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QC Manager

Name : Rick
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Kabul, KAB
Job Title QC Manager
Relocation Preferences :
Objective : Senior Project manager
Resume :  
Richard Dehler
3966 Lake Mira Dr. ¨ Orlando, FL 32817 ¨ +1-407-617-9037 ¨ richadehl[AT]


Core Strengths


s  QA and QC Management

s  Construction Management

s  Operations Management

  1. Safety Management

  2. Government Contracts

  3. Commercial Building


  1. Single, Multi-Family Housing

  2. Civil Infrastructure Works

  3. Theme Parks, Entertainment


Career Summary


Accomplished professional with years of exemplary achievement as a leader and innovator in the residential housing, industrial, commercial, and civil construction industry, as well as the entertainment and theme park industry. Including 25 years of project and site management experience, with 20 years working as a residential contractor or sub-contractor for single and multi-family housing. Expertise in carpentry, interior fit-out, concrete, masonry, steel fitting, plumbing, pipe-fitting, electrical, land and building survey, and equipment operation. Capable of managing multiple job site and performing a variety of other roles ranging from Quality control, contract negotiator,  sales manager and procurement manager. Have current knowledge of modern materials, tools, equipment, and methodologies, associated with the construction industry. Familiar with most Local, US, and International building codes,  material and manufacturing quality requirements, and US Government building specifications. I have 9 years of experience working on and leading building projects for the US and other foreign Governments in Iraq and Afghanistan and for the Oil Industries in Middle East, including  UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Professional Experience


MAH Construction                                                                                                                                 2012

Quality Control Manager

Enforced all international and US building codes and standards as per contract. Performed civil, structural, and architectural design quality control. Inspected sites and buildings. Oversaw laboratory testing and qualifying materials and equipment to be used on the project. Executed field testing of materials and construction processes. Wrote quality control and safety plans. Oversaw survey, safety, procurement, and materials estimating.


  • Managed $60 million project for US Government—Recruit Collection Point for Afghan National Army

  • Led construction of a force protection security stone and concrete wall with concrete guard towers and security gates, and 10 steel K-span type buildings for accommodation, classrooms, and dining facilities

  • Oversaw construction of civil infrastructure works: concrete septic tanks with drain field, surface water control system, deep water well, fueling point, underground electrical, water, sewerage piping and conduit


Lakeshore Engineering Services Inc.                                                                                                    2011

Quality Control Supervisor

Enforced all international and US building codes and standards as per contract. Performed civil, structural, and architectural design quality control. Conducted daily site and building inspections. Oversaw field testing of compaction—trenching, footings, slab on grade, roads, and parking lots). Oversaw and managed all surveying activities. Checked all site grading, and trenching placement for underground utilities and footings. Inspected all materials deliveries. Examined concrete form and steel placement. Enforced the company’s safety plan, in addition to the Quality Control Plan and the Three Point Inspection Plan (Preparatory, Initial, Final).


  • Managed $65 million construction of Afghan Air Force Training and Aircraft Maintenance Wing Facility

  • The project consisted of 32 buildings:

    • 20 single story and two story concrete frame and block fill buildings used for

      accommodations, offices, medical facilities, classrooms, and dining facilities

    • 10 steel K-span type buildings for maintenance, ammunitions, and weapons storage,

    • Two 10,000 sqm aircraft maintenance hangar pre-engineered buildings (PEB)

ASA Alliance                                                                                                                                 2010-2011

Project Manager

Conducted pre-construction site preparations, including land and Geotechnical surveys. Negotiated with sub-contractors, local material providers, and equipment suppliers. Prepared material and equipment submittals. Oversaw the construction of the site crew’s accommodations camp. Oversaw the procurement and delivery of approved materials and equipment to the project site. Negotiated progress meetings with client. Oversaw site construction and conducted daily site inspections. Oversaw the Quality Assurance and Safety departments.


  • Managed $85 million construction of solid waste and recycling facilities and fire station in Afghanistan

  • Project included a sorting building, diesel powered incinerators, landfill area, and firehouse station

  • Oversaw installation of underground water, sewage, electrical system, and underground holding tanks

  • Coordinated and oversaw two other projects located in remote sites with the same project elements


Innovated Building Systems (IBS)                                                                                                          2010

Project Manager

Supervised and coordinated the construction of assigned projects. Verified materials. Estimated take-offs for procurement. Conducted quality control and code enforcement inspections with Quality Assurance team.


  • Managed project for the Kandahar Isaf Air Force Base for the US Government in Afghanistan—buildings constructed from SIP panels with steel K-span roofs, and ranged between $1.5 million to $10 million

  • Directed construction of two buildings for the EOD unit headquarters, accommodations for the USAF, Joint Operations Command building, and three buildings for the State Department


Exen Group                                                                                                                                   2009-2010

Project Manager

Prepared all preconstruction documents for project in Afghanistan. Coordinated the shipment of materials from Dubai, UAE to Afghanistan. Sourced and qualified materials for submittal according to project specifications. Sourced and hired local contractors, equipment, personnel, and materials for site work. Conducted geotechnical survey. Oversaw and supervised all preconstruction site activities. Supervised the construction of accommodations camp. Conducted daily site and safety inspections. Prepared regular progress reports.


  • Managed a $85 million project to build a solid waste disposal and recycling center in Afghanistan

  • Oversaw construction of sorting building, two incinerator plants, landfill pit, and accommodation camp


Eshaan Construction Company                                                                                                             2009

Operation Manager


  • Acted as the bid manager and design manager, and oversaw the activities of four engineers and draftsmen

  • Worked for US Government, Air Force Center for Engineering and Environment, CIA, and French Army


Red Sea Housing Services                                                                                                             2003-2008

Project Manager

Supervised and coordinated all assigned projects. Conducted daily site and building inspections to ensure building codes, safety regulations, and contract specifications were fulfilled. Sourced and qualified local materials for submittal. Negotiated with clients, sub-contractors, and local equipment and materials suppliers. Coordinated the transportation and security clearance of all personnel, materials, and equipment to secured, local, and remote sites throughout Afghanistan. Prepared the US Government security clearance documentation necessary for shipments into Afghanistan from Pakistan and the UAE. Acted as Sales Manager, Safety Manager, HR Manager, Camp Manager, Payroll and Financial Officer, and Maintenance Service Manager.




Western Regional Manager, Saudi Arabia (2007-2008)

  • Managed a $300,000/month contract for Techint Italy and Saudi Aramoco to build camp in Yambu, Saudi Arabia, including accommodations, dining, water purification, waste water treatment, and power plant

  • Managed a $750,00 project to build the KBR Office Complex  and Saudi Aramco refinery

  • Managed a $500,000 project to build 30 modular accommodations unit to house 40 personnel staff


Senior Project Manager, Ras Laffan, Qatar (2007)

  • Managed a $175 million project for Hyundai to build an Office Complex and Warehouses in Qatar, including pre-fabricated office buildings, pre-engineered building warehouses and workshops


Senior Project Manager (2003-2007)

  • Managed a $90 million project to build a Joint Operations Command Center in Bagram, Afghanistan

  • Managed a $145 million project for the British Department of State to build the British Embassy Staff Accommodations, which included modular containerized accommodations and staff support buildings

  • Managed a $120 million project for Supreme LLC, Inc. to build Warehouse Staff Accommodations

  • Managed $85 million project for US Department of State to build US Embassy Staff Accommodations

  • Managed a $200 million project to build US Agency for International Development Headquarters


Richard Dehler Construction and Home Improvement, Orlando, FL                                          1991-2003

Independent Building Contractor, Owner

Energy Star Certified


  • Established and managed a full-service construction company building for new homes and apartments

  • Performed maintenance and damage repair projects, interior home improvement and remodeling projects, exterior home improvement and landscaping projects, as well as plumbing and electrical installations

  • Designed and submitted all building plans and prints to the building departments for approval


Freelance Work


  • Supervised landscape and irrigation projects, including leadership of 20 craftsmen and laborers

  • Executed track housing projects and apartment block projects as a tradesman and sub-contractor

  • Constructed custom homes for high-end customers with detailed wood work and hand-built roofs

  • Completed interior remodeling of hotels and resort complexes, remodeling of restaurants and fast-food eateries, construction of restaurants and kitchens, and custom interior wood work for hotels

  • Performed concrete form carpentry and finishing for commercial and residential foundations

  • Created custom landscape finishes, flagstone stonework walkways, rockwork, waterfalls, and ponds

  • Scenic carpenter and craftsman for stage and movie sets, feature films, commercials, and music concerts

  • Acted as a production and stage manager, special effects technician, and freelance stagehand


Education and Certification



Bachelor of Science, Construction Management and Operations, CADUK, Telford, Shropshire

Level 6 National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ), Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)


Welding, Metallurgy, Diesel Machines, Palomar Jr. College, San Marcos, CA


OSHA 30 Certified, Energy Star Certified

US Government GS 15 Security Clearance (Inactive)

Shell HSSE Safety Certification, Doha, Qatar

Basic and Advanced Safety for the Oil Industry

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