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Name : roger begley
Industry Type : electrician
City & State : waycross, GA
Job Title
Relocation Preferences : Specialty Contractors
Objective : PT. ST. LUCIE,FL
Resume :  
Roger d. Begley
141 Fairview ave. port saint lucie, fl 34983

Trying to obtain a position with a company that offers advancement within its employees, and helps employees further their education to better them, and the company they work for.
During 2008 cypress comm./affiliate of Comcast cable
West palm beach, Florida
Certified thru Comcast as tech #398 for cable, Internet ,and CDV installations
Also can run backhoes, track hoes, high lifts, mini lifts, bucket lifts, and mini excavators. experience in reading blueprints, and some isometrics
Work of experience
6-14-2010/ Current U.T.C Cargo Group of GA Electrician Supervisor :John Roland
2250 Industrial Blvd Waycross,Ga 31503 (912)285-8132 9.00 an hour
Run 12 volt wiring for wells cargo,and haulmark trailers and help with opt. trailers that require 110 volt wiring also with shorelines, panel boxes, recepts, switches, florescent lights ,etc.. . along with daily clean up of work area with also helping other departments that need help when is needed

3-1-2010 / 6-12-2010 Clayton Homes Plumber Supervisor : Leon Taylor
3350 Industrial Blvd Waycross,GA 31503 (912)283-6400
left due to lack of hours. 10.00 an hour.
Plumber on production line.Did build up of tubs, showers ,toilets along with insallation of tubs, showers, tiolets on production line with daily clean up of work area

End of 2009 to February of 2010 Cypress Communications/Affiliate of Comcast Cable tech #368
3201 Tuxedo Ave. West Palm Beach, Fl 33405 Supervisor : Jeff Vessa
Paid by the job . Left due to moved to GA .
Did installation of t.v., internet,and digital voice services that the customer requested along with customer service issues that arose during installs. Also started installing buss. Class services at this time . Did trouble shooting issues and maintained quality,professional service to my customers along with all customers that would stop and ask .Before moving on to my next scheduled customer with polite, courteous,and prompt service at all times.

Towards end 2008/beginning of 2009 Superior Plumbing Plumber
951 West 15th St. West Palm Beach, Fl 34404 (561)845-7660 Supervisor /Owner: Jeff
19.00 an hour Left due to Lay off due to not enough work
Did all phases of comm. Plumbing from ground roughs, second roughs, top outs, service calls, fixture sets, and water starts. Also laid out the job, ordered materials needed for the job, was job supervisor that ran 2 or more workers, dealt with job superintendents, and meetings, to handling M.S.D.S books, and OHSA safety meetings on the job

Middle of 2007/towards end of 2008 Cypress Communications/Affiliate of Comcast Cable tech#398 3201 Tuxedo Ave. West Palm Beach,Fl 33405 (561)640-9224 Supervisor : Jeff Vessa
Paid by the job . Left due to got back into plumbing
Did installation of cable TV, and internet for Comcast, also was a salesman that would try to sell more to the customer ,and fixed problems with the TV, and internet that the customer would have or helped the customer with questions the customer would have to help them understand to use the service they would have after installation was complete, and made sure customer was happy before I left ,and moved to next install with prompt, courteous, and polite service

2003/middle of 2007 South Park Plumbing Plumber Supervisor : Jason
4405 S.E. Dixie Hghway Stuart 34997 (772)287-2548
Did all phases of new construction residential, remodel, service, light light comm. Plumbing. Which consisted of lay out, blueprint reading, then ground roughs, top outs, fixture sets, and water starts. Drilling holes for pipes to be put in, setting tubs, chipping up floors if something was out of the wall or roughed in wrong to make it right, stud guarding pipes that run through the wall testing PVC, and water lines for inspections. Digging up the foundation to put pipes in under the foundation, tieing in sewer lines, and water lines from city meters ,or wells. setting toilet, putting on shower trims with hand helds, and tub trims, and putting in lavatory faucets along with sinks, also putting in kitchen sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, and dish washers to ice makers. Also rough in shower valves, tub valves etc.
Nov.30 1999/8-19-2002 Also 5-02-2003/oct.25-20003 Ameritech Plumbing Helper/Plumber
Port Saint Lucie, FL (772) 879-0754 Supervisor/Owner : Mark White 6.50/15.00 an hour
Started out as a plumbers helper here at Ameritech and within a year applied myself to become a plumber and achieved .I did roughins for the first couple months, then moved on to learn top outs for a couple of months, with learning to read blueprints at the same time. Then moved on to learn sewer hook ups, and water line hook ups, and also learned how to set fixtures

South Fork High Stuart, FL
Did not graduate
Highest Grade Completed: 9th Grade
General Studies
PT. Salerno Elementary Stuart, FL
Did graduate
General Studies
Currently Attending O.T.C. Adult Education courses for G.E.D


John Willcoxson 772-528-4380 15 years Family Friend Stuart, FL
John Ahbrams 772-528-7481 10 years Old Co-Worker/Friend Stuart,FL
Joe Hazlip 217-652-6105 12 years Friend/Old Co-Worker Jerome,ILL
Joseph Shirley 772-361-3619 6 years Friend/Old Co-Worker PT. ST. Lucie,FL
Davey Carter 772-919-5061 10 years Friend Stuart,FL
Joshua Murray 770-862-0924 2 years Friend/Old Co-Worker Waycross,GA
Joe Hazlip 217-652-1429 12 years Friend Jerome,IL
Jason Grande 772-201-9520 7 years Friend PT. ST. Lucie,FL

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