Name : A Amer
Industry Type : Related Professions
City & State : Halifax - CANADA, NS
Job Title Marketing consultant
Relocation Preferences : 5000
Objective : Project manager / Cost control
& consultant engineer for:
1- Network Development OSP / Fiber
2- Control Systems - SCADA
3- Network planning and Design
4- Business development.
Resume :  

Senior Consultant Professional Engineer with 20+ year's experience in telecommunications industry planning , design, Implementations, marketing strategy and business development
S. Consultant Marketing Strategy for Home Business Unit (Marketing plan / Sales plan).
Business Development for telecom service products technical development and market evaluations.
Network strategic planning consultancy for integrated infrastructure for 3Y &1Ybreakdown plan.
Network Access Planning and Design for FTTH / FTTX projects and wireless 4G infrastructure plan.
Business development control to improve business performance and enhance profitability.
Senior Consultant business strategic planning for large scale integrated telecom business units.
Project Manager experienced in coordinating complex projects, assisting during the installation stage.
Providing E-E customer support during the warranty period.
Senior Consultant for Investment Strategy for Telecom Operators, acquiring or sharing opportunities, Investment Analysis, organizations, Policies, Processes, Procedures, Solutions, Technologies, Network Assets Information and perform SWOT evaluations.
Professional association: IEEE - chief Communications engineer - Mem. #02910651.
Registered as a Professional Engineer (BSEE)/IEEE CANADA/USA.
Extensive experience in project management for wireless and fixed lines projects.
Areas of expertise: Telecommunications, IT development, TV/ video and SCADA control systems.
Experienced in conducting field studies as well as preparing technical specifications.
Quality assurance according to International standards and safety regulations IS0.
Putting RFI/RFP technical proposals perform evaluation of tenders and projects cost evaluations.
Experience of data communications concepts for distributed processing control network.
Consultancy experience for Engineering design, project management and planning.
Ability to supervise hardware and software Installations, maintenance and systems analysis.

Telecom professional with demonstrated abilities in managing large complex programs. Employed versatile strategies to develop and implement new processes that meet program goals. Articulate communicator with strong negotiation skills able to elicit outstanding performance from diverse array of professionals. Proven track record of achievement in project management, strategic planning and IT Governance.
Engaged mostly with large accounts mainly in Telco, Private Industries and Public Sector, obtaining full appreciation from Customers and contributing positively to the good reputation of the firm represented.
Versatile, passionate, objectives-oriented and results-driven PM, able to build geographically diverse, multidisciplinary, motivated teams and provide clear direction for E2E Service tendering projects including market deployment activities, reducing implementation cycle time, Cost and Schedule Impact, Risk analysis, Recovery plan and facilitating the process to identify and remove obstacles.
Engaging, inspiring and motivating the Team Members and Vendors-Suppliers/Contractors to achieve results with focus on quality, cost efficiency, customer service and timely deliverable.
FTTH/ FTTX OSP Access network Projects, planning, design, Implementations and testing.
Media Triple Play, VoD & IPTV Service experience include Quality and process development.
Network Strategies Analysis; Business Planning & Technology Consultancy.
Enterprise Management; NGN Project Management / NGN Migration Strategy.
FMC / wireless core network architecture (UMTS HSPA) and NGN project operation management.
Marketing Strategy, market research & segmentations of telecom services VAS, IPTV, FTTH products
Video Content Strategy / Digital Media consulting / Service Management Experience.
Executive consultant for business development, Y-Y marketing / sales plan include business case studies cash flow, NPV, ARPU, Economical Solution and the Risk Management scenarios.
Program Change Management; Business Process Re-Engineering and Development.
Executive Consultant MEA and International. Perform business development and investments.
Project Manager for multi projects wireless, fixed lines and broadcast TV/ video service projects.
SCADA control systems and PMS - Power Management consulting.

July 2008 to September 2010: Saudi Telecom Co (2 years, 2 month)
Guide corporate strategies for the development and implementation of infrastructures in sales, marketing, benchmarks, research, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and administration.
Develop long term business strategy and key initiatives to deliver strategic revenue growth.
Planning and development of internal audit plans and reports, workshops for risk assessments.
Evaluating market conditions and customer retention data to create go-to-market strategies and plans.
Perform Y-Y HBU market plan, include new services management plan.
Analysis of business performance, core and secondary RGU (revenue generating unit), RPS (revenue per subscriber) growth, retention and churn and communication of recommended actions
Deliver strategic pricing structures by working closely with the Director of Business development to understand customer business drivers offering/services to enable the commercial team to win.
Create value for customer service (New Services Bundles VAS) and strategy G0 specifications.
Responsible for conducting special studies for senior management in such areas as market strategies, pricing effectiveness, financial planning , analysis and new business development activities.
Manage life cycle of existing products and collect them in Grand Father attractive packages with Enhancement, Campaigns and Special Offers as required.
Ensured high levels of quality appointments were made for New Business Consultants.
Involved in recruitment, training, script writing, people development and support.
Set realistic team & individual targets during one to one appraisals & discussions
Consistently motivated and monitored metrics and processes to achieve results
Attended internal & external national & international sales meetings & conferences
Contributed to data management and expansion of prospecting database
Segmentations and forecast as required. E-E testing, enhancements and improved time-to-market
Segmentation analysis, prices, possesses strong understanding of marketing and Sales.
Lead and direct B2B marketing communications, targets, focused on key customer segmentation.
Develop customer strategy, direct marketing, hospitality, exhibitions, events, promotions.
Increase profitability of existing products by adding VAS value to customers.
Actively pursue revenue objectives generated from selling the company's product offering to all size businesses with specific focus on larger enterprises.
Maintain high levels of professionalism as representatives of the company to the business community during all phases of customer contact from pre-sales activity to post-sales account management.
Prospect for new business, cold and warm lead generation to create 10 new appointments per week.
Work closely with management to offer feedback as to necessary process enhancements as it relates to protecting the revenue of the company include support sales & technology training for sales team.

July 1999 to July 2008: Saudi Telecom Co Network Development Sector, ND, (9 years)
Senior Consultant OSP Projects Manager (Planning, Design and Implementations)
Consultative sales process, responsible for meeting and exceeding assigned sales objectives and monthly revenue quotas by calling on new prospects and building existing customer relationships.
Perform NSP network strategy planning for ACCESS network include FTTX & FTTH projects.
Perform Business plan, planning guide lines for ACCESS network include FTTX & FTTH.
Study Mega Projects, Smart Cities, Economical Cities and Industrial Zones and make solutions comparisons and cost analysis to extend the telecommunication services on demand.
Develop of Integrated OSP Network Strategic Plan (NSP) for all for Fixed Access Network including ITU/IEEE Standards checking, Network Terminal Interface and Protocol.
Responsible for lead generation through prospecting and networking within the community.
Identify opportunities to provide solutions in the form of communications equipment, cabling infrastructure, video surveillance, maintenance, and network services.
OSP Cost Engineer experience in construction / maintenance / Operations - civil electrical telecommunications work with ability to plan, organize, budget, and monitor progress necessary to evaluate performance against plans.
Perform services forecast and consistently achieve monthly revenue quotas.
Actively work and provide follow up on all technician recommendation, testing and evaluating and issue KPI monthly reports for network performance.
Provide consultative sales approach; identify the business needs, issues, strategies and priorities of the customer to deliver a VAS/ VAB value-added business solution with quality QA/QC products.
Work closely with engineering staff to further develop the right solution for Key Account customers.
Maintain relationships and utilize the knowledge of manufacturer representatives and service providers
Effectively demonstrate products and related services in a professional and knowledgeable manner to key contacts such as IT and senior level managers
Prepared First STC Technical specifications, for FTTH GPON projects (RFP.) Shared with R&D.
Prepared First STC FTTH GPON planning and design model with business case study, NPV, CASH FLOW, Risk management. (Different scenarios) 20% / 30% FTTH / Dedicated port design.
Performed First STC planning and Design guide Lines for FTTH and OSP practice Implementations.
Prepare FTTX_MDU Fiber & Copper mix Designs and generate SoW, MOP and BOQ for different FTTH / MDU VDSL2 Vendors including OLT, FDT, FAT, ONT Single family units, Business Units, ONU units, with Fiber attenuation design and budget level.
Develop FTTH ODN and Drops Designs, civil works/cabling connectivity requirements.
Develop GPON ODN Designs, Feeders, Distribution and Drops, both civil and cabling connectivity requirements and generate SoW, MOP, Design plans and BOQ for different OSP methodologies.
Identify GPON OLT connectivity requirements for IPMPLS/NGN.
Performed GPON networks Acceptance Testing activities and commissioning of (PAT).
Lead First PRE-WIMAX planning and design model with business case study and business plan.
Project manager for STC KA data network projects.
FTTH / OPTICAL SOLUTIONS pilot project planning, design and implementations with E-E test.
Provide support and tasking direction to the project technicians and sub contractors.
Perform and projects support, planning, risk identification, change order, billing and payments.
Continuously update knowledge of business technology, competitive information and industry trends through self study in the form of computer based training, trade articles, web research and/or formal training as assigned by management.
With this knowledge, research customers and effectively pair our solutions with their business needs.
Maintain open line of communication with all parties to ensure service is provided on day - day basis.
Represent the company in the community by developing relationships with such organizations as the chamber of commerce, lead groups, trade associations, and other networking events.
Prepare FTTX_MDU Fiber & Copper mix Designs and generate SoW, MOP and BOQ for different FTTH / MDU VDSL2 Vendors including OLT, FDT, FAT, ONT Single family units, Business Units, ONU units, with Fiber attenuation design and budget level.
Upgrading projects : Fiber Optic Networks, ATM & IP DSLAM, Switching 5ESS & EWSD, RAN's, MSAN's, IP Switches, Ethernet Switches, WIMAX, CDMA 2001X and NGN, Multimedia Triple Play Services, ( DDN, LL, FR, ATM, IP, Ethernet), Video (BBTV, VOD, V. Conferences and IPTV ).
Develop FTTX GPON ODN Designs, Feeders, Distribution and Drops, both civil works and cabling connectivity requirements and generate SoW, MOP and BOQ for different OSP methodologies.
Perform GPON networks Acceptance Testing activities and commissioning of (PAT).
Supervise WLL/ MOBILE OSP / FIBER/ SDH transmission project in STC telecom central region.
Recent FTTH/ FTTX/ IPTV Project Manager Experience:
1.FTTH/ FTTX GPON supervision of ALU, Huawei, Ericsson, and Fujitsu projects OLT & OSP.
2.FTTX GPON Sales manager of ALU, Huawei, Ericsson, and Fujitsu projects ONT's/ wifi & MDU's, configurations, sales support for provisioning and business systems integrations test.
3.Perform FTTH planning & Design for Royal Commission Authority JALMODAH CITY OSP design for 14.400 customers mixed Residential and business (Feeders- FDT/ Distr. /FAT and Drops).
4.Perform FTTH planning & Design for Royal Commission Authority JUBAIL 2 INDUSTRIAL CITY OSP design for 40 Business Area Enterprise (Feeders- FDT/ Distr. /FAT and Drops).
5.FTTH GPON IPTV INVISION brand name - Marketing and Sales accent manager - Pilot projects.
6.NGN- SSW Huawei Projects & Pilot IMS (Alcatel/lucent - Cisco Ericsson) projects.
Other OSP /ISP / Upgrading Fixed & Wireless telecommunications Project Manager Experience:
1.Lead WIMAX -Redline & WILAN projects planning and design model.
2.GSM E4, 5, 6 Conversion project from Lucent to Ericson & Nokia Projects.
3.MSANs - X K. projects phase -1 &2 Multi Vendors GSDH, ADSL2+ / DATA projects
4.450 K. project phases -1 & 2 Multi Vendors RANs, ADSL projects.
5.Loop care Testing, System Projects to provide centralized Loop Testing (BB / NB) service quality.
6.Upgrading and new Fixed Line / Mobile and Data projects Multi Vendors and Multi Technologies as supervision installations, testing, handling over, review contracts, negotiation and closing:
7.TEP -6 / TEP-7 ( 5 ESS & EWSD ) switches project / HARSLU's and Fiber network projects.
8.Review all phases of planning, design and construction of preliminary project design concepts, schematics; drawings and specifications; calculations; alternatives and value engineering.

Jan. 1994 to July 1999: TARA / MTT, HALIFAX, N. S., CANADA ( 5 years, 6 months)
Telecommunications marketing, business development and technical consulting services.
Conducting field studies, technical research for Data Network regarding to applications.
Responsible for setting up a Software Training School to provide B2B solutions
Set up & developed on-site training centre from scratch to full operational capacity
Specify market requirements for current & future products.

Nov. 1992 to Jan. 1994: EPS. CONSULTING, - CAIRO, EGYPT (1 year, 6 months)
RFP & T. Specifications, ITU Standards, coordinate complex projects (for Power Systems).
Engineering design, Inspection, quality assurance of SCADA, PLC's, and DCS distributed controls.
Develop and maintain client relationships for major customers Projects, of SCADA development, 5 Dispatch centers, Power distribution. (RFI & RFP) Project Specifications Consulting Experience:
1.Putting technical specifications RFP regarding to CEDCC SCADA for Power distribution Project.
2.Putting RFP- CEDCC (Cairo East Distribution Control Center + Three LDCC + 10 SS + 459 DP).
3.Perform RFP technical specifications and design of data transmission / telecommunications projects:
4.Perform RFI and coordinate technical studies includes investigations and NPV feasibility studies.
5.Perform SCADA data transmission integrated design and supervision for installation and testing.
6.Supervise consulting design team for power utility Communications underground and overhead cables.
7.Provide RFP for Fault localizing system FLS, Interface with PLC, supervise installation and testing.
8.Putting RFP - ADCC (Alexandria Distribution Control Center) telecommunications updating project.
9.Putting RFP - SDDCC (South Delta Distribution Control Center) OH. Fiber optics & Microwave.
10.Putting RFP CWNGDCC (Cairo West Natural Gas Distribution Control Center) Radio HF/VHF.
11.Putting RFP Oil pipelines feeding Cairo west power plant generation, data trans. and interface project.
12.Putting RFP Natural gas data transmission, underground network for Cairo southwest consumers.

Jan 1991 to Nov. 1992 : LEEDS & NORTHUP, N. W., PA, USA (1 year, 6 months)
Supervision and testing of SCADA AlQassieem energy management project/S. ARABIA.
Coordination the projects for two power plants, 38 substations and distribution points.
Responsible to define scopes of work, roles, tasks, P&L, Contracts, resources and budget requirements.
Real Time software developments and entry of client database for power plant and substations.

Dec. 1983 to Dec. 1990: TABUK ELEC. CO, KSA (7 years)
Supervision of wireless, paging, PBX, TLEMETRY and SCADA project.
Coordination the projects for two power plants, 9 substations and distribution points.
Real Time software developments and entry of client database for power plant and substations.
EDP project: Establishing TEC billing systems and customer services management database.
Supervision of maintenance for switches, including EMS, call center and remote control centers.
Develop processes and procedures (Off - line mode / On - line operations)
FLS real time fault isolation and recovery and day to day maintenance activities.
System database and the customer applications database.
Graphic design (system picture configuration, client picture configuration).
Data communications protocol (LAN/ WAN networks, distributed database).
Design customer software programs (mixed Latin and Arabic numbers and text)
Design as built, SCADA hardware equipment / single line diagrams.
Hardware cabinet design inserting smart cards (DI,DO,A/D, AO,.etc).

Dec. 1979 to Dec. 1983: TABUK TV CNTER, KSA (4 years)
Video Content / Television Studio Production Manager- TABUK Television Center.
Operation Color TV signals switching, processing, Video Recording / tele-cinema devices.
Media mixing contents (Video tape recorders, telecinema devices, slide scanners, graphics, Video effects, FILTERS, Audio & effects and editing, Film industry and production, and video switchers
Video production and video processing signals, cameras (video and cinema) and maintenance.
Video tape recorders, telecinema devices, slide scanners, graphics effects and editing.

Jun. 1975 to Dec. 1979: TV & BR. UNION, CAIRO, EGYPT (3 years, 6 months)
Color TV systems projects (transmitters / antennas) projects.
Broadcasting L & M power transmitters - HF/ FM / MW (1 TO 100 kW) projects.
Microwave links projects (2, 4, 6, 8 GHZ), Maintenance/ .

Oct. 1971 to Dec. 1975: Ministries of Defense, EGYPT (4 years, 2 months)
Electronics, Telecommunications, Instrumentation's and Measurements.

Master of Microelectronics & Digital Signal Processing (DSP) (MSE.) - Cairo University Faculty of Engineering Communications & Computer Dept., Cairo University, Egypt Oct 1978 - Dec 1979.
Diploma of Computer Science, Programming Systems - Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt - 1976.
Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, Telecommunications, Bachelor (BSEE) - Ain Shams University, Egypt.1971
Post Graduate Studies - Network Management System NMS/EMS, Design, Data Network Configuration, Ethernet TR protocol, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) - Leeds& Northup, PA., USA. - 1989.

FTTH GEPON / Wave 7 optics, 2006.
FTTH GPON / Alcatel Lucent, 2006.
FTTH GPON / Optical Solutions, 2006
IPTV - CISCO , Huawei / ZTE,2008
VDSL2 - Ericsson, ALU, NS, Huawei,2008
CWDM - ALU, Huawei, NS,2007
CG. Ethernet - Nortel, ALU, NS, 2007.
Project Management Program, KSA,2006
WIMAX - Pre WIMAX - Redline & WILAN, 2005.
NGN- SSW - IMS (Alcatel/lucent - Cisco Ericsson), 2003.
Quality Control for Access Network , KSA , 2002
Generic Procedures & Project Management System , KSA , 2002
Planning & Scheduling, KSA, Lucent Technologies 2001.

Effective communication & planning skills.
MS Project Management Skills & Computer Skills.
Extensive skills in Prior sales or operations management experience with demonstrated ability to deliver sales, revenue, cash flow, EBITDA or profit result.
Demonstrated ability to identify, analyze and communicate key elements of strategic vision.

Experience years [Y]:
15 Years: Senior Consultant Network Planning, Design Access Network & Broad Band Services.
14 Years: Project Management, Telecommunications operations and maintenance administration.
10 Years: Marketing and business development for Video Content, IPTV / Digital Media Manager.

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