Name : Raymond Kuhlmeier
Industry Type : Design Build Firms
City & State : Prosper, TX
Job Title Project Management Asssociate
Relocation Preferences : no relocation
Objective :
Resume :  


Program & Project Management / Budgets & Cost Control / Environmental & Industrial Remediation / OSHA / Risk Control & Mitigation / Compliance / Process Improvement / Cross-Functional Training / OCPSF

I executed complex capital, environmental, manufacturing, and construction projects on time and within budget. I developed cost estimates and supporting rationale, preparing proposals and action plans that ensured regulatory compliance. My leadership includes streamlining management processes and protocols, containing costs.

Known for my personal integrity and accountable leadership style, I directed projects to meet short- and long-range objectives with optimum efficiency. Partnering with operations, finance, quality control, purchasing, safety, environmental, and other departments, I effectively coordinated all phases of diverse engineering projects.
Initiated, planned, designed, procured, and installed a diverse range of capital projects.
Implemented new process capabilities and evaluated product viability.
Worked cross-functionally with management teams, setting priorities and strategic alignment.
Focused on productivity improvements, containing costs.

An expert in project management and adept in diverse manufacturing operations and environmental / OSHA compliance, I resolve crisis situations surrounding complex technical and management issues. I coordinate teams, meeting ambitious development and manufacturing schedules. My BSME is from Duke University and I am a Project Management Institute certified PMP.


Revamped program, delivering $25M Dow Chemical wastewater plant project on time. Assigned to project to improve plant capacity. Investigated alternatives, established scope, and started only to have project focus change mid-way. Adjusted plan, improving efficiency of entire plant. Contained costs and completed within budget.

Saved $250K and improved environmental impact. Upon further investigation of drainage project, identified acceptable opportunity to reduce overhead expenses for excavated soil. Developed, proposed and gained environmental action plan approval for industrial solids placement along same route. Prevented site flooding issues.

Drove multi-plant compliance. Company faced potential shutdown. Spearheaded efforts ensuring OCPSF storm water regulation compliance. Maximized efficiencies, using multiple design teams and equipment across 18 process plant areas, bringing operations into code compliance. Met deadline, establishing foundation for future program success.

Identified solution for capital project, saving 30% in project cost. A site in a hurricane zone was unable to secure funding for creation of a shelter that doubled as a security and emergency operations center. Advised leadership of alternative options, obtained contractor bids, and spearheaded construction.

Prevented plant closing. Solid emissions from CPE fluid bed drier cyclones resulted in organization receiving warning to resolve in two months. Consulted engineering department who said temporary solution could not be completed in time. Evaluated, proposed temporary solution, and led team, installing large ductwork and wooden box scrubbers. Eliminated emissions and completed ahead of deadline.

Researched primary ingredient for product viability. Specialty roofing product required risk assessment. Evaluated ongoing liability, enlisted aid of SMEs, and compiled supporting documentation. Proposal to continue production supported by senior leadership and report recognized for thoroughness.


Project Management Associate, Dow Chemical, 2002 to 2009. Promotional assignment as focal point for introducing Dow project work process to former Union Carbide Corp site with concurrent project management responsibilities. Performed initial training, mentoring, while directing up to $22M projects.

Project Superintendent, Dow Chemical, 1994 to 2002. Assigned to Site Services project management team, developing and implementing training collateral for Dows work process. Established engineering, maintenance, construction, and operation protocols. Managed up to $20M in projects annually.

Earlier for Dow Chemical: Project/Environmental Supervisor, Vinyl 2 Plant. Project Manager, Environmental Operations Wastewater Treatment Plant. Production Supervisor, Chlorinated Polyethylene Plant.


As a Dow Project Manager I was held accountable for all aspects of every project and expected to deliver the intended benefits, safely, on time and within budget. The following describes the typical activities performed:
Identify and secure all resources required.
Develop scope through consultation with environmental, safety and loss prevention, construction, maintenance, operation, engineering, procurement, financial, administrative, and security personnel for approval by business sponsor.
Ensure compliance with all government and company rules, regulations, and procedures.
Produce a project plan.
Provide information for and approval of schedules and estimates.
Secure funding and authorize expenditures.
Monitor and control project performance (safety, environmental, quality, scope, cost, and schedule) and provide regular project reports.
Acquire, organize and provide oversight of the project management team.
Manage the design, construction, and start up.
Close the project including formal acceptance of business, delivery of asset records, closure of purchase and work orders, customer evaluation, and archiving of records.


The projects listed below met or exceeded all performance expectations except as noted.

2006-2008 $5MM Hurricane Shelter
This 9,000 sq ft, 2-story, poured in place concrete, brick veneer, piling supported, building, was designed by an architecture firm for 200 mph winds and a 13 ft flood surge. The building was built to commercial standards except for a few Dow electrical standards that were adhered to. In addition to office, restroom, kitchen and storage space, the building included state of the art security dispatch and emergency operations centers, with simultaneous, multiple, TV channel viewing capability and multiple communication platforms. A diesel generator with automatic transfer was also installed. Installation of all utilities and communication cables from site distribution tie points was included.

2005-2007 $5MM Visitor Center
A design/build contractor was employed for this project. It was designed and built to commercial standards. A 35,000 sq ft, 2-story, metal building with brick veneer and supported by piling was constructed. Installation of all utilities and communication cables from site distribution tie points was included, as was a lighted concrete parking area for 200 vehicles, a 400 ft asphalt access road, and landscaping.

2005-2007 $7MM Tank Truck Staging and Inspection Facility

A design/build contractor was employed for this project. A 10.5 acre, lighted, concrete parking and inspection area for tank trucks was constructed. 4 metal canopied inspection bays with modal platforms for truck dome access, a 2,400 sq ft concrete block building with metal roof, 2 weigh scales with 2-way speakers, perimeter security fencing, and spill containment isolation valves were also provided. Piling was required for the weigh scales, modal platforms and canopy. Installation of all utilities and communication cables from site distribution tie points was included.

2004-2006 $10MM Tank Truck Loading Facility

This EPC firm designed, fully automated tank truck loading facility for 23 chemical products, included 3 loading bays with modal platforms and weigh scales, as well as, key infrastructure components for a future bay. Other features included a metal canopy with lightning protection; installation of all product pipelines, vent lines, utilities, and communication cables from site distribution tie points; climate controlled operator room; concrete block motor control center and computer building; concrete entrance and exit ramps; fire protection water/foam system; spill containment sump and pump; product line emergency control valves and pigging stations; portable level alarm instrumentation and sampling devices; off-loading capability; electrical grounding with adequate ground indication; emergency shutdown capability; PLC with vendor assisted programming. Piling was required for the weigh scales and canopy. In addition, management of product tie point installations, line preparation for service, and putting product lines in service required intense planning with operations personnel to prevent safety or environmental incidents, or, shipment delay.

2003-2006 $22MM OCPSF Storm Water Collection

Compliance with Organic Chemicals, Plastics, and Synthetic Fibers government regulations drove the implementation of, and schedule for, this project. It included the segregation, collection, and transfer for treatment at the sites water treatment facility, of all storm water contacting process areas. 17 process areas, representing 9 businesses, were affected. Grading, concrete paving, and curbing were utilized for segregation. Storage requirements were accommodated with a 10mm gallon tank and recommissioning of a former treatment basin. The tank was equipped with a floating roof and bottom leak detection and, supported on a ring wall foundation. The sites existing sump pump instantaneous capacity was increased by 25,000 gpm, requiring installation of pump systems, modification of control schemes, and, in some cases, power distribution upgrades. Over a mile of carbon and stainless pipe, ranging from 12 to 24, for the site collection headers alone was installed. This project also required consulting for the development of a storm water pollution prevention plan and responsibility for implementation of, and conformance to, the plan. An EPC firm and Dow Engineering Services provided the design for this project.

2002-2003 $2MM Training Building Modernization

Approximately 6000 sq ft of a building was renovated to provide larger rooms, upgraded flooring, ceilings, lights, furnishings, state of the art video and audio capabilities, a new kitchen area, new restrooms, and a lobby area. The air handling and temperature control system was also upgraded. An architecture firm provided the design.

1995-1998 $10MM Vinyl Chloride Reactor Capacity Upgrade

This project involved installation of new vinyl chloride process equipment to increase capacity. Titanium reactors designed for a new catalyst system, an additional fin fan cooling exchanger, and computer process control programming were involved. The existing steel structures and piping were modified to accommodate the new equipment. While construction was in progress, a business decision to utilize the reactors at another site caused the project to be shut down. A new management plan was developed identifying the extent of new construction to be completed to maintain its safety and integrity, storage and maintenance of all delivered equipment, and what purchase orders to cancel. A cost for completed construction was negotiated with the contractor through consultation with Dow procurement, construction and estimating personnel.

1995-1998 $7MM Vinyl Chloride Column Modernization

Two existing columns and associated piping were replaced with improved process capabilities and materials of construction. Some existing steel structures and piping were modified to accommodate the new equipment. One column was an 8 x 50 titanium vessel and the other a 10 x 24 Teflon lined vessel made up of 4, 6 sections. The installation was coordinated with a plant turnaround.

1989-1992 $25MM Waste Water Treatment Train

This project installed a Uhde GmbH biotower for biological treatment of process waste water. It was the second application of this technology for Dow and its first in the U. S. The technology combined a biological reactor and clarifier in one vessel which required piling support. Other vessels included 3, 5MM gallon floating roof tanks with recirculation mixers, bottom leak detection and ring wall foundations. Also provided were plate and frame exchangers, air compressors, pumps, motor control center building, electrical substation gear, process control computers, spill containment concrete wall, and 2000 of underground effluent polyethylene piping.

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