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Name : Ivonne Canez
Industry Type : Marketing Director
City & State : San Antonio, TX
Job Title
Relocation Preferences : Architects
Objective :
Resume :  

Ivonne R. Canez



Aug 1994- May 1999

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

ITESO, Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX.


My goal is to be part of a company where I can apply all my skills and and professional experience in which I could keep growing.


  • Developing and managing all kinds of projects.

  • Working with a team and to be in contact with clients and consultants.

  • Keeping my mind open and enjoying every part of it. 



  • Spanish

  • English


Software Knowledge & Experience


  • AutoCAD

  • Sketch up

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe In Design

  • Adobe Flash

  • Microsoft Office

  • QuickBooks


General Skills

  • Multitasking, have good management and teamwork skills and can work well under timelines

  • Highly adaptable and able to accept changes in the work environment and to rise to new challenges

  • Artistic sensibility, knowledge about design elements, such as color and composition

  • Strong ability to work alone or as part of a team

  • The ability to effectively present ideas both verbally and visually

  • Well organized in order to meet deadlines and stay within a budget

  • Strong problem-solving skills and love a good challenge

Professional Experience


05.15.2016 / Present – Smith & Company Architects

San Antonio, TX. 78205

Position: Director of Marketing and Business Development


  • Identify opportunities, present capabilities and gain commitment from prospects leading to current and future revenue

  • Interact with customers frequently, using my skills to help with sales, create a pleasant and clean environment, and making sure clients and customers enjoy their experience.

  • Analyze market trends, implications and develop strategies to participate in resultant opportunities.

  • Stay tuned to market and competition, participate in trade events, conferences, customer forums and provide inputs to the practice teams towards developing contextual offerings that will help differentiate us in the marketplace

  • Joining related conferences and symposiums that will extend the reach of the business

  • Serve as the point of contact for sub consultant project pursuits. Gather and send requested data to prime firm as appropriate.

  • Assist in various administrative tasks in the Marketing department in support of other members of the team.

  • Preparation and production of proposals, presentations and marketing material.


02.01.2012 / 05.13.2016 – Gomez Vazquez International-GVI

San Antonio, TX. 78232

Position: Project Manager


  • Preparation of architectural plans, elevations, sections, and detail sheets

  • Preparation and administration of construction document

  • Meeting with the project leader or manager to understand all vital aspects of the particular project.

  • Develops and maintains a detailed project schedule which includes administrative tasks and all sites involved in the project.

  • Ensuring that all team members understand the scope of the project as well as what they are individually responsible for.

  • Making schedules of team meetings and coordinating the same with other members.

  • Compiling and maintaining interim project reports and minutes of meetings.

  • Communicating relevant information to all team members, such as change in schedule dates, changes in the project’s requirements, unexpected hitches etc.

  • Coordinating activities with vendors and suppliers and maintaining relationships with them.


06.01.2009 / 01.30.2012 – Freelance

San Antonio TX. 78216

Position: Freelancer


  • 07.04.2011 / 09.30.2011 CDS 

Designing the Template and 20 Posters for the American Society for Surgery of the Hand Convention

  • 08.20.2010 / 01.30.2013 Maid Squad

Branding and Website Design

  • 07.21.2010 / 09.27.2010 CDS 

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