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Name : David M. Freedman, ASME, SNAME, MRINA
Industry Type : Construction Executive, Naval Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Marine Engineer
City & State : Cedarhurst, NY
Job Title
Relocation Preferences : General Contractors - Managers
Objective :
Resume :  

Professional Profile of . . .

   David M. Freedman

Summary of Qualifications

A determined and energetic individual with more than 30 years of experience as a construction executive with emphasis in operations, rapid transition and management. Possesses the unique ability to bring complex projects from inception to completion. A Master Troubleshooter who specializes in the turnaround of failing operations and projects. Applies an active rather than reactive management style.

* Decision-maker. Unafraid to make the difficult decisions required.
 The Go-To Guy!
* Track record of bringing complex projects from conception to completion
       within budget and on time.
* Powerful liaison between clients, government agencies, subcontractors  
 and personnel allowing projects to move smoothly and efficiently. 
* Hands-on operations, proven leadership and team motivator.
* Leadership . . . where you want it!

Areas of Expertise

HVAC Construction
Nuclear Systems
Control systems
High End Projects Client Relations

Boiler Replacement
Ports and Piers
Government Projects Forensic Laboratories Contract Negotiation

Naval Architecture
Operations Mgt.
Utilities Projects
Safety Regulations

Expense Control

Foreign Trade

International Business

Marketing Analysis

Office Administration

Public Relations

Process Improvement

Proposal Preparation

Strategic Planning

Regulatory Compliance


Professional Profile

* Serves as a liaison between clients, government agencies, subcontractors, and personnel in an effort to ensure the smooth and efficient completion of various projects.

* Coordinates all facets of a project from inception through completion and ensures that all projects were completed on time and within budget.

* Manages high profile, politically sensitive projects, which require special handling due to the size and/or nature of the project.

* Provides mentoring to employees, subcontractors and clients to ensure smooth operations and completion of the project tasks.

* Oversees all facets of corporate operations, including profit and loss, budget control and quality assurance.

* Provides code consultations as a NYC Building Department and Nassau County Building Departments Expeditor including opinions regarding Violation Removals and Construction Inspections

Career Highlights

* Completed over $1.25 billion in major construction projects in the private and public sector, achieving recognized success in both sectors.

* Played the major role in obtaining three early completion bonuses amounting to in excess of $700,000.00 from the NYC School Construction Authority.

* Played a major role in obtaining a significant line of credit from a leading financial institution, reorganized all financial operations, and increased bonding capacity, established a retirement plan, a health insurance plan, and as well as created a comprehensive training program to enhance employee development for several clients whose businesses I was mentoring.

Significant Projects

Voluntary Remediation of Former Kent Avenue Generating Station Ash Pit, Consolidated Edison of NY, Brooklyn, NY. Served as the Resident Engineer, overseeing the remediation, removal of environmental contaminants and encapsulation of the Ash Pit. Consulted on Diving Operations and seawall integrity. Work involved the construction of an on-site water treatment plant using Geotube technology to treat hazardous materials and sludge removed from the Ash Pit by dredging. Mechanical removal of hazardous materials was employed as well. Divers were employed to provide fine cleaning of the Ash Pit as well as inspection services during concrete filling operations.                                      Project value: $7.5 Million.


New Jersey State Police, Troop C Headquarters, Firing Range and Technology Center,  Mr. Freedman served as the Construction Manager, overseeing the construction of three buildings, a fuel farm, a helipad facility, two shooting ranges requiring specialized anti-explosive HVAC systems. Specialized HVAC systems were required for the forensic lab facility to maintain laboratory air integrity for New Jersey State Police/FBI joint facility. This fast-track project completed ahead of schedule and under budget in March 2003.
Project value: $85 Million.

Bus Maintenance Facility, NYC Transit Mr. Freedman served as the Construction Manager, brought in because the project was in danger of foundering due to poor work, safety issues and labor trouble with the General Contractor. He quickly and decisively brought the project back into line and fast-tracked the completion of the new construction of a bus depot and state of the art maintenance facility. Specialized HVAC System was required for the removal of toxic emissions from the buses and to recirculate fresh air for heating and cooling.
Project value: $45.85 Million.

Primary School 65Q, NYC School Construction Authority, Queens, NY. Construction Manager for the lease site conversion of Primary School 60/62 Annex (now known as Primary School 65 Queens). Oversaw gut rehabilitation of a former avionics factory into a modern school facility. Ensured proper permits were in place with the NYC Department of Buildings, NYC Department of Environmental Protection and NYC Department of Health. This project was successfully completed in 8 months, converting a 55,000 SF factory building into a modern school facility with a state of the art kitchen and dining facility, modern computer classrooms, multipurpose gym/auditorium, handicap lift facilities, parents rooms and teachers preparation areas, complete science lab and all the most modern in conveniences including fully air conditioned spaces. Additionally the project that had been budgeted at $6.5 Million was completed $650,000 under budget.                                                                                                           Project value: $5.85 Million.

Primary School 24, Queens - This was a project comprising the total demolition, removal and replacement of all window and exterior doors while school was in session. Additionally, the project involved the abatement of asbestos caulking from around the old windows. Tenting an entire elevation of the school and removing the caulk accomplished this. Tight coordination was maintained between the contractor and the school ensuring that the school suffered minimum impact from the displacement of classes during the replacement of the windows. Teams were assigned to demolish the old windows and install the new ones within two days so that each classroom was returned to the school quickly. The project was completed one month early and within budget.
Project value: $2.1 Million.

Intermediate School 226, Queens - This project, the HVAC upgrade at IS 226 in Queens, NY was a quagmire of best intentions that deteriorated into a politically explosive situation. The project that was then in its second year was not moving along at all. The contractor refused to perform and the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) was under increasing pressure from the Board of Education as well as local politicians to get the project back on track. In this, his first project for the SCA, Mr. Freedman was brought in to resolve the mess. He quickly whipped the contractor into line by addressing his issues with the SCA and getting them resolved. He called in all of the local politicos and presented to them a plan to complete the work within one year. He cleaned up the construction site and insisted upon quality work, proper training and safety. Certified the work, inspected for compliance with NYS DEC and NYC DEP regulations. Ensured proper permitting for new boilers, fuel tanks and piping systems. The project was completed 7 months later with the complete installation of an upgraded HVAC plant as per the original intentions of the SCA.
Project value: $5.5 Million.

Primary School 24, Queens; Window Replacement and Exterior Doors-
All existing wood windows were removed and replaced. Each window was individually constructed to match the existing ones, because there was no standard dimensioning of the windows when the building was constructed. All work was performed during the school year with a minimum of disruption to the students, faculty or the facilities.
Project value: $1.75 Million.

LaGuardia Community College, Queens - The project involved the total demolition and removal of the interior of the old X-ACTO factory building. New classrooms, laboratories, kitchen and dining facilities were constructed and installed. A state of the art electronic fire protection and security system was installed, providing for real time assessment and control of emergencies. Extensive office spaces were also constructed for teachers and staff, complete with a fully functional computer net for all the staff to use.
Project value: $5.3 Million.

Enzo Biochem Headquarters, New York -Total exterior rehabilitation of the former New York City Morgue building at Bellevue Hospital. Managed the replacement of three hundred (300) wood windows to conform to the requirements of the New York City Landmarks Commission. Repaired and/or replaced terra cotta and delicate stone work. Administered the successful abatement of asbestos throughout the building.
Project value: $3.5 Million.


Howard Apartments, New York - Creation of one large apartment from three smaller apartments in the luxury Metropolitan Towers in New York. This apartment was a Tod Williams/Billie Tsien Design and included modernistic fixtures, extensive use of stainless steel, marble flooring throughout and extensive millwork. Special features included gold leaf on the ceiling and an extensive communication/security system.
Project value: $2.6 Million.

Chief Engineer, USS Brunswick (ATS-3) - Total control and management of the largest department onboard ship. Complete control of budgeting and personnel. Controlled power plant operations, electrical plant, seawater conversion to fresh water, sanitation and sewage facilities, maintenance and repairs, hotel services, work schedules and all other aspects of engineering onboard ship.

Ship Overhaul and Repair Coordinator, Pearl Harbor, HI - Contracted, coordinated and managed all aspects of nuclear and conventional ship regular overhauls and maintenance availabilities. Developed methodologies and strategies, managed and maintained budgets and schedules. Additional responsibilities included: removal and storage of Hazardous Materials such as nuclear waste, petroleum based chemicals and fuels as well as waste oil products.
Total projects value: In excess of $100 Million.
Average project value: $10 - 20 Million.

Commercial Industrial Services Contracting Officer, Pearl Harbor, HI -
Creation and administration of more than twenty-five (25) contracts with civilian contractors to perform work relieving Naval Shipyard personnel for more vital work. Contracts allowed civilians to perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs.
Total projects value: In excess of $30 Million.
Average project value: $2 - 5 Million.

Employment History

President/Principal Consultant
David M. Freedman & Co., Inc.

As President of this Real Estate Development and Construction firm, Mr. Freedman leads a team providing services to clients who need assistance and support with construction projects, financing and techniques. Mr. Freedmans team works with architects, engineers, and government agencies to facilitate all aspects of a construction project, providing Forensic Project Analysis of existing or previously completed projects. Mr. Freedman trains and serves as a mentoring group for small developers and contractors who need assistance to materialize their projects.
Vice President/Director of Operations                                                            SMI Building Systems, LLC
Mr. Freedman ran and managed the day-to day operation of a national steel design build firm with its own manufacturing facility. He oversaw the engineering, sales, financial and legal issues to keep this $70 million company a leader in steel mid-rise construction.
President/Principal Consultant
David M. Freedman & Co., Inc.

See above listing

Senior Vice President/Senior Project Executive
The Tri-Tech Group

While working with The Tri-Tech Group, Mr. Freedman managed the firms largest ongoing construction projects. In his position, he oversaw all of the project personnel as well as coordinated ad interfaced with public agencies and private owners to ensure that product delivery of Construction Services was always excellent.

President/Chief Executive Officer
American Planning and Management of New York Ltd.                               

As CEO of American Planning and Management of New York, Mr. Freedman led a group of dedicated professionals dedicated to providing excellence in Construction Management to Commercial and Residential Clients throughout the New York Metropolitan Area

Construction Manager
Kreisler Borg Florman General Construction Co., Inc.                               
1994 1998

While working for KBF as a Construction Manager for their major projects with the NYC School Construction Authority, Mr. Freedman managed the high profile, politically sensitive projects that required special handling due to the size or the nature of the project. Mr. Freedmans managed Project Managers, Superintendents, Contactors as well as interfaced with Public Authorities to ensure that projects were completed quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of
technical expertise. During this time, Mr. Freedman managed multiple, major school construction projects, often overseeing the work of hundreds of people in all aspects of construction from field to office operations. 

President/Chief Executive Officer
Advance Design Associates Ltd.   
1990 1994

Advance Design Associates Ltd. operated as a wholly owned General Contractor, building homes in both the public and private sectors as well as specializing in interior construction of office suites and high-end value apartments. They also developed an extensive waterproofing and roofing operation. Mr. Freedman ran the day-to-day operations of the firm in the field as well as the coordination of all administrative, marketing and quality assurance.

Project Manager
Herbert Construction Company 
1988 1990

During his time working at Herbert Construction, Mr. Freedmans was responsible to administer and manage large, difficult and highly sensitive construction projects. He successfully completed projects in the public sector and private sector including office suites, apartments, and schools, directing multiple large projects. He worked directly with architects and designers and acted as a conduit between the owners and all parties related to his project(s). He often was responsible for the administration of over a hundred people at a given construction site.

Chief Engineer, USS Brunswick (ATS-3)
Overhaul and Ship Repair Officer
Commercial Industrial Services Contracting Officer
Officer in Charge, Electronic Machinery Warehouse
Drydock Facility Officer
United States Navy
1979 1988

Mr. Freedman served for 10 years in the United States Navy. He was noted for taking on increasing responsibility and he served with distinction. At age 26, he was the youngest Chief Engineer of a fleet ship serving at that time and continued to serve in billets that required dynamic leadership and creative enterprise. He successfully completed over 20 overhauls or upkeeps during his tenure and was responsible for shipboard design changes that remain in use today. He managed large groups of people, often exceeding 400 persons and was responsible for all aspects of repair, from budget to design to logistics. He directed repair work on Nuclear and Conventional powerplants.

Academic Credentials

University of Mississippi,
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 1982

Naval Postgraduate Engineering Training,
Naval Architecture and Mechanical/Maritime Engineering, 1983

* NYC Department of Buildings Expeditor                           
* Occupational Safety and Health Administration                                                 10 Hour Safety Course Certification
* New York Lead Inspection Certification
* New York Lead Risk Assessment Certification
* HAZWOPER 40 Hour Certification
* Asbestos Awareness Training                                                                         IAW 29 CFR 1926, 1101 k (9)

Professional Organizations
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Royal Institution of Naval Architects

Contact Information
72 Cedarhurst Avenue  E-Mail: david[at]
Cedarhurst, NY 11516  Website:
516/569-8772  Home
516/659-0480  Office (Best Contact Source)


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