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Name : Kenneth Nelson
Industry Type : Construction Manager
City & State : Howell, NJ
Job Title
Relocation Preferences : Building Owners
Objective : Not at present
Resume :  
Kenneth Nelson
18 Mendon Drive Howell, New Jersey 07731

The McCloud Group, LLC Project Cost: $6 Million 2007 2008 Project Manager: I was responsible for the construction of a new Municipal Complex located in the Township of Hammonton, New Jersey. This structure is a three story 25,265 sq. ft. building which is structured to serve as the Town Hall including the offices for the Police Department, Municipal Court, Tax Collector, Tax Assessor, The Construction Office, The Town Clerk and the Mayors Office. I was responsible for the daily administration of the contract which includes all phases of construction activities, the scheduling of all contract inspections, the coordination of the review process by the Architect and Engineer, review of all contract required submissions and review and approval of the contractors application for payment request. I scheduled and conducted bi-weekly construction progress meetings with the architect, engineer, mayor and building committee members. I initiated the change order process for review and approval. I maintained construction daily report logs and tracked the construction CPM schedule and advised the owner of any contract delays.
The project was delivered on schedule. Cost over runs for out of scope work was minimized. Cost of all additional work was less than of 1% of the project budget.

English Craftsman Inc. Jackson, New Jersey Project Cost: $130 600,000 2005 - 2007
Superintendent of Construction: I was responsible for the coordination and reconstruction of residential home renovations located in central New Jersey. My duties included the application of building permits, controlled inspections, material delivery and the supervision of all construction by EMP trades for each individual project. I scheduled construction progress modifications as requested by the owner. All projects were completed on time and within budget.
Worked with the home owner to correct architectural problems and design issues.
Himber and Associates Project Cost: $7.2 Million 2003 - 2005
Superintendent of Construction: I was in charge of the renovation to the religious Temple, the building addition to the existing school and the construction of a new two-story structure. My duties included the daily administration of the contract, and the coordination with the contractors, scheduling all inspections and required testing of materials and the review of the quality of the contractor's performance. I also scheduled with the engineer and the architect proposed changes and kept daily records of the construction progress. In addition, I had to obtain permits from the city agencies and review with the agencies the scheduled contract work. I also reviewed the construction progress schedule weekly and advised the contractors of the status of their work in relationship to the contract progress schedule.
The Project was delayed due to existing soil contamination which was discovered on the work site. I initiated containment measures which minimized additional cost and project delay.
LeFrak Organization, Queens, New York Project Cost: $160 Million 1995 - 2002
Superintendent of Construction: I was the superintendent for the construction of commercial and residential high-rise structures and parking garages located at Newport City in Jersey City, New Jersey. My duties included the review of construction shop drawings for mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors and the coordination with the architect and engineer for the timely review of construction change orders initiated by my office. My responsibilities also included the review and approval of the contractor's construction schedule and conducting job progress meetings in order to maintain the construction schedule, inspected the contractors daily work progress and resolved any construction problems between the working trades. I supervised and inspected the installation of the electrical contractors primary and secondary power supply to the high-rise structure and scheduled and installed the secondary back-up generator to service the structure, and reviewed the composite MEP drawings for utility problems. I maintained a field office, initiated daily construction reports and records of construction progress. I reviewed and enforced the construction safety plan in accordance with OSHA regulations. All projects were completed successfully and on time.
Increased production activities and phasing operations. Constructed the high-rise structure in 11 months rather than the scheduled 15 month cycle Project was delivered 6 months before the scheduled delivery date.

Lehrer McGovern Bovis, New York, New York Project Cost: $80 Million 1991 - 1995
Project Manager: This was an eighty million dollar renovation for the NINEX Corporation located in Manhattan. The scope of work required the renovation of 27 existing office buildings in order to accommodate the new telecommunications expansion in the city. My duties required the removal of existing walls, suspended ceilings, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work and the reconstruction of these office spaces in accordance with the architectural plans and the client's modifications. I reviewed the electrical, mechanical and plumbing plans and shop drawings with the contractors, and if additional work was required, I initiated change orders for the review by the architect and engineer and discussed manpower changes in order to maintain the project schedule on time. I conducted job progress meetings weekly and delivered the projects on time and below budget.

This project was a fast track renovation project. Twenty-two buildings were delivered early to the client. All projects were delivered below projected budget

Health and Hospitals Corporation:
Project Cost $42 Million Seaview Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home: The construction of a new two story structure. The rehabilitation of existing structures and the installation of a new 14.2KV power supply to service the existing facility.
Harlem Hospital Center: Rehabilitation of office area and the installation of a new HVAC system.
Albert Einstein Hospital: The rehabilitation of the resident housing complex.

Vollmer Associates, New York, New York Project Cost: $16 Million 1985 - 1991
Major Projects: Health And Hospitals Corporation The construction of a new emergency facility located at Kings County Hospital Brooklyn N.Y. The rehabilitation of other facilities such as Lincoln Hospital, Jacobi Hospital, North Central Bronx Hospital and Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Center located in the borough of the Bronx, N.Y.
All Hospital projects were delivered as per the project schedule.
I resolved construction issues and minimized additional project costs.

Metrotech, Brooklyn - Consultant to the City of New York Sewerage Authority.
Construction Manager: This was a major sewer rehabilitation project for the City of New York... In lieu of new sewer replacement, the existing sewers were rehabilitated utilizing the INSU FOAM LINER METHOD. This method of reconstruction provided the sewerage authority a huge savings in their sewerage rehabilitation program. The administration of this contract consisted of providing daily reports, review of the contractor's procedures in conformance with the City of New York specifications. The scheduling of field inspections for the new sewer lining installed utilizing a video tape recording system. Providing a video tape record of all existing sewers rehabilitated utilizing the liner method.
Sewer Lining Method - Budget cost savings to the City of New York 4 Million dollars. Project time saving of construction of new sewers 72% of design cost estimate.
The Newport City Development Project and the Newport City Shopping Mall. Project Cost: $26 Million
This project consisted of new construction of all infrastructure utilities for the future usage by Newport City Development Corporation located at Jersey City, New Jersey. I supervised and inspected all newly constructed storms, sanitary and combined sewer systems. I was responsible for the inspection and testing of all low and high-pressure water mains constructed at Newport City. I supervised the construction of a new regulator chamber, which provided relief to the existing Jersey City storm sewer system. I was responsible for the supervision of new roadways and viaduct bridges, which were constructed to service the new development at Newport City. I also maintained daily records of construction activities, supervised a construction field office and scheduled all contract required tests and inspections. I coordinated and supervised other consultant firms associated with ongoing work at Newport City.
The project was delivered to the client on time and within budget
Deleuw Cather and Company Chicago, III. The North East Corridor Improvement Project Project Cost: $800 Million 1975 -1985
Resident Engineer: As consultant to the federal Railroad Administration, my duties required the inspection of all tie renewal operations from Grundy Pa. to New Rochelle, New York. I performed all daily contract administration and reported to the FRA all manpower assigned to ongoing operations and inspected all welded rail operations. I supervised the construction of a new building at Sunnyside yards for the purpose of truing railroad engine wheels. I inspected the construction of new security fencing located along the railroad right of way. I supervised the replacement of existing catenary towers located at various locations along railroad properties. I inspected the rehabilitation of the existing drainage system along the railroad right of way. My responsibilities were also to maintain field records on the construction progress of Amtrak and the approval of all payments for scheduled work completed. I received the Golden Spike Award from R.M. Parsons for delivering this project below budget and before the schedule completion date. I was the only construction manager to receive this award.
All operations were completed on time and within the allowable cost budget.

Second Avenue Subway, New York, New York
Utility Coordinator: I was responsible for the design and coordination of maintaining existing utilities and the upgrade of those utilities after the subway section was constructed. I supervised the drafting department, which developed the reconstruction and realignment utility drawings for the City of New York, Department of Transportation.
Resident Engineer: I was responsible for the removal and relocation of utilities located between 2nd and 9th streets on Second Avenue, in preparation for the proposed subway. I coordinated with the New York City Transit Authority for the underpinning of existing buildings and the excavation of the proposed subway. I reviewed the contractor's traffic and pedestrian safety plans and their implementation with the New York City Transit Authority for their approval. My duties also included the maintenance of a field office with staff, the scheduling of the delivery of structural steel, reinforcement materials and the placement of concrete. I maintained daily reports of site activities, the review of shop drawings for processing to the engineer and architect, and conducted construction progress meetings with the contractors and advised them of their status in regard to the construction progress schedule. All work was completed in accordance with the contract plans and specifications

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