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Name : DonNelson
Industry Type : Journeyman Electrician
City & State : Salem, SC
Job Title
Relocation Preferences : Specialty Contractors
Objective : will relocate
Resume :  
I have ten years experience in the E & I field working on various oil refineries, pipe line, substations and power plants. The majority of my experience comes from working in the industrial construction field, but I also have experience in the commercial and residential fields as well. My strong points are conduit, terminating, calibrating, and point checks; trouble shooting various valves, level switches & controls, and transmitters, etc..


March 25 2010 - Present
Journeyman Electrician, Substations/CWWright, Landover, MD
Contact: Kenny Griffin (804) 514- 6692
Responsibilities include duct banking, cable trough cable tray, install cable trough cable tray, various conduit, installing and fabricating junction boxes, switch gear, control panels, wire pulls, and terminating/calibrating/troubleshooting.
Certified Operator of:
Skid steers
Digger trucks
Boom Trucks
Small Crane
Fork Truck

March 1 2010 - March 17 2010
Three week shut down outage, Journeyman Electrician, Paper Mill/Zachry Mansfield, La
Contact: Jay Wallace (318) 871 - 1324
Responsibilities include replace broken conduit and fittings, re-pulled and re-terminated wire, changed out motor and motor heaters, replaced faulty service gear breakers switches etc..

June 2009 - December 2009
Start-Up Journeyman Electrician, Zachry/Precision Alexander City, AL
Contact: Lenny Mollow (314) 276 - 3002
Responsibilities include wiring verification, point checks, calibrating and trouble shooting valves transmitters, level switches, M.O.V.s, worked with proph bus, etc.. When called for rebuilt various valves. I also reworked terminations, and conduit. Building stress cones.

Nov 2008 - May 2009
Journeyman Electrician, Turner Industries/Chevron Refinery; Pascagoula, MS
Contact Aaron Young 225-572-8033
Responsibilities include terminating, rework tubing, rework conduit, point checks, and instrument trouble shooting. Building stress cones.

May 2008 - Oct 2008
Journeyman Electrician, Turner Industries/Inserv Pipeline; Hattiesburg, MS
Contact Aaron Young 225-572-8033
Responsibilities include lead man over duct bank, grounding, fabricating cable tray, conduit, wire pulls, terminations, trouble shooting and start up. As several pipe line locations come to finish, was placed on commissioning crew to do various trouble shooting and reworks in order to sign off to customer. Building Stress cones.

Jan 2008 - Mar 2008
Journeyman Electrician, Thermon Heat Tracing/CHS Refinery; Laurel, MT
Contact Don Gadet 850-933-5340
Responsibilities include conduit, terminations, point checks and trouble shooting for heat trace system.

Jun 2007 - Jan 2008
Journeyman Electrician, Turner Industries/CHS Refinery; Laurel, MT
Contact Aaron Young 225-572-8033
Supervising grounding over whole job site which involved working with and around civil department and mill wrights. Installing and testing (test wells). Running conduit up and around vessels to lighting and instruments. Running conduit up and around pipe rack to and from cable tray to lighting instruments and motors. Occasional wire pulling through cable and conduits to instruments motor and lighting. Phoning and terminating in field with partner at junction boxes. Point checks and trouble shooting various instruments.

Apr 2007 - Jun 2007
Machine Operator, Hydro Aluminum; Belton, SC
Contact Heather Nelson 864-861-2122
Responsibilities include being line lead man over fabricating various aluminum products, properly packing and shipping to various locations for next process.

Oct 2006- Apr 2007
County Maintenance, Greenwood County Maintenance Department; Greenwood SC
Contact Greenwood County Maintenance Department
Responsibilities were to maintain county court house, library, health department, jail house facilities, treasuries office, etc... Wiring cameras and lighting.

July 2006 - Oct 2006
Journeyman Electrician, Turner Industries/ Coffeyville Resources Refinery, Coffeyville, KS
Contact Aaron Young 225-572-8033
Responsibilities were to terminate wires during the night shift. Moved to day shift after two months to complete high voltage wire pull and run occasional conduit, point checks and trouble shoot valves.

Nov 2005 - July 2006
Demolition Contractor, Railroad Services Of CSX; Lockport, NY to Charleston, SC
Contact Matt Ginn 864-556-9973
Responsibilities included demolition of old railroad communication lines and poles, and salvaging usable communication lines and insulators. Returning with rail crane and rail carriers to salvage communication poles was also part of my duty.

Sept 2004 - Nov 2005
Journeyman Electrician, PCE Constructors/Velero Refinery; Memphis, TN
Hired in as one of the first journeyman electricians on the job and then moved up to foreman of the lay down yard for electrical and instrumentation. I was also over storing pipe valves in numbered grids. Job duties included unloading and receiving inspection reports on all wire spools, transformers, motors, instruments, conduit and instrumentation fittings, conduit and instrument tubing, and cable tray. Logging of daily, weekly, and monthly megging and inspection reports on transformers and motors. I also supervised pick up and delivery to most efficient place for installation, and was over bagging and tagging instrumentation fittings for the pipe valves going off of blue prints. Managing ordering and delivery of materials. Receiving and inspecting material for electrical and instrumentation.

Jan 2004 - Sept 2004
Apprentice Electrician, Turner Industries/ NCRA Refineries; McPherson, KS
Contact Aaron Young 225-572-8033
Responsibilities include running conduit to lighting and instruments, pulling wire to lighting and instruments, and terminating wire and instruments. Learning high voltage stress cones.

Sept 2003 - Jan 2004
Apprentice Electrician, Infertec INC; Greenville SC
Responsibilities were repairing and terminating underground transformers, and underground splicing using cold shrink.

July 2002 - Sept 2003
Apprentice Electrician, CW Wright; Richmond, VI
Contact Donald Lilly 406-696-7946
Responsibilities were to build sub stations which involved ground grids, perimeter fence grounding, and cad welding courses. Installing switch gear, and occasional conduit and wire pulling. Terminating and trouble shooting instruments.

Dec 2001 - July 2002
Apprentice Electrician, Premier Electric,Fuji Film Plant,Greenwood SC
Job requirements involved running imc and EMT conduit, and pulling and terminating wire. Installing and terminating fire alarms. Installing conduit for indoor lighting wire. Terminating and learning to use 535 threader. Conduit bender operating on various sizes of conduit and using the one shot bender for the much larger conduit.

Apr 2001-Dec 2001
Precision Plus, division of GFP, Greenwood SC
Contact Mike Deadrou 864-229-2424
Hired in to replace manager for material control. Responsibilities involved working on inventory, ordering parts and material over computer, and receiving, inspecting, and properly storing away materials needed for processing. Coordinating shipments and material processing between other material control foremen in other branches of the company. Cutting shipping slips and logging material in and out that was coming in and out from companies and other two branches of Precision Plus for plating and processing. I was required to operate and perform daily operator inspections on various types of lifts such as: propane fork lift, diesel lulls and indoor crane.

Feb 1999-Mar 2001
Forklift operator and lumber tally inspection, Bailey/Clendenen Lumber Company, Ware Shoals SC
Contact Randy Allen 864-456-3494
Job requirements involved inspecting and tallying different types of wood, and operating an eight foot fork front end diesel loader. Loading and unloading dry kilns was also involved, as well as unloading eight foot packs of lumber from production line. I was the production line lead man. We received an award for product line record for most board footage run, inspected, and stored away in and eight hour shift.

*Previous commercial and residential electrical experience was obtained before the work experience I have listed.

Education/ License
*NCCR Courses
*Mechanical Drawing
*Skid Steer
*Man Lift
*Sissior Lift
*Indoor Crane
*Boom Truck
*First Aid/CPR
*GED Ware Shoals High School, SC

Trouble shooting controls, prophy bus, various valves, transmitters, level switches; point checks terminations, conduit and tubing rework, cosmetics, and can read P.N.I.Ds. Good and taking and giving direction and very pleasant to work with.

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