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Name : macegan
Industry Type : Executive
City & State : Morristown, NJ
Job Title any
Relocation Preferences : Energy Producers- Developers
Objective : any
Resume :  
Gregory Egan, Hydrogen and Alternative Fuel Technologist and Development Manager
Greg attended the Graduate School of Applied Science and Business at New York University. He has over 30 years of alternative fuel and cryogenic program development. Greg began his high-tech solar marketing and system design experience with Basic Energy Construction 1977-79 and at Ergenics (INCO) where he designed a stainless-steel solar collector. In 1981, Greg engineered a metal hydride hydrogen storage system for a hydrogen Airport Bus for Mitsubishi. Mr. Egan spent 10 years experience as marketing manager of Hydrogen Consulting Inc. (HCI) where he developed metal hydride alloys and storage systems for Industrial and NASA customers. In conjunction with other cryogenic experts, Greg developed hydrogen liquefiers, refrigerators, storage systems and other devices for NASA and DOD (AF Rocket Research Lab).

Mr. Egan recently held the position of Chief Technology Officer for Eden Innovations Ltd. (Ireland). His responsibilities included technical management, analysis of current and future technologies as well as strategic planning. With over thirty years experience in various technological industries, he spent four years in the solar industry where he designed and fabricated a line of stainless steel solar flat plate collectors. Additionally, he focused on metal hydrides, where Egan developed alloys for thermal compression and spent five years assisting in the development of a cryogenic self-contained breathing apparatus. Along with winning the NASA Technology Innovation Award, he was also the Principal Investigator in the Metal Hydride Compressor/Hydrogen Liquefaction System for NASA (KSC) and Metal Hydride Compressor/Refrigeration System for NASA (MSFC).

Professional experience:

Eden Energy, Ltd (Australia)2005- 10/2008

Eden Innovations, Ireland2005-10/2008
Director, Chief Technology Officer,

Hythane Company LLC
Littleton, Colorado2005-10/2008
Director, CEO CTO

Eden Cryogenics, Director2005-10/2008
Plain City, Ohio

Cryogenic Technical Services (CTS)2007-10/2008
Longmont Colorado, Director

Brehon Energy plc April 2004-2005
CEO, Director, Dublin, Ireland
Responsible for Business and Technology plan execution for Alternative Fuels Formulation,
Process and Distribution Company

Supercritical Thermal Systems, Inc June 2002 to April 2004
President, Director, Mead, Colorado
Responsible for Administration, Business Planning, Financing, Market Development and Strategic Partner SCAMP Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).
Aerospace Design and Development, Inc. June 1995 to June 2002
Executive Vice-President, Director Longmont Colorado and, Fryeburg, Maine
Strategic Planning, Business Development and Program Management for NASA, Navy and United Technologies Contracts.

Supercritical Technologies, Inc January 1994 to May 1995
President, Director Boulder, Colorado
Responsible for Administration, Business Planning, Financing, Market Development and
Strategic Partner formation for a startup with a cryogenic Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Hydrogen Consultants, Inc April 1983 to December 1993
Marketing Manager, Partner, Littleton Colorado
Responsible for Marketing Strategy, Business Development and Project Management of
Advanced metal hydride/hydrogen systems. Program Manager or Principal Investigator in many
NASA, DOD, DOE and industrial applications including hydrogen storage, refrigeration and
liquefaction systems. Authored eight publications regarding metal hydride applications and
Alternative fuels.

Ergenics (INCO Ltd.) August 1979 to March 1983
Product Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Wyckoff, New Jersey
Directed sales, promotion and development of metal hydride/hydrogen system products. Coordinated market research, new product development, and promotional literature. Performed the design, engineering, and manufacture for Incos stainless steel solar thermal collectors.

New York University-Graduate School of Applied Science Energy Science 1980-1982
New York University-Stern Graduate School of Business Marketing 1980-1982
Ramapo College of New Jersey BA Fine Arts/Architecture (Honors) 1973-1975
Ripon College, Ripon Wisconsin English 1969-1971
Selected Publications:
Egan, G., F. Lynch, R. Marmaro, and J. Fulton, Hythane: The First Step Toward Chinas Hydrogen Future. Proc. 4th Annual Clean Vehicle Conference and Exhibition, Beijing, China, November, 2005.
Egan, G., Toward a Hythane Economy. China Hydrogen Forum, Tsinghua University, May 2005.
Egan, G., Advanced Hydrogen Storage Systems. India Fuels and Lubricants Conference, New Delhi, India, May 2004.
Egan, G., and R. Marmaro, Final Report, Capture and Reliquefaction of Hydrogen Boiloff at NASA Kennedy Space Center. 1987.
Egan, G., F. Lynch, and R. Marmaro, Final Report, Metal Hydride Refrigerator. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, 1989.
Selected Patents:
Cryogenic Container and Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage System, US 7,305.836 December 11, 2007; Method and system for producing a supercritical cryogenic fuel (SCCF) 7,547,385,June 16, 2009; System and method for producing, dispensing, using and monitoring a hydrogen enriched fuel, 7,497,385,March 3 2009,

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