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Broadview Energy Limited is a small independent developer of onshore wind farms in the UK. Including the Hill of Fiddes project in Aberdeenshire which is now operational, Broadview has seven projects with a potential installed generation capacity of 60 MW.Broadview was established in 2003 by its management team who, collectively, have over 60 years experience in the development and financing of a wide range of energy generation technologies. This experience allowed them to recognise the attractiveness of wind energy and its ability to generate clean, sustainable and reliable electricity.Broadview focuses on small projects, typically between two and ten turbines, as they provide greater flexibility in site selection, simpler grid connections and less visual and other environmental impacts.As a renewable energy company, Broadview cares deeply about the environment and it does everything it can, to take into account, the needs of people, animals, birds and natural habitats in its work.

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