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Delek US Holdings is a diversified downstream energy company with operations in three primary business segments: petroleum refining, logistics and convenience store retailing. Delek US is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee and employs more than 4,000 people across the eight states. The Company has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 2006 under the ticker symbol "DK".

Niche Refining Operations
The Refining segment operates 140,000 barrels per day in combined production capacity at refineries in Tyler, Texas and El Dorado, Arkansas.

Steady Logistics Segment
The logistics segment gathers, transports and stores crude oil, as well as markets, distributes, transports and stores refined production in the southeast US and west Texas. These operations support the refining segment and third parties. The logistics segment consists of Delek US ownership in Delek Logistics Partners, LP, (NYSE: DKL), which is a growth oriented master limited partnership. Additional information regarding Delek Logistics Partners, LP is available at Currently, Delek US beneficially owns 62.4 percent (including the 2 percent general partner interest) of Delek Logistics Partners, LP.

Market-leading Convenience Store Operations in the Southeast U.S.
The Retail segment markets gasoline, diesel and other refined products through a network of approximately 362 company-operated fuel and convenience stores located in seven states under a number of regional brands, including the MAPCO Express, MAPCO Mart, East Coast, Fast Food and Fuel, Favorite Markets, Delta Express and Discount Food Mart brand names. Our convenience store operations were recently ranked among the 20 largest company-operated convenience store chains in the United States.

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