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Controls Engineer

Name : Electrical ControlsEngineer
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Taylor, MI
Job Title Controls Engineer
Relocation Preferences : Detroit Area
Objective : To: Personnel Manager,
RE: Seeking Employment in the Detroit Area with Your Firm
Dear Sir or Madam;
An innovative, hands-on team player and leader, I have over 30 years of experience in project management, personnel supervision, control system design and building/facilities design. I have done complete creation of control systems including specification writing, procurement of materials, hardware and software design, supervision of the fabrication of control panels, installation and commissioning. In addition, I hold a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and now have an M.B.A. Soon, I will be pursuing a Six Sigma Black Belt, an MEM, or a PE
During my tenure with one of the Big Three auto companies, I directed the efforts of engineers and skilled tradesmen in a union shop environment. I was fortunate to have started work for a small Ford plant that went through several major expansions. This gave me an opportunity to become proficient with building and facilities technologies. As most electrical engineers have experience in either controls or power/facilities, but not both, I am able to replace two engineers if you need both skill sets. I have also written plant electrical standards and collaborated with plant safety and corporate standards groups to guarantee the quality of controls systems used on new tools, machinery, and systems. My notable accomplishments include having:
Did the last large substation/bus duct upgrade at a Ford parts plant entirely in-house without the aid of outside consultants. Project consisted of a medium-voltage substation, two 5,200-volt substations, several 5,200-volt motor controllers and several 480-volt substations and over 2000 feet of bus duct. Completed the project on time and within budget.
Added a safety pendant to several existing milling machines at Ford Batavia for automatic transmission valve bodies, allowing setup personnel to enter the machines work area to make adjustments without risk of injury.
Brought a new installation of an oil refinerys wastewater purification system up to EPA standards, saving the customer several thousands of dollars in fines.
Certain of my ability to produce similar results for your company, I urge you to contact me soon so we may talk about your specific engineering management needs and my credentials in detail. While I perform mostly engineering management functions (including personnel management and budgetary/project management functions,) I try to do enough hands-on controls engineering (hardware and software) to stay proficient in these areas. I have moved toward management roles mostly to get off the short-term contract bandwagon, which does not offer enough stability, especially in these turbulent times. Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to our conversation.
To save both of us time, I include the following: I am a US Citizen. I have been out of the job market several months due to medical problems, which have been mitigated. I do have somewhat limited mobility and cant climb on machinery or lift heavy weights (over 50 pounds) as a younger engineer can, but I can work in a plant floor environment that does not require these activities. Although I can travel and have a passport, I am unable to relocate now. I have Medicare and receive Social Security; therefore, benefits are not needed. I am available immediately.

Larry Tessari
Resume :  

· Am an innovative, hands-on team player and leader who leverages a valuable blend of interpersonal and technical skills to drive engineering efficiency and productivity.

· Has over 30 years of experience in control system design and building/facilities design including management, engineering, financial, and supervisory duties, as well as hands on design.

· Project management includes feasibility studies, cost estimates, cost-benefit analyses, (including payback and ROI), specification writing, project preparation, competitive bidding, OEM selection, supervision, and coordination, design approval, timeline management, scope management, quality management, resource management, and cost management, risk control, machine runoff, installation, debugging, operator and maintenance training, and billing verification.

· Personnel Management includes the coaching, mentoring, development, training and supervision of engineers and skilled tradesmen within a union shop plant as well as direct supervision, employee and team motivation, candidate evaluation, hiring recommendation, performance review, conflict resolution, and union grievance resolution.

· Control System Design includes hardware designing, material requisition, software programming, build supervision, installation, startup, and debugging.

· Architectural/Facilities including power, lighting, fire protection, communications networks, energy management systems, and HVAC.

· Testing and Validation includes infotainment systems and diesel locomotive engine control.


· Directed the efforts of 6 engineers, 14 electricians, and 2 millwrights in a union shop environment at Ford Motor Company.

· Established plant electrical standards and collaborated with plant safety and corporate standards groups at Ford Motor Company to ensure the quality of controls systems used on new tools, machinery, and systems.

· Managed the installation of a conveyor system commissioned at GM Janesville two months ahead of schedule and $80,000 under budget while achieving zero personnel injuries, safety infractions, or work slowdowns.  Successfully managed projects up to $5.5M.

· Performed a feasibility study for GM Metal Fabricating Division and determined that a machine vision system could not replace an expensive, trouble-prone part-positioning system, saving the company from spending $20,000 on a system incapable of functioning in the production environment.


· Developed a simple control system for an automatic tool changer for Valeo that incorporated energy-saving design and extensive diagnostics, including cycle-time totalizers, which provided user-screen prompting when periodic and preventive maintenance was required.

· Devised a simplified control scheme for a particular filtration system that allowed it to be implemented in an SLC-5-04 PLC rather than the more expensive PLC-5-20 previously used.

· Rewrote programs in Microsoft Basic to make several gauging stations at two Allied Signal plants Y2K compliant, eliminating the need for a company to spend $20,000 to replace the stations.

· Provided in-plant support of 1 large material handling system, one class A and one class G paint finishing system, 63 injection-molding machines, and 16 large blow molding machines.

· Did the last large substation/bus duct upgrade at a Ford parts plant entirely in-house without the aid of outside consultants. Project consisted of a medium-voltage substation, two 5,200-volt substations, several 5,200-volt motor controllers and several 480-volt substations and over 2000 feet of bus duct. Project was completed on time and within budget.

·Added a safety pendant to several existing milling machines at Ford Batavia for automatic transmission valve bodies, allowing setup personnel to enter the machine’s work area to make adjustments without risk of injury.



Programmable Controller/HMI:

Siemens Step 5, Step 7, Graph, Siematic, ProTool, Transline, WinCC Flex

Allen Bradley SLC, PLC, ControlLogix, RSLogix, PanelView, 1336 and Powerflex Drives, Servos

Telmecanique PL7, Magellis, UnityPro, Vijeo

Modicon 384, 484, 584, 984, PanelMate, Concept

Barber Coleman Maco4, Maco8000, Edic

ABB Masterpiece

Cognex Checker Vision System

Emerson DeltaV (HW only)


• Networks DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, AS-I bus, Modbus, DH+, and RIO, Industrial Ethernet

• Robots Prab, Kuka, ABB IRB and Tralfa, GCA CIMcon

• Vehicle Networks; MOST, LIN, CAN,GMLAN, Optolyser Suite, Intrepid Vehicle Spy

• Instrumentation P&ID and Loop Drawings, 4-20 mA Current Loop, Hart Protocol, Pneumatics, Hydraulics

• Software AutoCAD Electrical, Microsoft Project

• Architectural/Facilities Fire protection, Lighting, Substation, Power distribution, Bus duct, Load _Study, Trip coordination, Power factor correction



· Master’s in Business Administration from University of Phoenix - 2008

· Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Detroit Institute of Technology (now part of Lawrence Technological University) - 1972

· Project Management, Managing Skilled Trades from Ford Human Resources Center, Pre - 1996



Jervis B. Webb, Farmington Hills, MI........................................................... Mar 2016-Nov 2016

Controls Engineer

·  Did upgrade to airport baggage handling systems using multiple Siemens Step 7 PLCs.


Global Rollforming Systems, Roseville, MI................................................. Sep 2015-Dec 2015

Controls Engineer

· Supported maintenance electricians and programmed interfaces to Plant supervisory network using Allen Bradley RSLogix.


Not working due to medical Problems....................................................... Nov 2013-May 2015

Limitations: No Climbing. No lifting over 50lb. Avoid standing longer than 30 minutes.


General Motors, Warren, MI.......................................................................... Nov 2011-Sep 2013

Infotainment Engineer

· Debugged Infotainment systems networks including MOST, LIN and CAN, Cadillac Cue, Chevy MyLink.

· Validated vendor software using Optolyser Suite and Intrepid Vehicle Spy.

· Put problems in the ESIMS database and troubleshot issue causes.


Filtra Systems, Farmington Hills, MI............................................................... Jul 2011-Sep 2011

Controls Engineer

·  Did hardware and software design of control systems for filtration of industrial coolants using Siemens Step 7 with WinCC Flex and Telmecanique Unity Pro PLCs and AutoCAD for hardware design.


GE Transportation Division, Erie PA............................................................. May 2010-Jul 2011

Test Engineer

· Did regression testing of hardware and software controlling diesel locomotive engines up to 4500 horsepower.

· Wrote technical and purchase specifications.

· Designed test panel that reduced test time by 22%, had fabricated, and debugged.  Did some programming with Matlab and Simulink.


Indicon Corporation, Sterling heights, MI.................................................... Aug 2009-Mar 2010

Process Controls Engineer

· Hardware (AutoCAD) and software design, control system for T. I. Simon Power Plant at Michigan State University, including controls building, substation equipment, and control system using Allen Bradley GuardLogix PLC with safety I/O, Ethernet interfaces to auxiliary equipment and FactoryTalk based HMI


Ben-Tech Division of Curtiss-Wright, Rochester Hills, MI                                             Aug 2008-Dec 2008

Controls Engineer

· Wrote software (PLC and HMI) debugged, and started up complex conveyor/material handling system for Diesel Engines for Cummins using Telmecanique Unity Pro PLC and Vijeo HMI system and AutoCAD.


Ambitech Engineering, Downers Grove IL.................................................. Apr 2008-Aug 2008

Senior Engineer

· Created and checked P&ID and loop drawings and cable schedules to upgrade a Beckman MVCU system to an Emerson DeltaV system at a CITGO refinery.

· Checked P&ID, loop drawings, and device specifications for a Unilever Food Processing plant and an HSC Semiconductor solar cell manufacturing plant.


Outbound Technologies, New Hudson, MI.................................................. Nov 2007-Mar 2008

Controls Engineer

·  Debugged automated AGV/Assembly operation at Detroit Diesel using Step 7 with Transline for motor assembly.

· Programmed a robotic weld station w/gauging for a small machine shop using RSLogix and a paint system air house/heater/humidity control system for GM Spring Hill Tennessee and a Mexican location using an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC with a Siemens WinCC Flex HMI.


ThyssenKruppKruase, Janesville, WI.................................................................. 8/2007-11/2007

Controls Engineer

· Debugged automated automatic transmission assembly line for GM Toledo using Siemens Step 7 with Graph and WinCC Flex HMI system with ProAgent Diagnostic software at ThyssenKrupp’s Janesville, WI shop


Independent Contract work (1099) Various............................................... Sep 2006-Aug 1007

Controls Engineer

· Converted steel mill blast furnace from Siemens S5 to S7 hardware and software for Nucor.

· Debugged and started up robotic welding equipment from Comau/Pico and Kuka for Ford and Daimler Chrysler at customer’s plant.


· Previously employed 14 years with Ford Motor Company as a Controls Engineer, promoted to Plant Electrical Engineer, and promoted again to Senior Controls Engineer at the Milan Plastics Plant 1984-1997. A long form of this resume with a 20-year work history is available. Ask for an “Extended” resume.



· Complex Conveyor Systems

· Infotainment system validation

· Plastics processing machines

· Casting and foundry operations

· Powerhouse equipment

· Powertrain

· Material handling, conveyors, assembly

· Material handling, granules/powder/silos

· Liquid filtration

·  Elpo/Phosphate

· Metal boring, tuning

· Petroleum Refinery

· Food Processing

· Paint finishing systems

· Glass product fabrication

· Chemical mixing

· Sheet metal stamping

· Spot welded assembly (Body in White)



Member: ISA (International Society of Automation)

Member: SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

Member: ESD (Engineering Society of Detroit)

Member: IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers)

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