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Holtec International: a global leader in power generation technologies.

Holtec International, a Delaware corporation, is a global turnkey supplier of equipment and systems for the Nuclear, Solar, Geothermal and Fossil Power Generation sectors of the energy industry. The company is recognized as the world leader in the technologies to manage used Nuclear Fuel discharged from nuclear reactors, and as a provider of capital equipment and services to commercial power plants.

Holtec International's goods and services are rendered through five operating divisions, namely;

Power Plant Components Division (PPCD)
Nuclear Power Division (NPD)
Manufacturing Division (HMD)
Technical Services Division (TSD)
Nanotec Metals Division (NMD)

In addition, Holtec's Power Plant Components Division is allied with Air Cooled System and Technology (ACST) of San Diego, California to assist in the development and marketing of Air Cooled Condensers.

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