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7.8 Megawatts - 40+ Projects - $35.0 Million of Related Asset Value

Solar Renewable Energy (SRE), a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Corporation, was formed in January 2010 as a result Mr. Berrys long-time association with ParenteBeard, a well-established public accounting firm. Collectively, SRE has financed, developed and installed 40 solar energy systems, 28 of which have been completed generating over 7.8 megawatts total output. These solar systems comprise about eight percent of all new solar energy output in Pennsylvania since 2009. With an asset value of $35 million, SRE is a driving force behind new solar energy generation throughout the mid Atlantic region of the United States.

SRE delivers innovative solutions for financing, development, construction and operation of solar renewable energy systems throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

SRE has quickly become one of the regions largest solar energy investors, developers, operators and renewable energy credit aggregator / brokers. We deliver cost-effective solar energy solutions for commercial, healthcare, senior living retirement, governmental, agricultural, and public utility customers with emphasis on effective ownership structures, long-term energy savings, financial returns and minimal out-of-pocket investment.

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