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Indian Mountain School  Jobs (Visit website)
City & State: Lakeville , CT
Industry type: Facility - Building Owners
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Welcome to Indian Mountain School. I hope you use these Web pages to explore and learn more about our independent, co-ed, pre-k through ninth grade, day and boarding program. While the photos and information on the site will give you a sense of the environment, visiting our more than 600 acres of land on two distinct campuses is the best way to truly capture the spirit of Indian Mountain.

When I first walked through the front door of Indian Mountain School, I felt at home. I was struck by how welcoming the students were and by the strong connection between the students and teachers. I knew then that it was not only a place where I wanted to work, but also a place where I wanted to raise my children.

Ever since the first headmaster Francis Riggs welcomed eight young boys to Indian Mountain School in 1922, the ideals of honesty, compassion, respect, and service have served as a foundation for the School. Today, Indian Mountain continues to provide structure and support in a child-centered environment that exposes students to a wealth of opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Combining the enthusiasm and the imagination of girls and boys in grades pre-K through four with the energy and spirit of students in grades five through nine creates a powerful dynamic. What sets our School apart is that words like respect and character are not just terms we define, they are qualities by which we all live and work. We understand the value of a traditional education, and at the same time we embrace innovation and new technologies that will prepare our students for the ever-changing world.

The combination of day and boarding students at IMS deepens the daily experience for all. We are not only a school, but also a home for everybody, students and faculty alike, whether they actually live on campus or not. We are enriched by a diverse collection of students from across the country and also welcome a group of international students to Lakeville, Connecticut. The cultural exchange allows students young and old to share information about their own experiences and learn more about the world. Most of our dedicated faculty members live on our Upper Campus. To them, Indian Mountain isnt just their workplace, it is their home. You can feel that commitment in their work.

If you are intrigued by what you read or see, spend a day with us and experience Indian Mountain School. If you are like my family and me, you will want to stay.
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