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AZZ Incorporated is a multifaceted enterprise providing products and services to global industrial markets with an emphasis toward the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power.

AZZ Energy is the leading provider of specialized products and services designed to support industrial, nuclear and electrical applications. Offering some of the most technologically advanced solutions and engineering resources developed from a legacy of proven, reliable product options, AZZ Energy is ideally positioned to meet the most challenging application-specific demands to ensure safe, productive facilities.

AZZ Galvanizing provides hot dip galvanizing to the steel fabrication industry through facilities located throughout North America. As North Americas Largest Galvanizer, our vast network of facilities adequately positions us to serve a variety of industries and applications. Hot-dip galvanizing is a metallurgical process in which molten zinc is applied to a customer's material. The zinc bonding renders corrosion protection to fabricated steel for extended periods of up to 50 years.

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