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Company Description:

We are a full service hydronic heating company. Our specialties are listed below.

Radiant Hydronic Heat

We design and install high quality radiant heating systems.
ThermoFin Heat Transfer Plates

Our line of extruded aluminum heat transfer plates
Solar Thermal Hot Water

We design and install solar thermal systems for space heating and domestic hot water preheat. A good introductory publication is available here.
Service and Maintenance

We make service calls throughout Southwest Montana.
Engineering Services

We provide engineered drawings of tubing layouts, mechanical room and electrical schematics for an hourly fee. An example tubing layout is available here.
Do-It-Yourself Kits

We work closely with homeowners who want to do the bulk of the work themselves. We assemble the system components in our shop, and provide detailed instructions and drawings of the tubing layouts and mechanical room. We are available throughout the installation to help with any questions or concerns that arise.
Custom Manufacturing

We can design and build specialty hydronic components. Past projects include custom manifold boxes and a 500 gallon solar storage tank.

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