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American Civil Constructors (ACC) is one of the nation's premier construction and maintenance companies. Our comprehensive services span multiple market segments including the Civil, Marine and Landscape industries. We are a preeminent provider of road rehabilitation and paving services, freeway seismic retrofitting, bridge construction and repair, reservoir and culvert construction, sports field and golf course construction as well as commercial landscape construction and landscape management services. We work for a geographically diverse client base through operation hubs in Denver, Seattle, Dallas and the San Francisco Bay Area. Combining decades of experience with a singular passion for outstanding work, ACC brings an impressive track record of consistently successful projects from Ketchikan, Alaska to New Orleans, Louisiana. While each project is unique, in many ways they are similar. Consequently, we strive to achieve the same consistent set of goals with every project we complete: * Listen well to the needs and concerns of our client, while communicating effectively with all relevant stakeholders the vision of the project team. * Apply our strengths of creativity, resourcefulness and experience to each and every project challenge. * Execute timely and efficiently throughout the construction phase. * Deliver an enduring project that is constructed for its intended use. * Establish and maintain long-term relationships with our client, the project team, our vendors and the community we helped to improve. At ACC safety, security, commitment, teamwork and integrity are more than just words. They represent our core values and the brand we strive to live up to every day.

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