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RES Americas parent company headquartered in the U.K., has a long history of developing, constructing and owning wind projects. RES has constructed 62 operational wind projects with a capacity of more than 2,500 MW around the world and has an additional 1,540 MW under construction.

RES was founded in 1982 by Sir Robert McAlpine, a leading civil engineering and construction business that was itself founded in 1869. RES' initial focus in the wind sector was the development of wind turbine technology. When the U.S. government was developing wind turbine technology through companies such as Boeing, General Electric and Westinghouse, the U.K. was supporting technology development through RES and other U.K. companies. This early involvement provided a foundation of technical know-how that can only be obtained through first-hand experience in technology development and has established RES as one of the prime movers in the global wind energy sector.

As wind power technology matured and became commercially viable, RES leveraged its experience in technology development to shift its focus to the development, financing, construction and ownership of wind energy projects. This shift was facilitated by the construction experience of the Sir Robert McAlpine company. RES developed, constructed and financed its first wind energy project in 1992, when global wind energy generating capacity was less than 3% of its current level. Over the following 6 years, RES developed and constructed a total of 13 wind energy projects in the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland, enhancing its technical and commercial skills and confirming its position as a leading company in the global wind energy market.

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