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Name : Jack H. Ablon, AIA, CSI, CDT
Industry Type : Senior Architect
City & State : Lewisville, TX
Job Title
Relocation Preferences : Architects
Objective : Dallas, Austin, San Antonio
Resume :  

My father was an Earthwork/General Contractor and I started working with him operating a D-8 Caterpillar at age eleven.  I learned our profession, literally from the ground up. Having been a principal architect/owner for 12 years and project manager/architect for more than 24 years, I understand our business, its practice and various construction methods. With a broad experience background on most project types, including highly technical, Health Care, Laboratory, Manufacturing, Military, Civic, Industrial, Multi-family, Hospitality, Fast Food, Restaurant & Fine Dining, Transportation (ground, air & rail), Recreational, Parking, Residential, Religious and Institutional projects, I can manage just about any type of project and any size team. Although I have never submitted my work for awards, two of my projects: the Mary Kay Ash Cancer Research Institute w/ Laboratories at St. Paul Medical Center, Dallas and the Vista Ridge Athletic Complex, Lewisville, Texas were both recognized with awards. Many of my projects also included Interior Design and Interior Architecture. Innovation in design by finding ways to adapt readily available materials to new design solutions has been a hallmark of my work. Based upon my track record, I can provide the leadership to bring in successful projects on time and in budget with pleased clients.

Past employers, associates and contractors have found me to be the person to turn to for solutions when there are problems on the "drawing board" or in the field. My past three years of work have been dedicated to construction administration on large multifamily and mixed use projects with parking garages; most in the Austin area. When field problems were found, I was the guy sent to help the contractor even if it was not one of my projects. The partners saw me as the "Go to Guy" when there were problems. Still today, I qualify for the minimum premium for liability insurance as even a file has never been opened on any of my work, much less a claim.  My approach is "Teaming" with the Contractor, Subs and Owner as we are all involved with getting the best project possible.  Approaching the designers and contractor as a team is a much better approach to a proper solution. Having worked the full range of the practice from finding the work to turning over the keys to a happy client, I could be the person you need. My broad health-care experience includes research facilities with laboratories and clean-rooms, nursing units, diagnostic facilities, treatment areas, and the coordination and inspection procedures for state requirements. Religious experience includes Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist and Judaism.  My industrial experience includes manufacturing, micro chip clean-rooms and food processing.  I have even done site facilities master planning and one such project was the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Station at Glen Rose, Texas. From managing many Federal and State projects, I also understand the complicated state, federal and Corps of Engineers processes required to keep a job profitable within those systems.

I have worked with both AutoCAD and MicroStation, buying my own seat of MicroStation in 1991 and taking AutoCAD Training in 1995. Marketing and making presentations are skills at which I am also accomplished. PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Publisher and other tools are very familiar to me! My presentation skills are used regularly in professional situations and, as I have been responsible for the training of Boy Scout Commissioners (Adults) for our 23 county Boy Scout council, I get lots of extra practice. I am adept at bringing along young architects by mentoring; this is actually a strong suit. I also have provided in-house continuing education presentations to educate and engender loyalty to the firm and even written syllabi for AIA Continuing Education courses, produced the PowerPoint presentation and then taught the courses. I have been responsible for continuing education programs for several firms where I have been employed.

I am active in my community as a volunteer active in Boy and Girl Scouting for nearly fifty years and providing pro bono work for needy charities. I also served on my local city council after a history of volunteering on boards and commissions for years.  I have served on the Board of Greater Dallas United Way and Chairman of Greater Lewisville United Way after serving as a board member or volunteer for every United Way charity in the county. Currently, I am on the newly created Neighborhood Preservation Committee for the City of Lewisville. I also serve as architectural advisor for two state representatives and one senator based upon relationships built when I was a city councilman.

The bottom line on me is I am a problem solver, leader and team builder who pleases clients. I may be that someone you need in your organization. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jack H. Ablon, AIA, CSI, CDT

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