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SPI offers a unique approach to the deployment of efficient and environmentally friendly photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for commercial and utility applications.

SPI is a leading vertically integrated photovoltaic (PV) solar developer that designs, engineers and constructs complete PV

solar energy facilities (SEF). The company develops SEFs to provide onsite electricity production for industrial and commercial enterprises. It also develops utility-scale SEFs to provide electricity to power grids serving vast areas. The Companys business strategy is to work as a vertically integrated solar developer to design, engineer and construct high-quality, low-cost turnkey photovoltaic SEFs for these business segments.

Through its vertically integrated supply chain, SPI is developing PV solar SEFs that are custom-designed to meet the financial goals and energy requirements of customers ranging from commercial /industrial facilities to multi-megawatt utility-scale installations feeding electricity to power grids serving vast geographical areas

As a vertically integrated solar project developer, SPI controls its supply chain through procurement to post-installation operation and management of the systems it designs and builds. This level of control enables SPI to deliver solar system configurations with components that have been designed and validated to work optimally together. The companys value-engineered system approach enables SPI to meet system design requirements while delivering highly efficient electric power output and a lifetime of reliable performance. In addition to manufacturing, the company assists with system financing and executes the engineering, procurement and construction of its systems. The Company also offers management services for the completed power plants through long-term operations and maintenance agreements.

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