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Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's not. Our philosophy is simple. Every person should receive health care services when they want or need it. It should never be at the convenience of the Doctor or health care provider.

At 75th and 126th St Medical our priority is quality medical care, with all services done in one location when you want it, for all your primary and/or urgent care needs.

Whether it is a sore throat, ear ache, possible fracture or laceration, you should get the care you need when you want it and not have to wait.

Why wait? Why shouldn't you be able to get medical care on a Saturday or Sunday? Why shouldn't you be able to stop by a doctor's office after work when it's convenient for you? Why should you have to take a day off work to take your child in for possible strep throat?

We have been answering those questions with a resounding "YOU SHOULDN'T" for nearly 17 years. And organizations like the Baltimore Sun, WBOC-TV16, WMDT-TV47 and several medical institutions have taken note of our unique way of practicing family/urgent medical care.

So whether you are a year round resident of our community or a visitor looking for primary care, feel free to stop in and get to know us!

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