Name : Mahmoud ABDELQADER
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Ar Riyadh, RD
Job Title projects Director
Relocation Preferences : Riyadh
Objective : Projects Director /COO
Resume :  





Nationality:                              Jordanian

Marital status:                          married.

Sex:                                         Male.

Date & place of Birth:                         1/1/1964, Libya.

E-mail:                                                      mabdelqader114[AT]       






B.Sc. in civil Engineering from ALEPPO University in SYRIA on APRIL 1990


TRAINING/ seminars  

- PMP course

- Sound Contract Administration Program (FIDIC)

- Site Management course

- Risk Management course

-RISK Mitigation course

- ESI Risk Management course

- Insurance in Construction Industry course

- Primavera Planning course






An active member at ESI international seminars

A member of Jordanian Engineers Association.

A member of UAE engineering society

 A member of KSA engineering society


A dynamic and self-motivated personality with proven ability to work both in team and independently. Fast learner. Well versed in general office administration, correspondence and business coordination. Have natural leadership and problem solving skills. Excellent in communication, presentation, planning and management. Have a great capacity and interest in learning, achieving, completing and assigning things in its own ways. Have a natural aptitude to adjust and adapt to various temperatures and environment. Cooperative and dedicated to work, can work under pressure. Maintain confidentiality of work and ready to face challenges.



A versatile career that started as site Engineer at the field ,upgraded to Projects Director, going through the different phases of project management to being promoted to Projects Division Contract Administrator/ Assistant of the COO where I currently handle many of the division’s relations with all associated stakeholders.

My current skills are:

1- Constructional  Skills: Managing processes to achieve the division’s target by setting standards for the division’s procedures, such as:

     • Designed the Communication plan between the division’s different departments, and monitored the related implementation and execution. The plan tackled several communication issues that delayed our process where I managed to reduce effort and timeline for various tasks.

       • Activities mechanisms and procedures such as the Procurement Risk Mitigation Procedure, Operation Support Project Plan and others.

2- Leadership and Management Skills: My positive attitude as well as my technical and managerial skills were some of the reasons for being assigned to handle critical projects for ACC, where I coached the project team to achieve better results either in execution or in problem solving approach by rebuilding the team spirit, ensuring proper task delegation is performed with adequate handover, giving the right morale push and following up for results achievement.

3- Teamwork: Ability to mentor new team members during the on-boarding process. Taking over several parts of a cross functional workgroup.


During my work experience, I acquired the managerial and technical skills enabling me to lead large teams from various backgrounds, and have developed the right experience to handle and complete versatile tasks and maintain performance and quality delivery while sharing the best practices and developing efficient and accurate processes.

-Preparation of the Operation General Procedure Plan.

-Preparation of Subcontractors’ draft contracts, negotiating the terms and conditions, coordinating with the related technical/ Hr Departments to achieve a complete contract package.

-Preparation of the division Annual Budget.

-Preparation of new projects’ prequalification presentations.

-Monitoring selected projects budgets and schedules on SAP, interfering wherever & whenever required to keep the projects on track.

-Preparation of Subcontractors’ Evaluation Forms and supervising its implementation



EXPERIENCE RECORD                                                                                                        



Since Sep 2012

Up to Now                                                     ARCHEN





                       Projects Director


Management & consultancy services                    


Infrastructure & Construction business with total Value 12 Billion Saudi Riyal



Since JUNE 2012

Up to August 2012                              CERCON Contracting Co.




                       Deputy General Manager & Projects Director                          


Infrastructure & Construction business with total Value 2 Billion Saudi Riyal




Since OCT 2009     

    Up May 31st 2012                  AL ARRAB CONTRACTING CO.LTD






  • Operations Support Director, Head of (Planning, HSE, QA/QC & Risk) Department.


  • Create the relationships procedure between all head office departments.

  • Submit the operational Risk Report to the Board of directors.

  • Recommendations of how to avoid most of the risks.

  • Monitoring and controlling the operational activities day by day.

  • Set up the rule of the departments to suit the client’s requirements and the reputation of the company.




               -PROJECTS DIRECTOR


  • Assistant Construction Operation Officer.

  •  Projects with total value 28 Billion Saudi Riyal

  •  Managing, directing & controlling all the region’s projects throughout

          guiding the area managers to implement their scope of Work.  

  • Create the suitable procedure between the departments to assure the utmost benefits have been secured.

  •   Manage organizational operations

  • Follows direction set by Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors

  • Implements programs to ensure attainment of business plan for growth and profit

  • Provides direction and structure for operating units

  • Make decisions regarding the budget of the company keeping in view the developments

  • Preparing short and long term operations plan like sales, marketing and quality control

  • Overseeing the day to day functioning of the company

  • Interacting with heads of all departments of the company and overseeing their functions

  • Creating strategies for the functioning of the company along with the Chief Executive Officer and the COO.

  • Plan execution strategies for the plans




Since AUG 2008

     Up SEP 2009                                   DEYAAR DEVELOPMENT

                                                                              DUBAI - UAE



-Prepare all types of documents for the new projects

-managing the progress of all the projects with the project’s Managers

-prepare the overall risk plan.

- Prepare the mitigation plans.

-prepare the contingency plans for the running projects and for the new ones.

-Monitoring and controlling the life cycle of the projects

-Implementing the cost plan to be in budget.



  Since Aug-2005    ECC: Engineering Contracting Company

  Up to AUG 2008                           DUBAI- UAE


Project:        ACCOMMODATION COMPLEX, Project value 230 million DHS.

Period:         April 2007to AUG2008.

Job title:       PROJECT MANAGER                                       


This project consists of 18 building (G+2). +amenities building +mosque +7 sub-stations +5 under-ground water tanks +all infrastructure works

Job description:

- Liaising with Client and Consultant on technical matters.

-Prepare the risk plan, contingency plan and the mitigation plan.

- Coordination with sub-contractor/supplier

-Monitoring and controlling the scope of Time, Cost and Quality to meet       ECC standards

- Training, monitoring and controlling all staff

- Review and finalize sub-contractor / supplier proposed drawing material.

- Material procurements, submit drawings / materials to the Engineer for approval.

- Update and maintain log of shop drawings / material / RFI log status.                                   

                    -leading and guiding project team in all execution period 


Project:        Zayed University, Project value 426 million DHS.

Period:         August 2005 to April 2007.

Job title:      SR.CONSTRUCTION MANAGER.                                      


The project comprises of the construction of a fully functional university campus facility to accommodate 5,000 female students. Area of site is 77 Hectare and the built up are is 105,8820m2.


Job description:


-Manage and lead my staff to execute our scope of work.

-Assign all types of risks which could affect the project.

-Coordinate with consultant & client to ensure all required technical information & approvals are obtained.

-Monitoring and controlling the scope of Time, Cost and Quality to meet ECC standards

-All external works, hard landscape, soft landscape, and the infrastructure works and services.

-Manage flow of information on site.

- -Coordinate with and between subcontractors and check there submittals.

-Create &work as team work.






  From May-2004            UNITED CONSTRUCTION GROUP.

   To August -2005                                          JORDAN



Project:        Queen Rania Rehabilitation Center / Cyber city

Period:          May 2004 to August 2005

Job title:      Projects Manager.


            Managing, controlling, leading, guiding &developing the possess of the company and team work           







             To May-2004                                                JORDAN



Project:        king Hussein Gardens

Period:         February 2002 to May 2004

Job title:      PROJECT MANAGER.


Landscaping and infra structure project.

-Water system (surface water drainage, sewage, portable water, fire hydrant system, irrigation system and shield water).

- Electrical systems (H.V, L.V, M.V, STREET LIGHTING STSTEM & TRAFIC SIGNAL SYSTEM)        

-Telecommunications system.    

-Jet fuel line.

In addition to that, the following system

  • Alarm system.

  • CCTV system.

  • Sound system.

  • Car park control system.




Project:        Royal Hashemite Court Infrastructure landscaping

Period:         February 2002 to February 2003

Job title:      PROJECT MANAGER.


Landscaping and infrastructure project.






 From July -1989     AL Hawamdeh Engineering Construction Company

  To January-2002                                                          JORDAN


Project:        Royal Palace / Aqaba

Job title:      PROJECT MANAGER.



Project:        Rama Hotel /Amman

Job title:      EXECUTIVE   MANAGER


Project:        AL Khalidy Hospital /Amman

Job title:      EXECUTIVE   MANAGER


Project:        AL Isteqlal Hospital /Amman

Job title:      EXECUTIVE   MANAGER



Project:         AL Amal Hospital /Amman (AL Hussein cancer center)

Job title:      EXECUTIVE   MANAGER



Project:        AL Zaytona University /Amman

Job title:      Project Engineer


Project:        Ibn AL Hytham Hospital /Amman

Job title:      Site Engineer





Arabic-mother tongue / English - very good.






- Highly motivated and able to work hard and under pressure with patience.


- Computer skills:-

       - Office excel

       - Office word

       - Office power point

       - Primavera planning   




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