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    Name : Mark Napolitan P.E.
    Industry Type : Engineers
    City & State : Grosse ile, MI
    Job Title Consultant, Project Manager
    Relocation Preferences :
    Objective :
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    • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI                                  1985

    Licenses and Certifications:

    • Professional Engineer (Michigan No. 39909)

    Professional Summary:

    Mr. Napolitan has over 30 years engineering experience in various environmental engineering and construction capacities. He has served as a project coordinator, senior project engineer, project manager, and project engineer on a multitude of projects throughout the United States that involve expertise in the following areas: plant closure; investigation; feasibility design; remediation;  waste management & disposal; corrective action;  USTs; construction contractor oversight; contracts; commercial real estate due diligence; quality management; common processes; system design, project scheduling; and budget control.

    Mr. Napolitan has been involved in a project management role as an engineering consultant for industrial clients, contractors, legal counsel, and engineering consulting firms in all aspects of site investigation and remediation for state and federal programs, large industrial facility closure, waste management, and due diligence. A summary of his relevant project experience is summarized below.

    Work Experience: 30+ Years

    Professional Engineer Contractor / Consultant, Apex Enviromanagement, Inc., MI               1994 to Present

    • Facility Environmental Decommissioning & Demolition including waste disposal & recycling

    • State-equivalent CERCLA / Superfund Sites (investigation and implementation)

    • RCRA Corrective Action (Midwest US)

    • RCRA Hazardous Waste Training, Management & Disposal

    • Toxic Substance & PCB Training, Management & Disposal

    • Commercial Due Diligence: Phase I & II ESAs, Michigan BEAs, PCAs, & CNAs

    • Brownfield Redevelopment throughout the U.S.

    Senior Project Manager / Coordinator, Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Boca Raton, FL                   1992-1994

    • Federal Superfund Sites (investigation and implementation)

    • RCRA Corrective Action (Southeast US)

    • RCRA Hazardous Waste Disposal

    • State Leaking Underground Storage Tank Programs

    Senior Project Manager, ERM South, Miami & Boca Raton, FL                                                 1991-1992

    • Commercial Due Diligence: Large Phase II Investigations

    • Brownfield Redevelopment throughout the U.S.

    • State Leaking Underground Storage Tank Programs

    Office & Project Manager, ATEC Associates, Miami, FL                                                               1989-1991

    • Commercial Due Diligence: Phase I & II ESAs

    • State Leaking Underground Storage Tank Programs

    Project Engineer, Chester Engineers, Ann Arbor, MI & Skokie, IL                                             1986-1989

    • Facility Environmental Decommissioning & Demolition

    • RCRA Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal

    • Toxic Substance & PCB Management & Disposal

    Professional Football Player-Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, & Toronto Argonauts               1985-1987

    Relevant Project Experience:

    Industrial Facility Decommissioning / Closure: Project Manager for environmental decommissioning of over 25 large industrial facilities after cessation of production activities to properly prepare the property and improvements for sale ‘as-is’, strip-out, or demolition. These activities, conducted throughout the United States, involved implementation of decommissioning assessments, determination of decontamination criteria, preparation of specifications and bid documents, oversight of decommissioning contractors, and preparation of final decommissioning documents.

    Hazardous Waste / RCRA: Project Manager on turnkey design and construction management of Interim Corrective Measures (RCRA closure) systems in the State of Kentucky and Florida. Mr. Napolitan acted as Project Coordinator on RCRA closure of a HWMU that involved in-situ stabilization and solidification of the HWMU and installation of a final cover in Florida, as well as a Project Manager for Closure and Post-closure care as part of a RCRA Part B Permit Closure involving design and implementation of a SVE / LNAPL / groundwater recovery system in Florida. Mr. Napolitan was also involved as Project Coordinator for oversight of environmental consultants and contractors for Permit Closure of four HWMUs in the State of Connecticut.

    Mr. Napolitan has been involved for over 20 years with waste characterization, waste profile preparation, management, disposal facility selection, waste disposal and transportation cost analysis, and procurement of large industrial client Hazardous and Universal Waste streams during facility decommissioning as well as part of production activities.

    Due Diligence: involved in the preparation and review of due diligence reports for over 1,000 commercial property transactions including retail, office, industrial, multiple family residential, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities through preparation of Phase I & II ESAs, Property Condition Assessments, Tax Credit Capital Needs Assessments, Construction Progress Monitoring, and Michigan Part 201 Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEAs) and 7a Compliance Analysis (Due Care Plan) for conduit lenders, HUD (Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide Chapter 5), Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, insurance carriers and real estate financial services. He has been involved in a project management role as an engineering consultant for industrial clients, contractors, legal counsel, and engineering consulting firms in all aspects of site investigation and sale for large industrial facility throughout the U.S.

    State Superfund Programs: Project Coordinator representing PRPs in the States of Michigan and New York on several sites involving lead, petroleum distillate, PCB, LNAPL and hazardous waste in contaminated media including watershed and sewer sediments, soils, LNAPL, and groundwater requiring assessment, risk assessment, subsurface remedial activities, stabilization, and TSCA/ hazardous waste compliant landfill construction.

    PCB Management: Project Coordinator of engineering consultants and contractors involved with assessment, investigation, decontamination activities, and response activities for a large industrial site in Eastern U.S. that discovered PCB impacts to a NPDES discharge. Source areas included soils, groundwater, sediments and free oils in sanitary, storm water, and industrial wastewater sewers. Project involved determination of likely source areas and designing a program to reduce PCB loading on discharge through design of sewer decontamination activities, sewer abandonment, modification to site drainage, treatability design, filtering applications, storm water modeling, and in-situ slip-lining and cured-in-place sealing of impacted sewer systems.

    Quality Management/Common Process Development: Project Leader involved in conceptual design, preparation of guidance documents, specifications, training, and implementation of a Plant Closure Common Process for a large industrial client. The process was comprised of the three major components: i) Plant Closure Common Process document; ii) compilation of corporate policy, environmental regulations & guidance, and ASTM Standards; and iii) generic Specifications to execute all assessment, remediation, and decommissioning activities.

    Underground Storage Tanks: Project Manager on multiple petroleum-contaminated sites under several RPs and state funded clean-up program.  Duties included all facets of investigation, construction, O&M, and interaction with regulatory agencies. Lead design engineer that was involved with a UST closure and fuel oil to gas retrofitting of emergency generators for a municipality and a UST Closure and large boiler fuel oil to gas conversion project for a county school board.


    Publications & Presentations:

    • Balba, M, Blickle, F, Coons, D., Lin, M, Napolitan, M., and Weston, A, Pilot Demonstration of Chemical Oxidation Treatment for TCE-Contaminated Groundwater, The Third Annual Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Monterey, California, May 2002.

    • Blickle, F, Gibbons, R & Napolitan, M, Statistical Methodology for Assessment and Corrective Action Monitoring, The Second Annual Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Monterey, California, May 2000.

    • Blickle, F and Napolitan, M, Chemical Oxidation Treatment of HVOC-Impacted Groundwater Source, The Third Annual Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Monterey, California, May 2002.

    • Blickle, F & Napolitan, M, Plant Decommissioning Common Process Guidance Document, 1998.

    • Blickle, F.W., Gibbons, R.D., and Napolitan, M.R., General Approach and Statistical Methods for Assessment, Investigation, and Corrective Action Sampling Programs, 2000.

    • On-site training of contractors to support compliance with site SPCC Plan and RCRA Contingency Plan Training compliant with requirements of 40 CFR 265.16 (RCRA Personnel Training) during environmental closure of two automotive plants.

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