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Ace Asphalt of Arizona is one of the largest parking lot construction and maintenance companies in the United States and the largest in Arizona.

Comprehensive Services, Complete Solutions.

Whether youre looking for a paving partner for a new construction project or you need help repairing and maintaining an existing surface, Ace Asphalt can help. We have decades of experience delivering top-quality results in a broad range of service areas so no matter what you need, were on it!
Learn more about the services we offer below, and request a free estimate to get started on your next paving project.
Paving >> Asphalt, pavement, blacktop, road rock whatever you call it, were ready to lay it down for you. See why Arizona and New Mexico trust Ace.
Concrete >> Concrete and asphalt are never far apart. Our in-house Concrete Division can construct or repair any site concrete needs your property may have.
Earthwork >> Balancing a site to ensure proper grade is an art and Aces project teams are true craftsmen. See how we ensure your site is delivered on time and ready to build.
Site Design & Survey >> See how Ace can save you time, re-work and frustration through accurate survey, visual modeling, and take-off services.
Demolition >> From site clearing to asphalt pulverization, we have the expertise to remove it the environmentally responsible way.
Sealing >> Find out how our seal coating and slurry seal products protect your surface from the unforgiving climate in Arizona and New Mexico.
Asphalt Repair >> Potholes and alligatoring are telltale signs of surface deterioration. Ace can diagnose and solve these problems when your pavement needs it most.
Crack Filling >> Cracks allow water to penetrate into your sub base, destroying your foundation without you knowing it. Ace fills your cracks with the strongest elastic materials available to prevent this damage.
Striping & Markings >> See how Ace can transform faded striping or directional marking into a problem-free traffic flow that keeps vehicles and pedestrians safe.
Running Tracks >> You can use asphalt for more than roadways and parking lots. See how Ace builds high-quality asphalt, latex or polyurethane-based running track systems.
Other Services >> Make your asphalt pavement stand out with our full array of finishing services, like utility adjustments, speed bumps, sweeping and signage.

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