Name : Jeff Cobb
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Plainwell, Mi
Job Title None
Relocation Preferences : USA
Objective : To acquire a job in the energy engineering/auditing field
Resume :  

Jeff Cobb
Professional Portfolio

Table of Contents

Section 1- - Education Background
Section 2 Resume and References
Section 3- Professional Skills Summary
Section 4- Ferris HVAC Program Description

Jeff Cobb
317 Colfax St.
Plainwell, MI. 49080
Home : 269-350-7109 Cell: 269-204-6179
E-mail: 269jeffc[at]

Kalamazoo Valley Community College2006 - 2008
Associates Degree in H.V.A.C.R.
GPA 3.88
E.P.A. Section 608 Universal Certified
Ferris State University 2008 - 2010

Bachelor of Science: H.V.A.C.R. Engineering Technology
GPA 3.26
Deans List 2006 2009
Certificate of Appreciation Habitat for Humanity 2005
Certificate of Appreciation Realtor Flower Fest Committee2003 2005


Results-driven professional with a proven track record of success in sales, project management, and superior customer service
Demonstrated strengths and skills include:
Relationship BuildingDecisive JudgmentConflict Management
Team DevelopmentProblem SolvingInterpersonal Communication

RW LaPine Kalamazoo, MIMarch 2007 Sept 2007
HVAC Service and Installation Technician
Performed quality service and installation of H.V.A.C. systems.
Developed solutions to problems occurring during installation of new equipment.
Maintained excellent relationships with current and potential customers through superior customer service.
Ensured all work was installed to work scope outline and complied with state and local mechanical codes.

Boniface Heating and Air Conditioning Shelbyville, MIDec. 2006 March 2007
HVAC Service and Installation Technician
Performed quality service and installation of H.V.A.C. systems.
Developed solutions to problems occurring during installation of new equipment.
Maintained excellent relationships with current and potential customers through superior customer service.
Ensured all work was installed to work scope outline and complied with state and local mechanical codes.

Rivertown Painting and Construction -- Wayland, MI March 2005 Sept. 2006
Assistant project supervisor
Develop and maintain customer relationships.
Mediate conflicts between Management and customers
Develop and track a project schedule including trade manpower loading for the project
Inspect the jobsite on a daily basis for contract compliance, workmanship, and safety.
Follow-up on any required warranty work and maintain contact with owner to insure customer satisfaction.
Manage small to medium sized jobs with minimal supervision

Jeflin Real Estate
Realtor/ Property Manager Jan. 1998 March 2005
Developed solutions to problems occurring during Sale/Purchase of homes
Arranging financing and making sure all necessary paperwork was done in a timely matter
Prioritized jobs and managed time to meet workload and customer needs
Signing of leases and collection of rents for 23 apartments
Address maintenance issues and verify all work was done in a professional workmanship like manner
Attending and testifying at eviction hearings
Chair Regional Education Committee
Parker Hannifin Corp April 1983 Sept.1995
Machine set up
Developed solutions to problems occurring during milling of brass fittings
Verify and adjust complex tooling for milling machines
Shift leader for Statistical process control
Lead several cost reduction task forces

Joe Pacella - Associate Professor HVAC & R Department Ferris State University
608 Warren St. Big Rapids MI 49307
Cell 989-429-7199
Work 231-591-3586
Michael Korcal Associate Professor HVAC & R Department Ferris State University 608 Warren St. Big Rapids MI 49307 korcalm[at] Office 231-591-2626
Doug Zentz Dean of HVAC & R. Department Ferris State University
608 Warren St. Big Rapids MI 49307
Office 231-591-260
Familiar with:
ASHRAE Standards
Load Calculations
HVAC System Design
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Visio
Trace 700
Energy Audits
HVAC System Design
Auto CAD
DOE Energy Star Program
Carrier HAP

Ferris State HVAC Program Summary

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Engineering Technology curriculum is a two-year, upper-division sequence leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. Instruction is aimed at developing expertise in system and controls design, retrofitting, testing and adjusting, system balancing and building operations with microcomputer controls. Students learn up-to-date methods of identifying and performing efficiency evaluations on different types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems found in commercial and industrial buildings. They also learn methods of adjusting and balancing equipment for maximum performance. In addition to classroom study, students perform energy and HVACR systems analysis for West Michigan businesses and industries. An energy systems laboratory includes equipment, computers and instrumentation found in commercial or industrial buildings. The lab
includes a ten-ton variable air volume, four-zone system that controls cooling, heating and ventilation with computerized energy management.

Department Resources in the HVACR Program

Currently the HVACR department at Ferris State University enjoys some of the most comprehensive lab areas in the industry. With eight dedicated laboratories, students receive hands-on instruction in all aspects of HVACR equipment diagnostics and repair. Among the various pieces of equipment are oil and gas-fired furnaces, commercial refrigeration, residential and commercial air conditioning and
direct digital control (DDC) systems. Our department has one of the most advanced and complete DDC labs in the country. In addition, students receive instruction in fundamentals of electricity and learn refrigeration in our basic refrigeration laboratory. There also are areas for learning and practicing support skills, such as sheet metal, pipe fitting and soldering. Many of our labs contain integrated classrooms. Instructors are able to perform lecture and lab sessions congruently, without moving equipment or supplies. Lab demonstrations can be performed by the instructor as part of lecture, as well as during hands-on sessions. The HVACR department also has a dedicated computer lab for instruction in general and industry-specific computer functions. The lab is open for student use throughout the daytime and evening hours. Taking into consideration the above attributes, as well as the many not listed here,
it becomes easy to see why the HVACR department at FSU is among the most respected and advanced in the industry. Students leaving this program can rest assured they have received training in the most comprehensive HVACR labs anywhere.

Course Descriptions

ARCH 110 Introduction to Computer Graphics in Architecture
2 Semester Credit Hours
Students in this course learn development of architectural graphic concepts using microcomputer-based CADD (Computer Aided Design/Drafting) systems.

MATH 126 Algebra and Analytic Trigonometry
4 Semester Credit Hours
Analytic trigonometry and trigonometric equations, the j-operator, DeMoivres Theorem, nonlinear inequalities, applications of logarithmic and exponential equations and plane analytic geometry with polar sketching equations of higher degree, remainder theorem, factor theorem, synthetic division, rational and irrational roots of polynomials.

ISYS 204 Basic Programming
3 Semester Credit Hours
Basic programming language interwoven with logical problem solving and related computer concepts, in which basic can be used to solve varying types and complexities of problems.

COMM 221 Small Group Decision Making
3 Semester Credit Hours
Decision making and problem-solving in small groups. Students participate in groups and evaluate group functioning from the perspective of small group communication concepts.

ECON 221 Principles of Economics
3 Semester Credit Hours
Scope and meaning of economic principles basic to a free market economy. Equilibrium price formation and the efficiency of resource allocation in a market economy. National income accounting, determination of equilibrium national, income, recession, and expansion. Government policy toward economic fluctuation, unemployment and inflation. The role of money and banking in recession and inflation.

HVAC 312 HVAC Control Theory and Application
4 Semester Credit Hours
The study of control loop theory related to commercial and industrial comfort, process and safety applications. The course focuses on analog electronic and pneumatic control components and their systems used in new and existing installations. Lab exercises concentrate on control system operation and analysis.

MKTG 321 - Principles of Marketing
3 Semester Credit Hours
Introduction to the basic functions of marketing. Included as topics of study are: consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing planning, physical distribution, selling, promotion, retailing, pricing, wholesaling, purchasing, international marketing, and e-commerce.
RELG 325 - Eastern Religions
3 Semester Credit Hours
An introduction to the religions and cultures of Asia. In this course the emphasis will be on the study of Hinduism and Buddhism, their cultures and scripture; but other texts of sacred scriptures, and other religions of Asia, such as Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism

HVAC 331 HVAC Secondary Equipment Selection and Design
5 Semester Credit Hours
A study of water and air systems used in commercial and industrial buildings. Course emphasizes system design, equipment and component selection and selected problems and solutions. Instrumentation, testing and balancing will be emphasized for optimum energy conservation and maximum comfort.

HVAC 342 HVAC Load Calculations and Energy Codes
3 Semester Credit Hours
An examination of the layout and design of energy efficient combination systems (heating and cooling) found in commercial and industrial buildings. Complete heat loss and heat gain calculations will be performed both manually and through currently available computer software. Energy estimating methods will be studied and an analysis of an actual building conducted. State of the art equipment will be selected for maximum energy efficiency. Current federal, state and local codes and standards (as set forth
by ASHRAE) will be examined as they apply to HVAC systems.

HVAC 393 Summer Internship
4 Semester Credit Hours
Work experience in commercial and industrial HVACR settings. Ten weeks, minimum.

HVAC 415 HVAC Digital Control Systems
4 Semester Credit Hours
The study of digital electronic control of HVAC mechanical systems to maximize their operating efficiency in commercial and industrial applications. The layout, programming and operation of the building management systems are emphasized.

HVAC 451 Energy Analysis and Audit
5 Semester Credit Hours
The survey of utility rate structures, billing energy consumption and energy profiling of commercial and industrial buildings. On-site audit projects will report on recommendations to building envelopes, HVACR systems and control systems with regard to payback. Oral and written presentations are required in this senior project course.

HVAC 462 Primary HVAC Equipment Selection
4 Semester Credit Hours
The layout of state-of-the-art equipment and systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Emphasis is placed upon appropriate alternate energy sources with cost analysis and paybacks being performed.

HVAC 499 Commercial HVAC System Design
5 Semester Credit Hours
Given building architectural plans, appropriate software, codes and standards and owners requirements, students will select appropriate HVAC systems, conduct economic analysis, design systems and produce working drawings, specifications and control sequences for evaluation.

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