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Name : Junapet Geoscience
Industry Type : Senior Environmental Engineer
City & State : Irvine, CA
Job Title California
Relocation Preferences : Specialty Contractors
Objective : California
Resume :  
1123 Quail Meadow, Irvine, CA 92603
(949) 336-8676 Home; (508) 685-0608 Cell; hkacharya[at] US Citizen

Seasoned self motivated professional with twenty years of Project and Program Management experience in the application of geosciences to the design of energy facilities. Conducted investigations for the specification of ground motion, seismic design parameters. Estimated seismic design ground motion for 10 nuclear power plants, and 4 high dams, and other critical energy facilities in the US and abroad on both deterministic and probabilistic basis. Conducted investigations to comply with applicable regulatory requirements, under an approved Quality Assurance Plan. Prepared many Safety Analysis Reports and defended results before Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Managed seismological investigations & geophysical surveys for the screening, selection and characterization of a site for High Level Nuclear Waste Repository Project. Conducted investigations to estimate volcanic and tsunami hazards to power plants and high dams. Conducted research in geosciences on my initiative and published more than 50 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals.


Literature Review, Seismicity Data Analysis, Identification and characterization of seismic sources.
Computation of ground motion from application of ground motion attenuation relationships.
Estimation of seismic design parameters for power plants, on both deterministic and probabilistic basis, under applicable regulatory requirements.
Estimation of volcanic and tsunami hazards to energy facilities.
Preparation of safety analysis reports and presentation to clients and regulatory agencies for licenses.
Coordination of activities with clients, regulators, and other team organizations.
Familiarity with NRC regulations and Guidance Documents.


Examination of regional seismicity and tectonics for identification and characterization of seismic sources for many sites in US and abroad.
Development and Application of Ground Motion Attenuation relationship for the region.
Computation of ground motion on a deterministic and probabilistic basis for 10 nuclear power plants, and 4 high dams in U.S., Philippines, Mexico, Finland, Greece and Turkey.
Installation and operation of microearthquake networks for seismicity and tectonics studies.
Development of Site Independent and Site Dependent Response Spectra
Prepared several Preliminary and Final Safety Analysis Reports on seismological investigations for NRC.
Served as technical expert at hearings of national & international regulatory agencies.
Examined the influence of Plate Tectonics on the occurrence of great earthquakes.
Estimation of Tsunami hazard to coastal power plants.


Conducted Research, presented and published more than fifty scientific papers on seismological topics:

Seismicity and Tectonics of Philippines, Turkey and California.
Possible locations of large earthquakes in eastern United States.
Seismicity patterns in great earthquake rupture zones at plate boundaries.
Development of empirical ground motion attenuations relationships.
Estimation of maximum size of earthquake on an identified source.
Pattern recognition for locations of earthquakes in Philippines.
Microearthquakes and tectonics in Philippines and Texas.
Plate tectonics, seismicity and volcanic activity and tsunami generation.
Plate Movements and locations of geothermal fields.



Serve as Senior Environmental Protection Specialist and provide technical and management support to FAAs Environmental, Safety, and Energy Conservation and Seismic Safety Program. Assist FAA to comply with Federal, State and Local Laws and Regulations, and Union agreements. Implement national compliance program, develop and monitor regional program, Review national orders, SOPs.


Chief Seismologist for Deterministic & Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for nuclear power plants. Carried out seismological investigations for estimation of seismic, volcanic and tsunami hazards and for development of site response spectra for 10 nuclear power plants, 4 high dams, and other critical energy facilities in the US and abroad. Managed seismological & geophysical investigations for the site screening, selection and characterization of a site for High Level Nuclear Waste Repository Projects. Installed & operated Microearthquake Networks, reviewed literature, analyzed available data, and developed seismic history of the area. Acquired data, analyzed and interpreted data and integrated results with geological and geotechnical information. Prepared Safety Analysis Reports for national and International regulatory agencies. Conducted investigations under NRC approved Quality Assurance Plan.


A) Cost Account Manger - DOE's New Production Reactor Project, INEL, Idaho, 1990-1992
B) Project Geophysicist: DOE's High Level Nuclear Waste Repository Program 1978-1989
Conducted seismological and geophysical investigations, operated microearthquake network, integrated data with geological information and prepared several technical reports.
C) Manager, Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for 5 nuclear power plants shutdown by NRC.


Lockheed Martin Spot Award 2004 & 2001
Employee of the Year Award - 1997
Best Technical Paper Award - 1980, 1981


PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison. - Geophysics/Mathematics.
M.S. University of California, Berkeley. - Petroleum Engineering.
B.S. Indian Institute of Technology. - Geology & Geophysics


American Geophysical Union - Member
Seismological Society of America Former Member
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute - Former Member
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