To make the best use of my extensive experience and widely varied education to provide my prospective employer a unique service,Construction Executive Online is a career management center for construction executives."> Jeryl Jordan

Name : Jeryl Jordan
Industry Type : Electrical Contractors
City & State : Fremont, CA
Job Title journeyman electrician
Relocation Preferences : none
Objective : I have long experience in industrial/commercial electrical installations and widely varied education in electronics, PLCs, computers, human behavior, electrical practices and methods. I am a master at bending all types of conduits up to 6". I studied with RS Trainer Controllogix, PL 5, DataHwy, Ladder logic programming and design. Experience in troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware prepares me for maintaning and repairing complicated, technical processes and equipment.
I am interested in advancing my education to graduate levels where I can contribute uniquely valuable insights and advances in industrial and engineering procedures.
I recently completed six months contractor at a National Laboratory, a major airport terminal renovation in Seattle, (requiring TSA clearance) and over a year installing and maintaining manufacturing process lines and equipment and controls.
I am seeking advanced certificate courses to upgrade skills and broaden employment opportunities.
Resume :  




   To make the best use of my extensive experience and widely varied education to provide my prospective employer a unique service.

   To take advantage of every chance to deepen and widen my education in both applied and liberal arts








* Ability and willingness to read and interpret technical manuals, procedures, and regulations; write reports; and subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure

* Ability and willingness to work in range of environments to include but not limited to industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, and power industry facilities

* Advanced computer skills utilizing word processing, spreadsheet processing, e-mail programs, facility control and management systems, and computer diagnostic and troubleshooting tools

* Troubleshoot complicated mechanical and electrical problems

* Familiarity with Electrical materials and practices available to design and adapt electrical installations

* Some CAD experience for electrical controls/ladder logic








Control Data Institute-computer programming & repair, 3rd in class recruited by Control Data Corp for

Goddard Space Flight Center in Washington DC

Jackson Memorial Hosp, Psych Att Certification and training in human behavior and motivation

ABC Federal Electrical Apprenticeship (Robert-n-Lewis Electrical Contractor, Hialeah, FL)

Test for Dade Co FL journeyman - licensed

Miami Dade CC/ University of Miami AS in math/science

Test for Washington state general journeyman electrical- Licensed

Oregon state general journeyman electrical reciprocal- Licensed

Utah state general journeyman electrician- Licensed

California state general journeyman electrician- Licensed


RS Logix,  PL5,  AllenBradley,  Controllogix, SLC










SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORY  3/8/2010    8/31/2010 7011 East ave Livermore, CA  Gerald Vincent Supervisor 925-294-2009

Facilities Technologist $28/hr


   Electrical trouble calls, lighting repairs and preventive maintenance, bus duct connections, power conduit installation, parts research, inventory and organization. Lighting repair, maintenance and upgrade.

  This job was the most intensive experience ever with governmental regulation in every aspect combined with academic research at the highest level. Safety and environmental concerns topped every priority. I worked primarily under a staff augmentation contract through an employment agency with minimal management and no direct electrical supervision.


Extended Period of Unemployment



COCHRAN ELECTRIC INC. 4/30/2007 1/9/2009 12500 Aurora ave N Seattle,WA journeyman electrician $38/hr    Gary Graham general foreman 253 569 9295  Reduction In Force


   Construct and open 20 story Four Seasons Hotel Seattle. Primary responsibility the first floor including: lobbies, front desk, staff offices, restaurant, bar, wine/raw bar, (2) kitchens, bakery, business center, signage, porte-cochere heating/ltg/comm. All power, ltg controls, comm, security, conduits, cables, layout, installation, finish, startup of all equipment and appliances

   This was a great job for the challenges of a high end hotel with state of the art programmable lighting throughout and exotic finishes. I had near complete control over conduit design and installation, lighting layout and startup. My foreman thanked me and credited me with significant contribution to successful completion and said that he looked forward to working with me when he started the Gates' Foundation HQ with a $60M electric contract. Delays in startup forced me to look else where.


On a previous time with this employer I worked for over a year on the construction of Bill Gates private estate. Primary responsibility was the site installation of clean, normal, and emergency power and communications conduits and systems.


COLUMBIA FOREST PRODUCTS 2/23/2006 4/21/2007  Electrical Tech I $23.50hr

Andy Frei Electrical Supervisor 541 882 7281 HWY 97 Klamath Falls,OR97601  Relocated

  plywood mill maint & constr electrician, install and maintain process control PLC's, soft start motors, sensors,(ultrasonic, Photo, motion, level, flow, temp, timer, limit), electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, gas systems

plant lighting upgrade, installation and startup of new production lines, troubleshoot German and Japanese schematics

  This was a great job for the most in depth controls experience. I was able to use my computer repair education to troubleshoot, design and install complete lines as well as individual machine maintenance and repair. During one plant shut down, I was responsible for the preparation and execution of a complete reorganization of plant lighting, relocating and refeeding transformers and panels. My foreman said it was the best run project he'd ever seen.



E C Company Portland, OR  8/15/2003  02/22/2005 journeyman electrician

 Jim Anderson foreman, 800 477 1711  2121 NW Thurman St Portland, OR 97210 Reduction In Force

 The Seatac Airport Central Terminal Expansion required Homeland Security clearance, (not my first time) and I was in charge of hydraulic bending, installing 80% of the power, comm, and security trunklines using segmented, concentric, and large radius bends. My first job was to connect two ends of a 3" Rigid conduit run through an underlevel motorway intersection that was filled with existing runs. Upon completion, my foreman told me that he "honestly thought it could not be done."




11/30/1999 WINEMA ELECTRIC CO 10/15/2001 journeyman electrician         735 Commercial St Klamath Falls, OR 97601 (541) 884-7796  Reduction In Force

CoGeneration Plant from out of the ground to start up, plus two peaker generators. Have worked for this OR. company numerous times when in OR. During the time of rolling blackouts in CA. plans were to build 5 more power plants, so I bought a house there. Then came Enron and 9/11, and all the plans went away.




University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 1984/1988  Relocated

Electrician III  Keith Chambers Electrical supervisor Physical Plant


Full electrical maintenance of 67 acre campus including stadia, pools, libraries and street lighting. Maintain emergency generators and fire pumps, and emergency lighting systems. Experience with building automation, trouble desk and systems modifications to researchers specifications.


Exceptional personal communications and service oriented abilities.

Completed AS requirements there without diploma


















To whom it may concern,                                                                       10-1-2009                                             


      This is a personal letter of recommendation for Jeryl Jordan . Let me begin with explaining my qualifications for this recommendation. I was the supervisor/general foreman on the new Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle. My responsibilities included overseeing public access spaces. Which accounted for 40% of the 27 million dollar contract. I had Jeryl as an employee for approximately one year on this project. This was a project requiring the highest standards of professionalism in both installation and personal conduct. Jeryl more than met those requirements, and was instrumental in the timely completion of the project. I found Jeryl to be a pleasant and energetic asset to my team. Every day was filled with new challenges such as difficult installations, shortages of accurate and complete information, coordination efforts with other trades and many other issues. In spite of these, I could always count on Jeryl to be at the forefront with innovative ideas and his ever-present positive attitude. To close , I will say that I cannot think of any construction/mechanical related task that Jeryl couldnt perform well at. Feel free to contact me should any questions arise. Thank you for your time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Gary M Graham                                                                                                                         253-569-9295







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Student ID.....: J89-55-5741 JORDAN, JERYL LYNN

Date of Birth..: 08/14/53    Sex.: M      Fee Residency: Florida Resident

High School....: UNKNOWN HIGH SCHOOL    Graduation Date: 09/73



CLST  INIT TEST DT:08/19/09  CP  998.00  EN  998.00  ES  998.00  RD  998.00

 Explanation of Grade(GRD) and Type(TYP) values 

SPRING 1975-76 (19753 )           CLEP                         (999990)


Course    Equivalent

ID        Course    Course Title         CMP TYP GRD  ATT    EARN   GPA

BIO102    BSC1005   GEN EDU BIOLOGY          Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

ENG120    ENC1101   ENGLISH COMPOSITION      Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

ENG121    ENC1102   ENGLISH COMPOSITION      Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

HUM201    HUM2511   HUMANITIES ART MUSIC     Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

HUM202    HUM2570   HUMANITIES DRAMA PHL     Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

MAT274    MAE2830   CONCEPTS/MODERN MATH     Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

MAT201    MGF1106   GEN EDU MATHEMATICS      Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

PHS101    PSC1121   GEN EDU PHYS SCIENCE     Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

SSS101    SSI1011   SOCIAL SCIENCE           Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

SSS102    SSI1012   SOCIAL SCIENCE           Z    S   03.0   03.0   00.0

Term Totals:   Att:  30.00; Ern: 30.00; For GPA:  0.00; Pts:    0.00; GPA 0.00

Cuml Totals:   Att:  30.00; Ern: 30.00; For GPA:  0.00; Pts:    0.00; GPA 0.00


FALL   1976-77 (19761 ) MDC      001506    BEGINNING 08/24/76  ENDING 12/16/76

Course    Equivalent

ID        Course    Course Title         CMP TYP GRD  ATT    EARN   GPA

BIO271    BSC2010L  PRINC OF BIOLOGY LAB  3       B   01.0   01.0   01.0

CHE100    CHM1025   INTRODUCT CHEMISTRY   3       A   03.0   03.0   03.0

MAT121    MAC1105   COLLEGE ALGEBRA       3       A   03.0   03.0   03.0

SPA101    SPN1100   ELEMENTARY SPANISH    3       A   03.0   03.0   03.0

Term Totals:   Att:  10.00; Ern: 10.00; For GPA: 10.00; Pts:   39.00; GPA 3.90

Cuml Totals:   Att:  40.00; Ern: 40.00; For GPA: 10.00; Pts:   39.00; GPA 3.90


WINTER 1976-77 (19762 ) MDC      001506    BEGINNING 01/04/77  ENDING 04/27/77

Course    Equivalent

ID        Course    Course Title         CMP TYP GRD  ATT    EARN   GPA

PSY211    PSY2012   INTRO TO PSYCH        1       A   03.0   03.0   03.0

SPA102    SPN1101   ELEMENTARY SPANISH    1    T  W   03.0    0.0    0.0

Term Totals:   Att:   6.00; Ern:  3.00; For GPA:  3.00; Pts:   12.00; GPA 4.00

Cuml Totals:   Att:  46.00; Ern: 43.00; For GPA: 13.00; Pts:   51.00; GPA 3.92


SUMMER 1978-79 (19784 ) MDC      001506    BEGINNING 06/18/79  ENDING 07/26/79

Course    Equivalent

ID        Course    Course Title         CMP TYP GRD  ATT    EARN   GPA

CHM1045   CHM1040   GEN CHEM & QUAL ANAL  1       C   03.0   03.0   03.0

MAC1123   MAC1123   ALG/TRIG ELECTRON 1   1       W   03.0    0.0    0.0

Term Totals:   Att:   6.00; Ern:  3.00; For GPA:  3.00; Pts:    6.00; GPA 2.00

Cuml Totals:   Att:  52.00; Ern: 46.00; For GPA: 16.00; Pts:   57.00; GPA 3.56


FALL   1980-81 (19801 ) MDC      001506    BEGINNING 08/26/80  ENDING 12/18/80

Course    Equivalent

ID        Course    Course Title         CMP TYP GRD  ATT    EARN   GPA

MAC1142   MAC1140   PRE-CALCULUS ALGEBRA  1    T  W   03.0    0.0    0.0

PHY1002   PHY1004   PHYSICS W/APPLICTNS   1    T  W   03.0    0.0    0.0

PHY1002L  PHY1004L 

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