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GA Solar is a well-established company, a leader in the solar energy sector supported by the power, capacity and experience of Corporacin Gestamp.

Founded in Spain in 1958, Corporacion Gestamp activity is based on three main pillars:

- The steel service centers are dedicated to buying, storing and cutting steel. Fifty years after its establishment, this company is today an industrial holding company considered the indisputable leader in the European market of steel service centres, with a presence everywhere in the world.

- The factories for assembly and manufacture of systems for the automotive industry.

- The development of renewable energy projects, performed by the companies focused on wind energy, and GA Solar, mainly dedicated to solar energy.
GA Solar therefore, belongs to this third business area dedicated to the development of renewable energy and is the result of the merger of two companies with a long track record in the renewable energy sector in Spain, Asetym and Gestamp Solar.

At present, GA Solar has participated directly in more than 150MW of photovoltaic installations, manufacturing and supplying steel structures for all this capacity. All the above confirms their expertise and allows excellent results in integral projects as well as in any of the processes that are part of them: engineering, promotion, construction and operation of solar parks.

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