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Name : luigiseta[AT]
Industry Type : Senior Architect / PM
City & State : New Port Richey, FL
Job Title
Relocation Preferences : Architects
Objective : FL
Resume :  
Luis Luigi Seta
7561 Salamander Dr.
New Port Richey, FL 34655
(727) 514-3820

Day-to-day operation of multiple projects including planning, architecture and construction administration.
Extensive experience in the client and project management fields.
Excellent background in facility design, construction, scheduling, and budgeting.
Successfully completed range of work of various scales and levels of complexity including Commercial, Residential, Historic Preservation, Aviation, Governmental and Environmental projects.
Supervised and completed more than 300 projects in less than five years with consistent profits of 15% +.

Senior Project Manager
ACI ArchitectsJan 2008 Oct 2008
Winter Park, FL

Senior Project Manager
Elements ArchitectsJul 2005 Dec 2007
Tampa, FL

Senior Project/Construction Manager
PBS&J Corporation Jan 1999-Jun 2005
Tampa, FL

Aviation and residential projects: FAA requirements planning, architectural
Cost estimates, construction documents coordination.
Negotiation of sub consultant contracts.
Management of all aspects of the construction phase: bid preparation,
Requests for information, change orders, application for payments,
substantial completion approval, warranties evaluation, wrap-up studies.
Airports: Due diligence requirements and governmental approvals assistance.
Interfacing with local planning, operating, finance, and legal organizations
to meet local requirements and create positive relationship with community
and civic leaders.
Institutional Projects: Organization of Requests for Qualifications and Proposals for CMs, CxAs, Owner Reps, etc., as per State Law standards. Implementation of non traditional project delivery methods.
Sustainable projects: Coordination using the LEED rating system.
Banking/Commercial/Governmental projects: Programming and phasing plans, architectural design, disciplines coordination, construction documents production. Facility Needs Assessment Reports.
Negotiation of sub consultant contracts.
Construction Administration Management: request for proposals, requests for information, change orders, application for payments, substantial completion.
School Boards: Due diligence requirements for Department of Education mandatory comments and design approvals assistance.
Substantial Completion and final approvals, warranties evaluation, as-built documents, wrap-up studies.

Architectural Project Manager
Alexander & AssociatesMar 1998-Dec 1998

Belleair, FL
Handled complete design and construction documents for the firms main client: The Dioceses of St. Petersburg.
Project recognized at the 1998 AIA-Tampa Bay competition.
Director of Architecture

Colon Opera House
Buenos Aires City GovernmentJan 1990-Jun 1996
Buenos Aires, ARG
Developed and implemented historic preservation and maintenance programs for this Argentine National Historic Landmark.
Managed design and construction of historic preservation projects, renovations and new projects for this 250,000 SF facility.
Recommended and implemented security and technical updates for out-to-date facilities.
Coordinated a number of high profile city projects.

B.S. Major in Architecture / Master in Architecture Degree
University of Buenos Aires, ARG - NCARB Certified

Registered Architect, New Jersey - NCARBSince Jun 1982
Registered Architect, BA ARGSince Jun 2008



Central Police Station / Maitland - FL Sr. Project Manager for this 17,000 SF sustainable facility that will provide functionality, durability, operational and maintainability to its operations. This has been accomplished through using Police Department industry standards on spatial relationships, security, environmental considerations and working very closely with city staff and the Police Department for guidance and approval. With regard to durability, operational and maintenance considerations it was diligently and carefully balancing life cycle cost with level of quality of materials during this phase of work.
The architectural aesthetic belongs to the early Modernist Style that is identified by its spatial organization and expression of urban modernity. Its simplification of forms, devoid of unnecessary details, confers the building undoubted values of true dignity, to be easily recognized by the community. Construction cost: $5.3 M. Architectural Fee: $ 325.000.

DJJ, Polk Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Polk City - FL Project Manager for the roof remediation of all five buildings on campus, providing a Facility Needs Assessment Report and Construction Documents for the implementation. Construction cost: $1.5 M. Architectural Fee: $ 125.000.

Wachovia Bank - FL Project Manager for a number of branch locations throughout the State, providing architectural services for Relocation of Branches, Re-Staking of Departments, Programming and Phasing plans, Architectural design and Construction Documents. Typical project construction cost: $ 0.5 M to $1.0 M.
Hyatt Hotel Oystercatchers Restaurant Tampa Project Manager for this flagship $3.0 M renovation, coordinating a large design team with consultants from San Francisco to Chicago. Services included the production of construction documents and construction administration. Architectural Fee: $ 110.000.
Zip Orlando Wine Bar Orlando Designer for this elegant and contemporary place, which follows the every day explosion of Wine Bars across the country. $200 K renovation, including the production of construction documents.
South Florida Community College Avon Park Campus, FL Project Manager for the renovation and new construction of four campus buildings, involving the creation of a new Administration Building from two existing buildings and renovations to Administrative Support and Corporate Education buildings. Construction Cost: $ 2.2 M. Architectural Fee: $135.000
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority / Tampa International Airport, Remote Parking Garage, Administration Building Project Manager, serving as consultant to Gresham, Smith and Partners, involving the architectural design of the Administration Building. Services also include Construction Administration. Architectural Fee: $150,000. Construction cost: $1.3 M. Total Cost for whole project: $30 M
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority / Tampa International Airport, Car Rental Parking Garage, Administration Building Project Manager, serving as consultant to Alfonso Architects, participating on this Airport project involving the architectural design of the Administration Building, Customer attention areas and relocation of existing areas in the Landside Building. Services also include Construction Administration. Architectural Fee: $110,000. Construction cost: $1.5 M.
School District of Hillsborough County / Classrooms For Kids Project Project Manager for this multiple location project (5 sites) to provide 78 permanent classrooms additions. Services also include Construction Administration. Architectural Fee: $750,000. Construction cost: $10.5 M. Total Cost for whole project: $36 M
School District of Hillsborough County / Franklin Middle School Renovations and Gym Addition Project Manager for this general renovation project and also to provide a 7,500 SF new Gymnasium addition Services also include Construction Administration. Architectural Fee: $350,000. Construction cost: $8.5 M.
University of South Florida / Main Campus Street Numbering and Fire Lanes Project Manager for Life Safety project to provide new street signage and Fire lanes design to comply with the latest code.. Services also include Construction Administration. Architectural Fee: $100,000.
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority / Netpark and Northwest Transit Centers Project Manager, serving as a consultant to TBE Group for this transportation project to provide architectural design to two transit centers. Services also include Construction Administration. Architectural Fee: $350,000. Construction cost: $8.5 M.
Federal Aviation Administration / Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, Residential Sound Mitigation Program, Sarasota, Florida Architectural Project Manager for this 300-home project. The residential sound insulation program is provided to the homeowners, in exchange for an avigation easement, which is a perpetual right-of-way granting the free and unobstructed flight of aircraft directly and diagonally above real estate, as well as the right to cause in the airspace certain effects inherent in the operation of aircraft, and includes protection against other conditions that may adversely affect airport operations. Architectural Fee: $1.8 M. Construction cost: $15 M.
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority / Tampa International Airport, Residential Sound Mitigation Program, Tampa, Florida Architectural Project Manager for this 20-home project. Fee: $ .35 M. Cost: $1.0 M.
Sarasota Manatee Aviation Authority / Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport / Maintenance Facilities Complex. Project Manager for this facilities complex that will include a 35,000 SF maintenance building with a phased expansion and a 10,000 SF Administration building. Architectural Fee: $.8 M Construction cost: $ 9 M.
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority / Tampa International Airport,
Air Rescue and Firefighting Facility (ARFF).
Project Architect for this facility. It is a 27,000 SF state-of-the-at complex that houses 10 firefighting vehicles in a drive-through design directly accessing the TIA aircraft apron system. The building accommodates 12-15 full-time firefighters with offices, training/conference rooms, kitchen, dining area, individual sleeping rooms, and locker rooms. To meet the firefighters fitness needs are met with a gym, sauna, whirlpool, and a racquetball court have been incorporated into the design. Architectural Fee: $.5 M. Cost: $ 5 M.
US Army Corps of Engineers / Grafenwoehr Military Community, Germany. Provided professional architectural design services to bring 5 existing facilities in compliance with new planning standards.
Highwood Properties, PBS&J Office renovation. Project Architect for the renovation of the PBS&J Tampa office that required architectural design and production, interior design, existing conditions documentation and project management of electrical, mechanical and fire protection engineering. The construction phasing of the project was critical as all 300 employees needed to stay in operation in order to meet client schedules. Area: 70,000 SF. Cost: $ 3.5 M.
Main Headquarters Office Building, Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida Architectural Project Manager for this new 45,000 SF executive office facility serving as the new pastoral center and corporate offices. Cost: $5,000,000.
Porcelli Law Offices Building, New Port Richey, FL. Project Architect for the entire renovation of this 7,000 SF warehouse building renovated to office use. Cost: $ 550,000.
Brandau Office Building Renovation. Holiday, FL. Project Architect for the entire renovation of this 8,000 SF building converting a depressed structure in a new office use for a marketing and graphic design company. Cost: $650,000.
Kompos. Italian Furniture Showroom, Miami, FL. Project Architect for the renovation of this 4,000 SF warehouse space renovated to a new showroom for this Italian furniture company. Cost: $650,000
FDOT District Headquarters Bartow, Florida. Project Architect for a separate childcare facility designed to serve the parenting needs of the FDOT staff. And children from the surrounding community. Cost: $500,000.
Sarasota County, Florida. High Point Park, Sarasota. Design and production of architectural construction documents for several distinct structure types. All facilities are designed in a similar park vernacular reflecting the Old Florida character of this group. Cost: $ 3,000,000.
Argentine Contemporary Art Museum, Exhibition Rooms, and Building Facades "Eduardo Sivori," Buenos Aires Government, Buenos Aires, Argentina Designer and Project Manager for the Architectural lighting project of this 11,000-square-foot facility. Cost: $150,000.


Relocation and rehabilitation of two historic residential structures. West Tampa Florida Department of Transportation. Hillsborough County, Florida. Architectural Project Manager for this community sensitive historic preservation project related to the widening of the I-275 commuting corridor. Architectural Fee: $ 310,000. Tampa Preservation Inc. Award.
Documentation of historic structures. West Tampa Florida Department of Transportation. Hillsborough County, Florida. Documentation of numerous historic residences following the stringent Historic American Building Service standards.
Reconstruction of Backwater Creek Bridge. Florida Department of Transportation. Hillsborough County, Florida. Architectural consultant for the historic reconstruction of the bridges facades.
Restoration of historic facades of the Colon Theatre Opera House. Buenos Aires Government. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Architect of the record for this $ 2,000,000 project.
La Inmobiliaria Apartment Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina Architectural project manager for this historic restoration project of the twin cupolas. Cost: $280,000.


University of Saint Leo, Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Retrofit, Saint Leo, Florida. Provided architectural services for the retrofitting of selected campus buildings for use as hurricane shelters for the community. Architectural Fee: $ 250,000. Cost $ 1,500,000.
Manatee County Government, FL / Lena Rd. Landfill, Access Road, Scale and Scalehouse Project Manager for architectural and engineering services for approximately 5,000 linear feet of new main access road, truck scale additions, and the construction of a 3,000- square-foot scalehouse. The design includes educational facilities for tours by the general public and the county school system to promote conservation and recycling. Cost $ 3,000,000.
Manatee County Government, FL / Southwest Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant - Maintenance Building Project Architect for this county facility. Estimated cost: $ 4,500,000


South East Plantation Resort, Lands End Village, Captiva Island, Florida. Project Manager providing architectural and construction administration services on this hurricane remediation project that includes the retrofit of 17 apartment buildings (68 apartments) and amenities for this upscale resort. Fee: $ 800,000. Cost: 8,500,000.
Saltbay Village Apartment Building Renovation.
City of N. Miami Beach, FL
Project Architect for this 14-apartment building renovation. Construction cost: $ 2,500,000.
Collins Ave. Condominium Building. City of Surfside, FL
Conceptual architectural design for this 20-appartment building. Estimated construction cost: $ 4,500,000.
Social Housing, Buenos Aires Government/Union of Apartment Janitors, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Managed the architectural services for this 2,400-home project as well as the public relations between the Buenos Aires Government and the Union Workers Association.
Workers Village, Casa de Piedra Dike, Tri-Province Entity, Buenos Aires, La Pampa and Chubut Provinces, Argentina Performed the construction management for this 500-industrialized-home project.
Washington St. Apartment Building. Buenos Aires, Argentina Architect of the record and technical direction for this 75,000. SF, 36 apartments / 7 stories building. Cost: $ 8,500,000.
High-rise Apartment Building. Santa Fe Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina Architect of the record and Technical Direction for this 46,200SF, 74 apartments / 14 stories building. Cost: $ 13,200,000.
Residence for an Opera Director. Punta del Este, Uruguay. Architect of the record and technical direction for this 4,000 SF, $ 1,000,000 residence.


Jury for the RB360 International Design Competition (Round Building), Orlando City Hall FL, The Nils M. Schweizer Fellows, Inc.
Member of the FL Board of DOCOMOMO/US (Documentation and Conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the Modern Movement)
Member of the Design-Build Committee, AIA Tampa Bay
Member of Central Florida Modern. Non-profit organization with a goal to promote awareness and seek the preservation of Central Florida's exceptional mid-century modern architecture.
Tampa Preservation Inc., University of Tampa
Award for Architectural Achievement on the Relocation and Historic Restoration of the 1917 West LaSalle residence, Tampa
AIA Tampa Bay Chapter Design Awards
Main Office Building, Diocese of Saint Petersburg
Exposed at Tampa Bay Museum of Art
Imago Magazine Publications, Tampa, USA
The Pleasure of Design, Oct 2002
Learning from Kitsch Land, Nov 2002
Look Up! Look Out!, Dec 2002
Coln Opera House, Buenos Aires City. Open Competition, First Price
Designated Director of Architecture, 1990 1994
Sociedad Central de Arquitectos - Buenos Aires
Lecturing Postgraduate Course of Interior Design, 1989 - 1996
Crossroads 93 - Chicago USA, AIA National Convention, UIA XVII Congress
Recycling our Buildings Preservation and Sustainable Conservation
Total Quality Management (TQM) and Partnering for Project Success
V International Architectural Biennial of Buenos Aires
Member of the Jury of the VASA BLINDEX Architectural Competition
CV Cablevision Channel Buenos Aires
Diseo con Seta TV show about design and architecture, 1999 - 2002

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