year prior to strike,; considering all responses for a total walk-out on 19 Aug 05. Responsible for ongoing facility operations for on-site through 2008. Intense scheduling, contract negotiation,
and ultimate implementation (19 Aug 05) following with day-to-day management and leadership.

Developed boot camp to train replacement workers that would never-set-foot on
airport property until the strike was called. Included training on safety, environ-
mental, hazmat, MSDS, equipment operator certification, fire and disaster procedures, airport property/AOA (Aircraft Operating Area) driver training, etc.

On 19 Aug 09, AMFA left, leaving property intentionally out-of-order. Contingency preparation response had property running again within hours and on duty for up to the next 36 months. Centralized work planning and ran same operations (with better efficiency) with 40% of previous NWA staff. Developed effective operating systems for managing lean work teams. Responsible for call center and measured quality/efficiency of response(s).

Handled both expense and capital projects. Trained personnel/created manual to eliminate accidental hangar foam deployment at $40K per alarm incident. Saved $550K by demonstrating that hangar door failures were from worn bearings vs. commonly-accepted faulty buss bars/shoes and upset approved capital expense of $600K. Overhauled HVAC system. Tackled back-up generator upgrade and 400Hz ground power unit failures. Worked with Xcel Energy on rebates for energy-saving qualifications. Major structural overhaul on NWA parking ramp. Constructed service building and remodeled boiler plant. Extensive fencing and security upgrades. Rebuilt fountain/courtyard at 34th Street Building C, moved repair garage/machine shop to new created/expanded space.

(2003-2004) Moved over (200) semi-loads of heavy metalworking machinery
from NWA DC9-JT8 jet engine manufacturing facility in Atlanta and re-installed in
Minneapolis NWA facility. Responsible for engineering, technical, construction ser-
vices. Provided leadership and managed sizeable teams in multiple locations to handle simultaneous activities. Supervised engineered-concrete foundations, loading and
unloading with cranes, building modifications, heavy utility work, new jet engine
hospital, re-manufacture operations and crane installation. Intense adherence to re-installation schedule safeguarding required NWA safety-stock of DC-9 engine parts inventory.

(2000-2009) Ongoing new construction. Fabricated new ticket counters/gates and re-
branding NWA to Delta with new company colors and signage throughout MSP. Installed stainless column covers on all round/square columns. Built kitchenettes and break rooms for NWA customer service. $130K block work and $750K concrete as needed. Upgrades to baggage handling, including new equipment and safety features. Well house construction. Engineering to de-icing equipment facility.

Government agency work and coordination with MAC (Metro Airports Commission) Building Officials, Fire Marshal, TSA, Airport Police, Safety and Security Teams.
Timely presentations, communication and reporting to NWA, Delta and stakeholders.

(2000-2008) OTHER PROJECTS: Installed hundreds of windows in occupied wings
and intensive care of Unity Hospital. Installed (500) windows in occupied St. Therese Eldercare. Installed (500) windows in occupied (28) floors La Rive Condominiums. University of MN and University of VT facility remodeling projects. Designed/built Horst Gallery for Horst Rechelbacher (Aveda founder). Major contractor for Caf Lurcat (DAmico and Sons). Walk of Fame Memorial installation at NASM/Smithsonian. Drinkwallah exhibit (Disney Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Fl.). Structural steel mezzanine project, roof water drainage re-engineering (Eden Prairie Schools). Designed/built Rotunda Store for Mall of America.

CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT: Solar panels for billboards. Targeted customer(s): Xcel Energy, Alliant Energy, etc., as part of Federal-mandated public energy conser-
vation for public utilities. Cross-ties utility billboard advertising with visible solar energy technology with lighting using renewable energy (3 wins). Huge effort to cost-
effectively salvage construction debris to recycling (esp. aluminum/steel). Developing
bio-fuel from restaurant grease with restaurant chains; including, Famous Daves. A plan
to collect grease at central location for processing and dispensing as fuel to a consortium
of diesel participants.


Heat-N-Glo Fireplace Products. 7571-215th Street West, Lakeville, MN 55044
(1989-1990) Manufacturing Manager.

Operated Savage Plant and Savage Plant expansion during massive demand and growth
of sales. Over 60 people in-plant and simultaneously managed new plant construction.
Large tip-up facility with heavy cranes and complex assembly conveyors. Doubled productivity; introduced electrostatic paint line, added new shears and press
brakes, and coil-handling equipment. Personnel development initiative.

Merchandising Fixtures, Inc. 1200 Northdale Boulevard, Coon Rapids, MN 55433
(1990-1991) V.P. Manufacturing.

Operated Coon Rapids facility; designing and manufacturing custom store fixtures. Hired by turn-around consultant to bring facility back into profitability. Lean manufacturing principles. Successful in (3) mos. Typically 100 employees, including design engineering. Produced a record (19) Target stores in one month; breaking the previous record by 6.

Onan Corporation. 1400-73rd Avenue NE Fridley, MN 55432
(1979-1984) Manufacturing Production Engineer.

Manufacturing engineer to production floor to improve production assembly of generators and engines. Implement process changes to meet tolerances and reduce scrap. Interaction with design, marketing/sales, purchasing, production, and quality personnel. Assigned to projects at design phase/pre-production to improve manufacturability.

Penick and Ford, Ltd. (now Penford Products). 1001-1st St. SW, Cedar Rapids,
Iowa 52404-2175 College Extra Board/Engineering Student (1976).

Roaming operations in corn wet milling plant. Equipment experience throughout entire plant, including bulk-processing, rail service, elevator, process furnaces, boiler/power plant, steeping tanks/sulfur dioxide production, gluten filters, tanks/plumbing, equipment maintenance/emergency repairs, quality assurance/lab sampling. Tank service with fermentation experience.


Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa (1979). B.S. Industrial Technology/Industrial Education (Manufacturing Engineering option).


Travel to Munich, Germany, restoration and maintenance of fully-operational 1973
International Harvester Fire Truck and 1968 Travelalls, massive collection of 1950-
1960s Tonka trucks, raising 5 boys (2 adopted from Russia, 2 IVF), kayaking, well-equipped wood and metal shop, and antiquing.

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