Name : sircurtis
Industry Type : Electrical Contractors
City & State : Bakersfield, California
Job Title Certified Journeyman Electrician
Relocation Preferences : California
Objective : I have the desire to become a Master Electrician. I would like to work for a company that appreciates my education and experience in the Electrical field and allows me to futher my knowledge.
Resume :  
Curtis E. Hubbard
5205 Brockton Court
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Phone: (661)832.3684 or cell (661)333.6608
E-mail: hubbardc-g[at]

State of California Certified JOURNEYMAN Electrician
Over 19 years experience in the electrical field.
I am proficient in the installation, repair, and trouble shooting of electrical systems & circuitry.
Thorough knowledge of NEC/Cal OSHA codes and regulations. Certified in Best training, CPR, Pass- Port and industry Safe Work Practices. A working knowledge of Electrical Schematics, Plans, Prints, Red Lining, One Line Diagrams, and Loop Drawings. High-Med-Low voltages, Protective Relays, Circuit Breakers, and Instrumentation Calibration Techniques. Servo Drives- Proximity Switches and Photo Eyes. Experienced in supervising the installation of industrial electrical plant requirements and executing upgrades, repairs, and maintenance on electrical systems.

Job Title: Electrician Certified JOURNEYMAN (Industrial)
Employer: ESI (Electrical Systems and Instrumentation) BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA
Dates: 12/07 to 6/09

I implemented electrical installations at various Oil field & Energy facilities. Installed, troubleshot, and repaired all electrical circuitry utilized in an electric/steam cogeneration facility. Examined project plans, prints and electrical drawings, to ensure myself and team members performed work at contractors/operators specification. Troubleshot, installed, and /or repaired, switchgear, feeder circuits, branch circuits, transformers, panel boxes, 120/240/277/480/4160-voltages, motors, control circuits, VFD's, PLC's, relays, breakers, disconnects, lighting, switches, conduit, wire sizing, cable trays, underground raceways and outlets. Utilized my knowledge in Cal OSHA / NEC codes, and regulation, and practiced safe work techniques to do all work at industry standards.

Job Title: Electrician JOURNEYMAN (Industrial)
Employer: Langers Juice Plant BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA
Dates: 1/05 to 11/07

Inspected companys existing circuitry and brought systems up to industry code standards. Created installation of electrical needs for newly implemented lines and electrical services. I executed the installation, repairs, and maintenance, on various electrical circuitry, equipment and systems. Performed daily PMs on electrical services and equipment. Ordered parts/materials and kept inventory of materials needed for existing and future electrical issues. Troubleshot, installed, and /or repaired, feeder services, branch circuits, transformers, panel boxes, 120/240/480/voltages, motors, control circuits, VFD's, PLC's, relays, lighting, switches, wire sizing, conduit sizing- bending, outlets; for company's Industrial buildings.

Job Title: Electrician JOURNEYMAN (Commercial)
Employer: Advanced Resource Solutions BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA
Dates: 8/03 to 12/04

Responsible for installing electrical services for newly constructed commercial buildings (mini-malls). Studied building plans & prints for installations desired for needed services. Ensured all electrical work was performed to blue prints and Architects specifications. Made changes to circuitry routing when initial prints showed route to be unfeasible. Installed underground raceways,120/240/480/voltages gutters, transformers, cable trays, lighting, MC cables, switches- Wired dedicated services for- gas station pumps and security systems.

Job Title: Electrician JOURNEYMAN (Industrial)
Employer: Golden State Metal BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA
Dates: 5/01to 8/03

Installed, repaired, and executed maintenance on various electrical circuitry, equipment and systems. Supervised & carried out upgrades on electrical circuitry for companys out-coded industrial buildings. Troubleshot, installed, and /or repaired, service entrances, feeder services, branch circuits, transformers, panel boxes, 240/480/277voltages, motors, control circuits, VFD's, PLC's, starters, breakers, relays, lighting, switches, and outlets. Created dedicated circuits for welding machines, grinders, and other industrial equipment. Installed electrical services for conveyors, box crushers, and specialized sorting and cutting machinery.

Job Title: Electrician II (Industrial)
Employer: Grimmway Farms, BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA
Dates: 1/98 to 5/01

(Break-down) Electrician! Part of a team that managed company's electrical problems and issues during peak production periods. Performed troubleshooting and repairs of industrial systems & circuitry. Completed all repairs & installations in a timely manner to ensure task was done with the least down-time possible. Employed skills in motor control circuits to find fast solutions to issues concerning motors. Installed/programmed PLC's, VFD's, control panels, conveyors, conduit, outlets, proximity switches, photo eyes, HOA switches, receptacles, & lighting.

Job Title: Electrician
Employer: Patco Oilfield Service BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA
Dates: 4/94 to 11/97

Responsible for the inspection, upgrade, and repair, of oil field-related electrical equipment. Performed troubleshooting techniques on company's computerized systems and electrical circuitry. Installed or supervised the installation, of all companys electrical/electronic systems, lighting, services, and equipment. Installed conduit and wiring for company's new electrical equipment and utilities.


Knowledgeable in Industrial-Commercial-Residential & lower voltage disciplines.
Experienced in wire sizing & conduit bending.
Skilled in main, feeder, and branch circuit, calculations.
Capable of circuit trouble shooting at the component level.
Over (14) years managerial experience.
Proficient in all tools & test equipment needed for electrical troubleshooting, repairs, and installation.
Tool Usage: meggers, meters, benders, threaders, tuggers, oscilloscopes & much more.
I work well with others, but an expert at working alone with minimum supervision.

Vocational Electronics Certificate #30830 GPA 4.00
Vocational Computer Repair Certificate GPA 4.00
Vocational Office Machine Repair Certificate GPA 4.00

Attending Penn Foster College (Electrical Engineering Technician) GPA 4.00

Certified By: State of California: (Certified Journeyman Electrician) certification number 138283.
Certified By: International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians, (ISCET) no. AC34990.

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